Wednesday, 9 September 2015

No 11495, Wednesday 09 Sep 2015, Arden

Been having trouble with Annotations in this round from Arden. 29A held me up in the SE corner for a long while.

9   Train soldiers can use, when empty (7) RETINUE {RE}{TIN}{UsE}
10 Didn't like as it was definitely among other articles carried (7) LOATHED {LOA{THE}D}
11 Storm in a tea cup as Bill plucked a flower (7) PETUNIA {IN+A+TEa+cUP}*
12 Squatter finally turned a hotel into a squalid place (7) RATHOLE {s...eR}{A+HOTEL}*
13 Sailors play matches between end of May and beginning of November (9) YACHTSMEN {maY}{MATCHES*}{No...r}
15 Excuse maybe inevitable, event missed (5) ALIBI InevItABLe*
16 See 16 dn (7)
19 His girl was, say, getting flogged (7) TRISTAN ? [CD]
20 Foie gras prepared — not for protection (5) AEGIS {foIE+GrAS}*
21 Standard marriage card (5,4) UNION JACK {UNION} {JACK}
25 Fret about entering church when liberated (3,4) SET FREE {SE{T FRE*}E}
26 Figure and shape — finally God can change them (7) DECAGON {shapE+GOD+CAN}*
28 Concept of things by themselves spread on a menu (7) NOUMENA*
29 At last approaching with trepidation before a thug (7) GANGSTA {a...nG}{ANGST}{A}

1   Swelling reduces by day's end (6) DROPSY {DROPS}{daY}
2   Charge raised — it's part of a musical (6) STATIC {STA{TI}C}<=
3   Oil loses it immediately (4) ANON ANOiNt
4   Trainer's advice to keep motionless (6) BECALM {BE}{CALM}
5   Client order includes essential part for instrument (8) CLARINET {CL{pARt}INET*}
6   Found some food as it deprived one of vigour (10) CASTRATION {CAST}{RATION}
7   He speculates on final amount of gold involved in robbery (8) THEORIST {a...nT}{HE{OR}IST}
8   It's stickinghad trouble with raising din (8) ADHESION {HAD*}{ESION<=}
14 Striptease perhaps leaves them hanging (10) TAPESTRIES*
16 Glitterati accompanied by priests set a standard (5,3) STARS AND STRIPES {STARS} {AND}{PRIESTS}*
17 Ugly, not loud and fair (8) RIGHTFUL fRIGHTFUL
18 Such cheek to criticize what's found in the kitchen (8) SAUCEPAN {SAUCE}{PAN}
22 Fashionable to appreciate and love a shade... (6) INDIGO {IN}{DIG}{O}
23 ... or it just blows for a month (6) AUGUST {AU}{GUST} OR = Gold = AU
24 Understand any other subject? (6) KENYAN {KEN}{ANY*}
27 Stick for cat, not to be allowed in (4) CANE Anno pending (Addendum - CANinE - See comments)



  1. Exactly the same 2 clues I got stuck too. Was thinking of a homophone for flogged . which can be Tristan's love/daughter. But could not place it.

  2. 27d CANE - It struck me that IN is deleted from CANINE (so simple) but then a cat is not a canine but a feline.
    So I am starting the mind search again.

    1. Sorry, my mistake mistaking a cat for a dog.

      Regarding your comment " Been having trouble with Annotations in this round from Arden. The thug held me up in the SE corner" ... I have been called many things before, Colonel but never 'a thug'!

    2. Sorry about that. I never meant to call you a thug, that sentence needs to be reworded. My sincere apologies.

    3. When I read the preamble I understood what you meant and though my mind usually jumps to extended interpretations this time the infelicitous wording in the original sentences did not strike me. I am sure even Arden meant his protestation to be a joke. Take it easy, Colonel.

    4. Agreed Arden may have meant it as a joke, but those who visit the blog and do not know him may not take it lightly to my calling him so

    5. Of course, you did well in editing it, Colonel.

  3. And I also didn't understand the role of them in 26A

    1. Me too wondered abt the them... then thought maybe not putting them would make it sound like Arden wanted god to change :)

  4. 27 Stick for cat, not to be allowed in (4) CA(N)T
    A piece of wood laid upon the deck of a vessel to support the bulkheads.

  5. 10 Didn't like as it was definitely among other articles carried (7) LOATHED {LOA{THE}D}

    'definitely among other articles' = THE, but what's LOAD? LOAD is to carry.

    1. The article (THE) is among (inserticator) other articles carried (LOAD)
      'Load' is a noun and "other articles carried" gives noun.

    2. Load as a noun means 'articles carried' .

    3. "other articles carried" gives noun. = LOAD. But then what's THE? You mean 'it was definitely' is THE?

    4. 'it' (article) = THE (was definitely)?

  6. A 'standard(s)' puzzle from Arden today. Was happy to get both of them, 6&21. Missed 11, 29Ac and 3, 27Dn...a happy solve though. My COD 16Ac/Dn. Not lagging behind was 21Ac.

  7. Very tough going, today - just about managed to solve half. :-((
    Thanks for all the annos.

  8. Smooth sailing today ;) had to only check nounema

  9. "16 Glitterati accompanied by priests set a standard (5,3)"

    This should have been (5,3,7) and also mentioned 16d, right?

    I thought "16 See 16 dn (7)" was a cryptic clue in itself, and guessed "obverse/observe". :)

  10. MB, you're right.
    Usually any such convention in reference or enu is taken care of at the editing stage. It seems it was overlooked in this instance.
    The software that we setters use cannot take care of such linked clues and some editing in required to be done later.
    There should have been no enu (7) at the end of
    16 See 16 dn.

    1. Looks like one more brand new MB here! To give me company I think!!

  11. Got stuck in the NW corner..until Retinue fell..found it tough...but extremely njoyable