Friday, 11 September 2015

No 11497, Friday 11 Sep 2015, Scintillator

Early morning refresher, for some, all the way. Mine's Tea. Troubled in the NW corner.

1   In case of coming back in future, that's not a drain (6) FILTER {FI<=}{LaTER}
4   Decoct for a nice drink without milk (4,4) CAFE NOIR*
9   Sufficient reason to prevent a plane from flying (6) GROUND [DD]
10 Command everyone to drink in Hindi? (8) SUBPOENA (~sab peena)
12 Peripheral elements of electromagnetic noise over the moon (8) ECSTATIC {El...iC}{STATIC}
13 It's regular treat for a group of musicians (6) SEXTET {SEX}{TrEaT}
15 Danger in climbing apartments (4) TRAP [T<=]
16 Old Indian car of a diplomat (10) AMBASSADOR [DD] Not necessarily Old!
19 Therapy-induced goitre can be treated without iodine (10) IATROGENIC {GOITRE+CANBE}* around I
20 Fail to include note in books (4) OMIT {O{MI}T}
23 Publicise odds and criticise fiercely (6) SPLASH [DD]
25 Certified cadet set target to turn over in part (8) ATTESTED [T<=]
27 When playing sitar, hear creative genius (8) ARTISTRY {SITAR*}{TRY}
28 Half of new recruits taking care of wall painting (6) FRESCO  {FREShmen}{C/O}
29 Heads of plants protested riots following sacking of director (8) TREETOPS PROTESTEd*
30 Precious items from Fagin largely sell out (6) JEWELS {JEW}{SELl*}

1   A forbidden fruit signified an illusion (7) FIGMENT {FIG}{MENT}(~fig meant) (Addendum - {FIG}{MEaNT} - See comments)
2   Be smart to expect a tense Mrs. to be upset (4,5) LOOK SMART {LOOK} {A+T+MRS}* Anno not clear
3   Three times four points advantage (6) ENNEAD {E}{N}{N}{E}{AD}
5   Be next to a bar (4) ABUT {A}{BUT}
6   Compel very much to eat after having energy drink (8) ESPRESSO {E}{S{PRESS}O}
7   Clearly showing up on time (5) OVERT {OVER}{T}
8   Plan's to procure a kitchen equipment (7) ROASTER {RO{A}STER}
11 More transparent and less realistic? (7) FILMIER [DD]
14 Server in public house is much obliged (7) BARISTA {BAR}{IS}{TA}
17 Give up advantage, eventually losing cup (9) DEMITASSE {DEMIT}{ASSEt}
18 She is out on shift to look after residence (5-3) HOUSE-SIT*
19 Second home's heartless insult (7) INSTANT {IN'S}{TAiNT}
21 Routine is due to be broken (7) TEDIOUS*
22 Eighteen scores of this might amount to zilch (6) DEGREE [CD] (18*20=360=0)
24 Not lasting the distance? Second coffee! (5) LATTE  Anno pending (Addendum - LATTEr - See comments)
26 Chief doctor's last word supporting intravenous therapy (4) DRIP {Do...r}{RIP}


  1. Arden, where is Kumbakonam degree kaapi?

  2. Apologies.
    I didn't solve this crossword. My first Comment also ignored that the setter has used DEGREE as part of the theme, though he didn't go to K'konam.

  3. (3 Three times) // four points / advantage (6) E/N/N/E//AD
    The number nine or a group of nine.

  4. Replies
    1. Okay, the 3 from the clue number is to be taken

  5. Smart repeated in the definition and in the answer?

  6. 1 A forbidden fruit signified an illusion (7) FIGMENT {FIG}{MENT}(~fig meant)

    FIG +ME(-a)NT . A's forbidden. Nice.clue

  7. Lots of coffee for those of us who missed our samosas!

  8. 16A- Hasn't Ambassador stopped production? I am referring to 'Old car'. There were times when we had only Ambassadors & Fiats and nothing else.

    1. Ambassador stopped only in 2014 so they can hardly be classified as old in that sense

    2. Paddy, we had Standard also for quite a while

    3. True, I had one too. But I think it came up a little later or its taxi version was there all along? Remember baby taxis?

  9. Wiki says they stopped production in 1914.

  10. Old means no longer made, not its newness,I believe.

  11. 24 Not lasting the distance? Second coffee! (5) LATTE

    Second: LATTER. Not lasting the distance : LATTE(-r).

  12. 9 Sufficient reason to prevent a plane from flying (6) GROUND [DD]

    Usually it's 'Grounds' = Sufficient reason. This also could be part of the theme?

  13. Replies
    1. In any type of coffee the beans have to be ground first so I don't think we can consider that as part of the theme

    2. In that case even Roaster can't be a theme word. Any coffee bean has to be roasted too

  14. Beaten square by scintillator today...glad to have got 60%...could appreciate the clues after coming here...

  15. Scintillators xword was too flashy and blinded sev times :) didnt exp smart to figure again in 2d so made it sharp... resulting in a poor sw corner ... midtoo was shaky.... thank god forthe top two corners :)

  16. I repeat yesterday's post of the COL and my response.Deepak Gopinath8:38 a.m. GMT+5:30
    Need two contributions for the Sunday specials on 13 and 20 Sep. 27th onwards it will be IXL so the Sunday specials will be on hold till the online rounds get over.

    raju umamaheswar7:35 p.m. GMT+5:30
    Col: I'll try and put together one, for the 20th as 13th is too close a call !
    Why is there a delay in giving the code number for IXL? Every one seems to be on tenterhooks !

    1. Raju, I've received CWs for 13th and 20th. If you send one I will save it for after IXL online rounds

  17. Imo, both GROUND and DRIP are theme words

  18. Thanks, you owe me a coffee. Preferably Irish, like our Paddy

    1. Instant or Filter Kaapi available

    2. I can also give you hand made espresso