Monday, 28 September 2015

No 11511, Monday 28 Sep 2015, Spinner

1   Online app built loosely without user interface marker (4-5,3) BALL-POINT PEN {ONLINE+APP+BuiLT}*
10 System with mass data transmission device (5) MODEM {MODE}{M}
11 Controlled by bowling maiden to destructive opener at the start (9) DOMINATED {MAIDEN+TO}*{De...e} (Addendum - {De...e}{MAIDEN+TO}* - See comments)
12 Hidden segment of wall at entrance (6) LATENT [T]
13 Two points followed by zero — Convert message to code (8) ENCIPHER {E}{N}{CIPHER}
15 Ordered trainee to adapt (9) ORIENTATE*
16 US Open ends Serena's exploits (4) USES {US}{Ends}{Se...a}
20 Gemstone ring has raised segment (4) OPAL {O}{PAL<=}
21 They pronounce remission of sins regularly, maybe to people attempting this puzzle (9) ABSOLVERS {mAyBe}{SOLVERS}
24 Standards of setter satisfy some specifications, not others, ultimately! (8) MEASURES {ME}{ASsURES} (Addendum - {ME}{ASsURE}{S} - See comments)
26 Quite insignificant to protect right (6) PRETTY {P{R}ETTY}
28 Huge amount (A lot, in other words) invested in components of a deck (9) CARTLOADS {A+LOT}* in {CARDS}
29 Central Bank to come together with sponsor (5) ANGEL {bANk}{GEL}
30 Bowler's trick resolved problem of number 1's delivery not coming through? (7,5) WRITERS BLOCK*

2   Places where speeches maybe made to listener about first class (9) AUDITORIA {AUDITOR}{1A<=}
3   Cried with editor after poor book (8) LAMENTED {LAME}{NT}{ED}
4   Advantage of drawing diamond/spade initially (4) ODDS Acrostic
5   Henchman kidnaps a model following 'no' to proposal (10) NOMINATION {NO}{MIN{A}{T}ION}
6   Wordplay preceding definition's top! It's expert!(6) PUNDIT {PUN}{De...n}{IT}
7   “Nick Knight's returning to coach” : Insider exclusive! (5) NOTCH {N}{OT<=}{CoacH}
8   Enough beer to entertain politician (5) AMPLE {A{MP}LE}
9   Post administration's first-day cover (7) ADDRESS {Ad...n}{D}{DRESS}
14 Draw on capturing bishop with horse from the same side (10) STABLEMATE {STA{B}LEMATE}
17 Calculated target is off by hundred (9) STRATEGIC {TARGET+IS}*{C}
18 Adding old money to small amount makes it an excessive amount (3,4) TOO MUCH {T{O}{M} OUCH}
19 Set of deliveries by transport service (8) OVERHAUL {OVER}{HAUL}
22 Eyes finally on clue set by Spinner (6) NUCLEI {oN}{CLUE*}{I}
23 Set extremely crafty clue not understood at first (5) CYCLE {CraftY}{CLuE}
25 Bolt, leading after running rapidly, obviously wins ! (5) ARROW Acrostic
27 Fool has thousand questions (4) ASKS {AS{K}S}



  1. Annotation for 11A- Destructive opener at the start - Intended to imply that 'd' should come at the start, followed by (maidento)*

  2. Enjoyed solving this, Spinner. Thank you! I didn't realise how my MAA-BLR flight time went by! :-) I loved the clue for ABSOLVERS the best.

    Thank you for the blog, DG.

  3. Nice one from Spinner. Found myself struggling in S-W corner. Overall a satisfactory solve. My COD exclusively was : 7Dn : NOTCH.

  4. Brilliant! I enjoyed it from the first clue to the last. Gave myself not just a samosa but a good brunch since I had it all without any external help. Goes to show how nicely clues were made. Cartlaods was the last to fall.
    Thank you Spinner.

  5. Read about the IXL launch at the link below and see the trophy the winner will get, unfortunately I'm not in the frame as I was on the extreme right

    IXL 2015 Launch

    1. Sorry to miss you in the pic. How about your participation in this year's IXL edition, Sir?

    2. It is not right on their part to have you left out!

    3. Thank you for the link Col. Would have preferred to see you in the frame, however.

    4. enga is giving it to them left and right!

    5. Since they have taken me into their organisation since IXL 2014. I have decided to stay with them.

  6. Anno for 24a

    satisfy- assure
    Some specifications - s


    Not others ultimately - remove s



  7. Entertaining puzzle as expected..
    Liked 8, 17 and the clue references..

  8. Spinners delivery today was most pleasant. Didnt have to use google or anything else but a ball point pen :) did hv writers block for a wee bit till latent opened up for me. Except for the ref to online apps this was an ageless xword esp since serena has been notching for long now :) bit surprising from an MS person

  9. A small doubt about 7D- Is it 'exclusive' or 'excluded' for the deletion?
    Also, there are 2 opinions about 'raised'/ coming up etc. being used as reversal indicator in Ac. clues (20A-Opal)

    1. Exclusive (Adjective)
      4. limited, unique, restricted, confined, peculiar Infatuations are not exclusive to the very young.
      exclusive of except for, excepting, excluding, ruling out, not including, omitting, not counting, leaving aside, debarring All charges are exclusive of value added tax.

      From Free Dic.

    2. In 7D, the usage is of the format A, B exclusive. Which implies A is exclusive of B, or A without B.
      "I've calculated the charges, tax exclusive" = "I've calculated the charges excluding tax". Something on those lines.

      About 20A, I have to confess it was oversight. I probably wrote it as a down clue, but used it in a gridfill where it was in an across slot.

    3. I get it now. The usage makes it clear. Thank you SS.

  10. Did the crossie only now because of the review appointment with the eye-splst. Had sumptuous samosas! Thank you Spinner. I am still referring Dics., wiki etc. to get answers. A long way to go it seems....

  11. Most of us do it anyway, but today it was different somehow and everything fell in place barring a few annos.
    I am sure eye progress is on course to normalcy soon.