Thursday, 18 June 2015

No 11424, Thursday 18 Jun 2015, Exa

1   Fifty-one beers laid out for free (11) LIBERALISED {LI+BEERS+LAID}*
9   Gone Girl in German (7) MISSING {MISS}{IN}{G}
10 Hounds with a deep voice guarding place (7) BASSETS {BAS{SET}S}
11 Right to wear cap in outing (4) TRIP {T{R}IP}
12 Knitted a little hem continuously (3,3,4) ALL THE TIME*
13 Out of nine, note the odd man out (3,2,3) ONE IN TEN*
16 Get old books for salesman (5) AGENT {AGE}{NT}
17 Offer to sell duck in apartment (5) FLOAT {FL{O}AT}
19 Parts of steel men forged (8) ELEMENTS*
21 Follow them in a luxurious car around East Course (4,6) ROLE MODELS {ROL{E} {MODE}LS}
23 Pound initially spent to see race (4) RUSH cRUSH
26 Language and some grammar at Highbrow (7) MARATHI [T]
27 Impressed by flight endlessly (7) STAMPED STAMPEDe
28 Amateurs talented? It's unusual (11) DILETTANTES*

1   Deadline for student finishing off exam in IIT (5) LIMIT {L}{I{exaM}IT} Exa struck out!
2   Bachelor lad has it kept back for support (7) BASTION {BA{S{TI<=}ON}
3   Clear out of area with loot (4) RAID {R{A}ID}
4   Allowed girl in field to meet lover at the entrance (5) LEGAL {LE{G}A}{Lover}
5   This drug substitutes brown, cocaine and ecstasy (9) SUBSTANCE {SUBS}{TAN}{C}{E}
6   Reckless, like some spouses on television (9) DESPERATE [E&GK]
7   Choose month around Eid (6) DECIDE {DEC}{EID*}
8   Side view (6) ASPECT [DD]
14 Early to gather round a bar daughter suggested (9) INTIMATED {IN TIM{A}{T}E}{D}
15 Dull routine made exciting on entering a little tunnel's brook (9) TREADMILL {Tu...l}{R{MADE*}ILL}
17 Places to discuss documents for university to go through (6) FORUMS {FOR{U}MS}
18 Carry one litre with hesitation into very large tankers (6) OILERS {O{1}{L}{ER}S}
20 Heading off to play favourite instrument (7) TRUMPET {sTRUM}{PET}
22 Composer's last parting record (5) LISZT {LIS{Z}T}
24 Man has to show ID to see secret places (5) HIDES {H{ID}E}{S}
25 Brought up a little information (4) DATA {DAT}{A}<=



  1. Good one Exa! Keep them coming! :)

  2. Some very nice surfaces today. Not sure if 1D works. Finishing off exam = m?

    1. It should have been 'of' but then the surface makes no sense.

      'Deadline for student at IIT taking exam after removing setter'

    2. Would 'finish of exam' or 'end of exam' sound and fit better?

    3. It would but I was trying to figure in Exa in the clue

  3. Nice one from Exa. Got stuck in NW corner for I filled in 9ac as MADCHEN (Girl in GERMAN when translated!). Got 1ac &1dn alright. Overall a well knitted puzzle. Enjoyed it.

  4. Very nice puzzle. Exa is churning out wonderful puzzles

  5. Nice one Exa. Enjoyed it though I could not complete.Surfaces are very apt and interesting.

  6. Good one Exa! Enjoyable! Lovely clues..

  7. Very nice puzzle. . Anything left in those 51 Exa? :-D

  8. What's the anagrind for 13A (ONE IN TEN) ? "Out of"?

  9. Thank you EXA for samosas. Enjoyed solving.

  10. Nice crossie that I could get onto, thanks to THC Online. I wish this source posts regularly, even if it be few days late . .. EXA is exemplary in his pithy compilations. ROLEMODELS is my clue of the day !