Wednesday, 2 September 2015

No 11489, Wednesday 02 Sep 2015, Neyartha

Not sure of the SW corner.

1   Musical compositions making the cat hide inside the torn coats (8) TOCCATAS {TO{CAT}TAS*}
5   Mother returns to embrace difficult duty in the church's chancel (6) ADYTUM {A{DUTY*}M<=}
9   Violations of battle codes by Washington at church on the border with Spain (3,6) WAR CRIMES {WA}{R C}{RIM}{ES} 
11 Eccentric neurotic rankled to some extent (5) CRANK [T]
12 Hospital diagnostic found in a container placed outside the Austrian Supreme Court (1,1,1,4) C A T SCAN {C{AT} {SC}AN}
14 Irradiate by accident after loss of note in an attack by armed planes (3,4) AIR RAID  IRRADIAte*
15 Criminal hackers muted by an outdated currency (8,4) DEUTSCHE MARK*
17 Choose to run out with the student around a city for a type of capacitor (12) ELECTROLYTIC {ELECT}{RO}{L}{YTIC<=}
20 Noble's correct to follow the superior power (7) UPRIGHT {U}{P}{RIGHT}
22 Spinner capable of wreaking havoc? (7) CYCLONE [CD]
23 Subject's flat (5) PROSE / PLANE ? [DD] PRONE [CD]
24 Urgency oddly lacking before expression of hesitation by criminal lying down (9) RECUMBENT {uRgEnCy}{UM}{BENT}
26 Stop and oppose the Republican leader getting expelled by a Democrat (6) DESIST (-r+d)DESIST
27 Obliquely sew daisy in an intricate manner (8) SIDEWAYS*

1   Strike for the patchwork processed by the missing pro (6) THWACK pATCHWorK*
2   Sing about the opening into a mine from the south near a major artery (9) CAROTIDAL {CARO{TIDA<=}L}
3   Manner of the beneficiary in conversation (3) AIR (~ ?) (~ heir) - See comments
4   Ram's tradition misinterpreted by the chief executive (13) ADMINISTRATOR*
6   Opinionated about rich king going up to get rid of the gem initially having two colours (11) DICHROMATIC DICHROMATIC {D{(-r)ICH(+r)R}OgMATIC} King is going up or down?
7   In Croatia, Raja finds a jewelled headdress (5) TIARA [T]
8   Japanese emperor's sacred chant in retreat interrupted by an Islamic judge's rising ego (6) MIKADO {M{(+i)IKAD(-i)}O<=}
10 Coach clips toy smeared with some bacteria (13) STAPHYLOCOCCI*
13 Some religious people with a former British PM (not sick) go with hesitation on Sabbath (11) CHURCHGOERS {CHURCHill}{GO}{ER}{S}
16 Work on stage after hearing mythical bird in a type of music album (4,5) ROCK OPERA  (~roc){ROCK} {OP}{ERA} Era and Stage? Opera and album? See comments
18 Tense with excitement when questioned persistently (6) PUMPED [DD]
19 Odd pages making some Protestant clergymen renounce a right (6) RECTOS RECTOrS
21 Are these taken for acceptance? (5) ROOTS / ROARS ? [CD]
25 Crazed daughter makes way for the Oriental — a famous Miss West (3) MAE MA(-d+e)E



  1. 3 Manner of the beneficiary in conversation (3) AIR (~ ?)
    I think this is a homophone of heir ('beneficiary'). H is silent when this word is pronounced.

  2. Got all but one..i.e. 21Dn. I had it as READS. Somewhat tough but enjoyable one from Neyartha.

  3. Replies
    1. Re-checked Free Dic. Feel Ramesh is right. :)

    2. So now my score is 98 out of 100. Not 99 as claimed earlier!

    3. Mine is at 98 too. I had it as Roars & Plane :(

    4. Your 98 is far superior to mine for you hardly take 'net' help! :)

  4. 16 Work on stage after hearing mythical bird in a type of music album (4,5) ROCK OPERA (~roc){ROCK} {OP}{ERA} Era and Stage? Opera and album?
    ERA = Stage from Chambers. ROCK OPERA type of album.

  5. Same doubts in sw corner..otherwise an easy solve...

  6. SW again- 18 & 21 D more precisely.
    Happy to have got this far after a lot of look ups reg. bacteria, arteries,adytum....
    Capacitor was easy for me being my subject. A tough one overall but satisfying.

  7. I am surprised at the range of subjects covered. Must have done a lot of search (research?) while compiling.

  8. 21D is more likely to be 'roots' since you root for someone in support.

  9. Looks like we have to have Neyartha clarify the SW corner

  10. Thanks Neyartha for a great puzzle ..... adytum new word but word play was precise so just looked it up to seebif word existed. Liked 22a . Got recumbent but cdnt parse till read here oddly lacking is even :) brilliant. Awaiting 21d and 23a confirmation... none of the alternatives fully please...

  11. Looks like Prone & Roots are the closest we can get to, (for 21D & 23A) in the absence of any confirmation.

  12. Carotid artery is an artery which supplies the head and neck.I have never come across the word "carotidal" as an adjective though it sounds logical

    1. See the link over the word in the main post