Thursday, 17 September 2015

No 11502, Thursday 17 Sep 2015, Vulcan

1   To experience the beginning of never-ending ecstasy, entering it is the answer (6) HEAVEN &lit{H{E}AVE}{Ne..r}
4   Shows on the radio station (5) PLACE (~plays) Iffy homophone
8   A way to bind and make layers (8) STRATIFY {ST}{RATIFY}
9   Writer on the internet, say, answers a baffling question about beginning of time (6) POSTER {POS{Time}ER}
11 Show extraordinary skill after coming back to expand a restaurant (9) TRATTORIA {TRA<=}T{TO}{RIA<=} Anno not clear See comments
12 Party leader runs into trouble, gets time (5) APRIL {A{Pa..y}{R}IL}
13 It's a deplorable old Indian practice (4) SATI*
14 Dust loosely getting settled eventually inside grand wooden framework (8) STUDDING {DUST*}{s...eD}{IN}{G}
18 To do away with a barrier, brother's breaking it (8) ABROGATE {A}{BRO}{GATE}
19 Friendly clash with Manchester to start with (4) WARM {WAR}{Ma...r}
22 People's trust initially had by successor (5) THEIR {Tr..t}{HEIR}
24 Cautioned about learning (9) EDUCATION*
25 Spoke of nothing with value, got bored finally (6) ORATED {O}{RATE}{b..eD}
26 Dislike a story (8) AVERSION {A}{VERSION}
27 Girls prevailed over guys for the most part (5) WOMEN {WO{MEn}N}
28 Small list that's permanent (6) STABLE {S}{TABLE}

1   In future, Helium energy may be conserved in a beam (9) HEREAFTER {HE}{R{E}AFTER}
2   Through Drona's tutelage gets sharp (6) ASTUTE [T]
3   Tear off somehow without a trouble (6) EFFORT {TEaR+OFF}*
5   Garments sold with rate slashed (8) LEOTARDS*
6   Provide for the empty vehicle parked outside (5) CATER {CA{ThE}R}
7   Discussion with an expert with large ego, one from Kerala (12) PROLEGOMENON {PRO}{L{EGO}{MENON} New word for me.
8   It's a strange society, a section has no right to happiness (12) SATISFACTION {ITS+A}*{S}{FrACTION}
10 Order that's not in order when stratified (5) CASTE ? See comments
15 Make stuff like spaghetti? (9) ITALICISE [CD]
16 Endlessly violent with one woman, causing distress (8) AGGRIEVE {AGGRo}{1}{EVE}
17 Perfect state (5) UTTER [DD]
20 Bend, squat in the end and leap (6) CURVET {CURVE}{squaT}
21 City's engineers in South Africa and Great Britain (6) ZAGREB {ZA}{G{RE}B}
23 A time to muse (5) ERATO {ERA}{TO}



  1. 11 Show extraordinary skill after coming back to expand a restaurant (9) TRATTORIA {TRA<=}T{TO}{RIA<=}

    I think OTT: extraordinary. TRA TTO RIA <=

  2. 2. To develop different levels of caste, class, privilege, or status.

    Stratify: 2. To develop different levels of caste, class, privilege, or status.

    1. Oops! That's wrt:

      10 Order that's not in order when stratified (5) CASTE ?

    2. I thought "when stratified " referred to embedding of "as" . No idea of remaining anno

    3. I thought "i.e" was to be removed from a fodder to get CASTE, but could not proceed further.

    4. I don't think there is any WP. The whole clue, where the setter has expressed his opinion, leads to the answer. Order - caste - is OK up to a point. But if caste is stratified or stultified or misued as it has been in our country where politicians depend upon it for vote banks, where people belonging to upper classes are now at a disadvantge, where that is a determinant in getting jobs, order is not in order.

    5. Shouldn't the SATI clue be an &lit?

    6. No. Only the "It's a deplorable" part of the clue corresponds to wordplay. The rest is just for the definition

    7. While on the subject, HEAVEN is also not quite an &lit because of "is the answer", which has no role in the wordplay.

  3. 8D- It is strange that section could be 'faction' or 'fraction-A'.

  4. Oops! I missed out on Wishing on Vinayaka Chaturthi. Thank you MB.

  5. A happy Ganesh Chaturthi to all.

    Off-track (received on WhatsApp)

    Never hurt a Samosa, Vada or Masala Dosa by saying 'No!'...
    They too have fillings inside...

    1. Sent by someone from Western India?

    2. No idea where it originated from, sir-ji!

    3. We never hurt a samosa in this blog!

  6. Happy ganesh chaturti ... another non samosa day ... didnt get caste .. thot it was relay or. layer so studding also missed... place also missed .. thot it was flicks ... gonna wallow in kozhakattais instead :)

  7. The west corners went in easily..the eastern ones especially NE were tough...had to struggle to get poster..caste & studding..learnt two new words today...trattoria & prolegomenon(instead of the oft used Nair another keralite surfaced today)

  8. Across North Indian factories..17thSept is celebrated as Vishwakarma day..a double whammy today..ganesh chaturthi as well...

  9. What could be the correct spelling for the Tamizh word Kozha kattai? Is there an equivalent for the word zha in any language? Even the word Tamizh has been corrupted o Tamil -- Should we ask the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam's Kanimozhi? Or are on Vazhukkal ground after eating Vaazhapazham and keezha vizhunden? Hpow did the Tamizh kazhagam accept this ? Many North indians do find it difficult to pronounce Zha and corrupt it to La !! Is it only in Tamizh and Malayalam this syllable joining the upper and lower palate found?

    Our Tamizh PUNdit CV (I dare not call him kezhava ! as he is always young at heart if his comments are any guide) or Kishore may wizh to comment !!

    I've had a sumptuous gobbling of this Kolakattai made on this day as it is my favourite. I prefer this on other days too in stead of upma ! What;s the corret etym here? Koozhu kattai or Kozha Kattai?

    1. I think it is kozhu kattai - kozhu or kozhuthathu meaning plumped up in TamiZH! :-)

  10. Raju:we generally converse in 3 or 4 languages tamil, hindi, marathi & guju..but when it comes to is always that...plain simple modak of hindi, marathi wont do...kozhukattai sounds & tastes heavenly!

    1. Im also well conversant in many Indian languages-- at least understand all the major ones , and speak a few too. However, this syllable is very rarely pronounced correctly by many North Indians but I know a few , including my better half, who does it word perfect ! No vazha vazjha kozha kozha !! If one practises with a kozhakattai in the mouth, one can easily pronounce it?

  11. Happy Ganesh Chaturti to all. Hav a great Kozhakattai day !