Sunday, 13 September 2015

The Sunday Crossword (2858), Sunday 13 Sep 2015

1   System maintaining speed in swirling current is cool (6,7)  CRUISE CONTROL*
9   Coffee made by doctor before tea (5) MOCHA {MO}{CHA}
10 Assorted clothing I start to collect, second-hand (9) VICARIOUS {V{I}{Co...t}ARIOUS}
11 Form of language that's ideal ordered by court (7) DIALECT {IDEAL*}{CT}
12 Relative losing heart has broken free (7) UNLEASH {UNcLE}{HAS*}
13 Finish changing most new gifts (10) ENDOWMENTS {END}{MOST+NEW}*
16 Moisture expected by the sound of it (3) DEW (~due)
17 Invite offer (3) BID [DD]
18 Front of rampart in the south contains points of entry (10) THRESHOLDS {TH{Ra...t}E}{S}{HOLDS}
20 Nothing right, for example, with a refusal to supply herb (7) OREGANO {O}{R}{EG}{A}{NO}
22 Satisfied about weight, went off course (7) SWERVED {S{W}ERVED}
23 Puzzle behind quiet work in part of factory (4,5) SHOP FLOOR {SH}{OP} {FLOOR}
24 Reverse in channel unnavigable to the west (5) ANNUL [T<=]
25 Fearful shout, one's first, will be adjusted by editor (6-7) YELLOW-BELLIED {YELL}{One}{W-BELLI*}{ED}

1   Protest about to be raised over variable entertainment (6) COMEDY {C}{OMED<=}{Y}
2   Song stirring audience, old hymn (9,6) UNCHAINED MELODY*

3   Saint keeping lid on self-esteem, a fall guy (9) SCAPEGOAT {S{CAP}{EGO}{A}T}
4   Desire firm check (5) COVET {CO}{VET}
5   Lyrical pieces on sect run strangely (9) NOCTURNES*
6   Regular members of group really relating to countryside (5) RURAL {gRoUp}{ReAlLy}
7   Working in field excited avid Nordic artist (8,2,5) LEONARDO DA VINCI {LE{ON}A}{RDO DA VINCI*}
8   Avoid extremes in encounters with champ (6) ESCHEW {En...rS}{CHEW}
14 Pack up old game to become traveller (5,4) MARCO POLO {MARC<=}{O} {POLO}
15 Delay in overtures to new alliance (9) STONEWALL [T]
17 Happen to absorb arguments read casually (6) BROWSE {B{ROWS}E}
19 Attach light-emitting diode, getting confused (6) ADDLED {ADD}{LED}
21 Just missing line? That's terrible (5) AWFUL lAWFUL
22 Abandon stunted vegetation (5) SCRUB [DD]



  1. 13x13 Special at 10:30 by new setter Vachana

  2. Hearty welcome to him/ her.
    Long long time (probably first time) I finish a Sunday CW before 8.30. Enjoyed.

  3. I was 'floored' by 23ac and was 'stonewalled' in 15dn... otherwise a satisfactory solve. :)
    Eagerly awaiting the entry of our new comer!

  4. 2dn was really a mellowing melody, I enjoyed it. Thank you, Sir, for the link.

  5. 7 - D - Hope, he did not have U.S. Open W finalist in mind.