Saturday, 19 September 2015

No 11504, Saturday 19 Sep 2015, Sunnet

I see four people, are there more? Or is there some other theme? (See comments)

1   Can I randomly add in a vitamin? (6) NIACIN {CAN+I}*{IN}
4   Disentangles entangled news unit (8) UNTWINES*
10 Quiet local leader (9) PRESIDENT {P}{RESIDENT}
11 Lean on superior tree (5) TENDU {TEND}{U}
12 Finally lost important part of a leg (5) THIGH {losT}{HIGH}
13 Came by fashionable woman's special diet (9) INHERITED {IN}{HER}{DIET*}
14 Beside a profit on Street (7) AGAINST {A}{GAIN}{ST}
16 Help back unknown explorer (4) DIAZ {DIA<=}{Z}
19 Care about a unit (4) ACRE*
21 Modify rail camera's front half to get wind condition (4,3) CALM AIR {RAIL+CAMera}*
24 Dispatch school's letter carrier (4,5) MAIL COACH {MAIL} {COACH}
25 Birth from cervical vent (5) CALVE [T]
26 English speaker representing Golan (5) ANGLO*
27 Sent packing grass to extinguish last bit of fire inside (6,3) TURFED OUT {TURF}{firE}{D OUT}
28 Visual aids possessed by electronic visor (8) EYESHADE {EYES}{HAD}{E}
29 Deformed Manila savage (6) ANIMAL*

1   Upcoming pan-Indian newspaper has incendiary articles (8) NAPHTHAS {NAP}{HT}<={HAS} (Correction - {NAP<=}{HT}{HAS} -See comments)
2   A French sea touches one Canadian national (8) AMERICAN {A}{MER}{1}{CAN}
3   Rishi transformed those lucky people (5) IRISH*
5   Number printed without the crown is cut (7) NOTCHED {NO}{eTCHED}
6   Force of wet pitch (9) WATERFALL {WATER}{FALL}
7   Number central to a boxcar (6) NINETY {boXCar}
8   Outfits court in ship (6) SQUADS {S{QUAD}S}
9   On insurer's final settlement to widow (6) RELICT {RE}{LIC}{s...nT}
15 Make out fabric of cravat (9) NECKCLOTH {NECK}{CLOTH}
17 Put everything in to sweep the dance area (8) BALLROOM {B{ALL}ROOM}
18 Align with criminal from the East (8) ORIENTAL {ORIENT}{AL}
20 Honoured by former key journalist (7) EXALTED {EX}{ALT}{ED}
21 Group's nothing invested in malfunctioning torch (6) COHORT {COH{O}RT*}
22 Spike rascal's drink (6) IMPALE {IMP}{ALE}
23 Metallic sound in tune (6) JINGLE [DD]
25 Wipe carbon tip (5) CLEAN {C}{LEAN}



  1. That was fun, Sunnet - thank you! I especially liked the clue for NINETY - very neatly done!

    DG: Thank you for the blog. The link you have given for "extinguish" shows a different meaning of DOUT (one I didn't know, so that's my learning for the day!). The relevant meaning of DOUT is at

  2. 1 Upcoming pan-Indian newspaper has incendiary articles (8) NAPHTHAS {NAP}{HT}<={HAS}

    I thought HT: Hindustan Times, (w/o reversing)

    1. Or did you place the reversal wrongly after HT?

    2. No, I reversed both. Shall change the paper to HT

  3. I took it as H(TH)AS- Has containing TH

  4. Sunnet helped me in my diet- missed samosas in waterfall and tendu.
    Curious that 'Boxcar' has a meaning of twelve (on the dice- 2 sixes) I was a little confused after filling in ninety with the help of crossings.

  5. Lovely puzzle...superb surface stories..lots of clues to savour

  6. Replies
    1. I thought it was victorian era what with neckcloth mailcoach ballroom

    2. You almost have it. Regency not Victorian.

    3. Yep regency.. wat other words tho...?

    4. Neckcloth styles was the theme. The rest should be easy now.

    5. neckcloth, Oriental, American, Mailcoach, Irish, Ballroom

    6. Waterfall completes the set

    7. Thank you RameshJ. Waterfall tie is another name for Mailcoach tie which requires no starch or very little of it.

    8. Brilliant .... the trone d amour

  7. Apart from the usual by Sunnet, see three and a half nationals

  8. Tendu and turfed out missed... absolutely smooth going but then got stuck in north west ...

  9. very interesting &entertaining sort.1a&d,good jugglery.13a - easy to come by thanks to handy clues.8d-oscilating between squads & synods but alas settled for synods entailing awrong answerfor 11a. All counted a wholesome package by sunnet. Thank you sir.