Thursday, 3 September 2015

No 11490, Thursday 03 Sep 2015, Neyartha

1   Revolutionary fines settler for opportunism (4-8) SELF-INTEREST*
8   Make a hole to accommodate the quiet artist with a kitchen aid (7) DISHRAG {DI{SH}{RA}G}
9   Princess and old partner return to the side building (6) ANNEXE {ANNE}{XE<=}
11 Security provided by a nest egg? (9) FINANCIAL [CD]
12 Sail after misplacing a rib (5) COSTA CO(-a)ST(+a)A
14 Break down in session on getting the auditory effect characterized by too much sound (9) NOISINESS*
16 Letters from Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan with old currency (4) LIRA [T]
18 Partner's apprentice replaced by a bishop with great skill (4) ABLY A(-l+b)BLY
19 Sober and mild (9) TEMPERATE [DD]
21 Inert gas removed from a DNA base in the glandular organs (5) THYMI THYMIne
22 Votes strangely to retain the tube around a tall silk hat (9) STOVEPIPE {VOTES*}{PIPE}
23 Scottish chief makes way for the new wide scarves obtained illegally (6) STOLEN STOLE{-s+n)N
25 Mark's mischievous child with Rhode Island books (7) IMPRINT {IMP}{RI}{NT}
26 Novel garment design is relating to the affairs of the state (12) GOVERNMENTAL*

2   Playing with the seal in style deep down (11) ESSENTIALLY*
3   Judicial supervisor dismissed graduate reporting ill (8) FORENSIC {FOREmaN}{SIC}(~sick)
4   Careless about lithium penetrating the mesh trapping new egg inside (9) NEGLIGENT {NE{G{LI}GE*}{N}T}
5   Letter travelling at the speed of light? (1-4) E-MAIL [CD]
6   An ineffectual person's upset tone breaks the Greek character with Charlie (6) EUNUCH {EU{NU}{C}H<=}
7   Duty's a burden (3) TAX [DD]
8   Protects harbour worker and the persons getting sued (10) DEFENDANTS {DEFEND{ANT}S}
10 Criminal magnate imprisons half the seamen on board (10) MANAGEMENT {MANAGE{seaMEN}T*}
13 Congenital defect found in Spain? FBI aid distributed (5,6) SPINA BIFIDA*
15 Allegory by a Seychelles doctor on the storage tower brought up by the Frenchman (9) SYMBOLISM {SY}{MB}{OLIS<=}{M}
17 In recital, pick up and discard the company voucher after this (8) HEREUPON (~hear){HERE}{coUPON}
20 Sierra Leone gets introduced to the Ukrainian capital in this Jewish month (6) KISLEV {KI{SL}EV}
22 Boys on a road trip smuggling an echo sounder (5) SONAR [T]
24 Loot sent up with a small powerful boat (3) TUG <=



  1. Could finally crack a Neyartha puzzle! Of course with some help from 'net'. Thank you Neyartha for making life easier for average solvers like me! It was a nice crossie and enjoyable too. :-)))

  2. You can't call yourself 'average solver' after cracking a Neyartha CW!

    1. Am still an average solver only. Neyartha has certainly lowered the bar (liberally) during this cycle!!

  3. Padmanabhan, you are right that MB is no average solver. Some of the words like Thymi, I needed to cheat on, because I did not know Thymine either.

    1. I too had cheated on that, Suresh garu! Later confirmed that 'NE' is the abbreviated form of 'NEON' the inert gas. :)

  4. Phewww....tough one today butgot all yes with help of net... spina fibida thymi kislev to be checked for existence...

  5. Courtesy Facebook

    Two incidents could not be starker, one the Patel agitation just two days old culminating in an orgy of violence and huge loss of state property running into hundreds of crores,the other, more than 73 days of peaceful and disciplined agitation by veterans in Jantar Mantar.

    Now look at the irony, in the first instance,the PM deems it fit to immediately give a statement and an appeal in the second day of the agitation itself, succumbing to the threats of an young upstart and a brat at best. Whereas in the latter, leave alone the PM,no one responsible ,in the union cabinet feels the necessity to give a statement or soothe the veterans on this highly sensitive issue of national importance. Do we need any more examples as to where we stand in the hierarchy and priority?

    Does this country only understand the language of violence? Does our strength of discipline become our weakness? Does the system only cater to vote banks....?

  6. Was busy the whole day..could find time in the evening...missed costa & hereupon....spina bifida got through net...enjoyable solve...found todays tougher than yesterday's..

  7. IXL 2015 registrations have commenced