Sunday, 21 June 2015

No 2846, Sunday 21 Jun 2015

1   Satisfied, coming back with point for draw (5) TEMPT {TEM<=}{PT}
4   Silly sailor with singular language, mostly (6) ABSURD {AB}{S}{URDu}
10 Constant favourite in nation, a leader in legend (9) PERPETUAL {PER{PET}U}{A}{Le...d}
11 Fantastic agent, American, going west (5) SUPER {SU}{PER}<=
12 Second mortgage provider perhaps inadequate (7) SLENDER {S}{LENDER}
13 Temporary home with unusual merit (7) INTERIM {IN}{MERIT*}
14 Old-fashioned greeting given in turn daily (6,3,5) BEHIND THE TIMES {BE{HI}ND} {THE TIMES}
16 Line in eccentric circle on china dish (6,3,5) CHILLI CON CARNE {Line in {CIRCLE+ON+CHINA}*} That looks HOT!!
19 Bird from extremely cold north (7) BITTERN {BITTER}{N}
21 Happy to a smaller extent inside base (7) BLESSED {B{LESS}ED}
23 Time after surface broke (5) SKINT {SKIN}{T}
24 Badly need approval, giving up fine enterprise (9) ENDEAVOUR {NEED*}{fAVOUR}
25 Vigorous technique in call for attention (6) HEARTY {HE{ART}Y}
26 Endlessly eager learner beginning to enjoy university (5) KEELE {KEEn}{L}{En..y}

1   Characters in party pessimistic (5) TYPES [T]
2   Broadcast learned item on prolific actress (7,8) MARLENE DIETRICH {LEARNED+ITEM}*{RICH}
3   Philosopher after time studied boring routine (9) TREADMILL {T}{READ}{MILL}
5   Confident president covering misfortune up (7) BULLISH {BU{LLI<=}SH}
6   Tip over unexpected result (5) UPSET [DD]
7   Leave coach, crossing street and beginning to explore large shop (10,5) DEPARTMENT STORE {DEPART}{MENT {ST}OR}{Ex...e}
8   Rotten plonk, free (6) PUTRID {PUT}{RID}
9   Spirit in TV network that surprises me! (6) CRUMBS {C{RUM}BS}
15 Characteristic conclusion of pundit with comment about commercial (9) TRADEMARK {p...iT}{R{AD}EMARK}
16 Young lion? It's distracted painter (6) CUBIST {CUB}{ITS*}
17 Change name in secret (7) CONVERT {CO{N}VERT}
18 Cipher cracked by don about love (6) NOBODY {O in {BY+DON}*}
20 One in crowd scene, wide? (5) EXTRA [DD]
22 Good to interrupt dreadful lament (5) DIRGE {DIR{G}E}



  1. Col.,
    Waiting for your reply. Normally the only message on Sunday will be about the special.
    Thank you for the blog. I needed it badly today, mainly to get 16A.

  2. The Col. Seems to be away..... Think it is a special from AfterDark

    1. Yes, Afterdark it is. Had gone down to wash the car