Saturday, 5 September 2015

No 11492, Saturday 05 Sep 2015, Buzzer

A big 'Thank You' to all the teachers & to the folks on this board who have taught me so much


1 Maybe illness affecting a series of factory workers (8,4) ASSEMBLY LINE {MAYBE ILLNESS}*
8 Beige colour // fan (4) BUFF (DD)
9 Perfect trick some say to get a friend (10) CONSUMMATE {CON}{SUM(~SOME)}{MATE}
11 Compose very ordinary article (6) SOOTHE {SO}{O}{THE}
12 Big band's performance stunt (8) GIGANTIC {GIG}{ANTIC}
14 Not oddly aviation is unprofitable (4) VAIN {aViAtIoN}
16 Reel from funny gagster (7) STAGGER {GAGSTER*}
18 Strikes during LS poll awful in retrospect (7) WALLOPS (T<=}
19 Penned // a legal document (4) WRIT (DD)
22 Happen to regret following a star (4,4) COME TRUE {COME T}{RUE}
23 Sort of junction/intersection for a mess (6) TANGLE {T}{ANGLE}
24 Now is represented thus in time (4,6) THIS MINUTE {THUS IN TIME}* &lit
26 Slip, scratching head in a church recess (4) APSE {lAPSE}
27 Killing is his happiness (12)  MANSLAUGHTER {MAN'S}{LAUGHTER}


2 Outlet manufactured a fine velvet say (6,5) SAFETY VALVE {A F VELVET SAY}*
3 English setter seen outside church is an entertainer (5) EMCEE {E}{M{CE}E}
4 It is not dangerous to go past 8 reportedly (6)  BENIGN {~ BE NINE}
5 One might be representing genus tyro? (9) YOUNGSTER {GENUS TYRO}*
6 Lives by dogmata essentially showing faith (3) ISM {IS}{dogMata}
7 Pleasure getting into bed? (5) FUTON {FU{TO}N}
10 Essays about leader of Bantu families (6) TRIBES {TRI{Bantu}ES}
13 Bird can be sailing through near strong wind (11)  NIGHTINGALE {NIGHT IN GALE} {{NIGH}{TIN}{GALE}} See comments
15 Give one a latitude to be objective (9) IMPARTIAL {IMPART}{I}{A}{L}
17 See-through cut in a boot (6) GALOSH {GA{LO}SH}
20 Ungulate flicking an unusual tongue (6) TELUGU {UnGULaTE}*
21 Girl's after college rank (5) CLASS {C}{LASS}
23 False things coming out of one's mouth? (5) TEETH (CD)
25 It is bad, 'cos standing under it gives tan (3)  SIN {Sin/Cos=Tan}

Reference list

Ordinary=O, Article=The
Fine=F, English-E, Setter=Me, Church=CE, One=I, Latitude=L, College=C

Color/Font Scheme

Definition,Solution,Component letters,Anagram Indicator,C/C indicator,Reversal Indicator,Hidden word IndicatorLetter Pick indicator,Deletion Indicator,Homophone Indicator,Movement Indicator,Positional Indicator



  1. +1 For Ramesh's opening Comment: Col, CV Sir, all setters & bloggers here: A big thank U: You have been extraordinary teachers.

    1. Thanks.
      Even in my schooldays I was interested in two careers. Teaching, journalism.
      After college education I became a lecturer in English in a notorious college in the city.
      In a class of some 120 fellows sitting close to each other, I never knew what happened in those back benches!
      But the grown-up students in the Evening College out to improve their prospects were a different lot, eager and inquiring. Even after some three or four decades I have been stopped by one or two of these and greeted.
      My career changed at the end of just one academic year.
      But I used to teach 'correspondence' students informally.
      I have also taught school pupils at home.

  2. 13 Bird can be sailing through near strong wind (11) NIGHTINGALE {NIGHT IN GALE}
    Should be: NIGH TIN GALE. TIN: Can

    1. Thanks. Corrected the annotation.

    2. Though I filled in correctly, it took a while for me to understand the anno. Very neatly put.
      Let me join everyone in saluting our teachers.
      We had a get together of our classmates for our Golden Jubilee of passing out (1964-2014) We had invited a few of our professors- some of them nearing their ninety's and had to be helped to their seats. But to hear them talk...well, it was a moving and unforgettable experience for both of us! No wonder it is called the noblest of professions.

  3. A 21 D puzzle: a pleasurable solve...

  4. Some extremely nice clues, esp. the anagrams.

    1. It took me a while to understand that 1A is an anagram.

  5. Missed a few but enjoyed solving an excellent crossword. Particularly liked 20 and 25 down.

    1. Thank you CGB for pointing out the 'tan'. I missed the most fantastic.

  6. Wonder about the use of 'a' before latitude in 15 D. Not very certain about it's usage, like in "a denim" yesterday

    1. 'A latitude' is fine. It indicates a degree of freedom.

    2. I think Raghu is right, you don't need the 'A'. 'Given latitude' is sufficient to indicate giving a degree of freedom

    3. That's literal translation for cryptic reading, but grammatically?

    4. I see a a lot of links where "a latitude to" is used. For eg. "The law wisely allows a latitude to those who are empowered to pronounce that sentence"

  7. A master piece for weekend entertainment from Buzzer! Could complete the puzzle but funnily 20dn had me in some kind of trouble! After removing 'AN' from UNGULATE my first take was GULLET. Later it dawned on me, a Telugu chap, that it was TELUGU. My favourites today were COME TRUE & MANSLAUGHTER. Thoroughly enjoyed today's CW. Thank you, Buzzer. :-)))

    1. My Clue of the Day...13dn : NIGHTINGALE.

    2. Typo in my comment @ 10:10 a.m.
      A 'Masterpiece' . Very very late to spot it :( Sorry.

  8. Thanks a lot to all my teachers here in THCC :)
    It's a longgggg list :)

  9. An admirable xword on an admirable day...thanks to all bloggers setters and also co sloggers solvers...for teaching me so much and in such a fun challenging manner...

  10. Thanks Buzzer. Entertaining grid. Loved 25D

  11. Beautiful crossword. Great anagram clues. SIN is my CoD

  12. had a nice experience today. thanks to well laid-out clues. enjoyed 11,22a nice&3,4,23d.I failed miserably 7d for which I wrote humor. All stated an entertaining & engrossing puzzle. Thanks to Buzzer.

  13. I thoroughly enjoyed busting this BUZZING and zestful Buzzer piece of creativity. His His ANA of anagrams nags you to buzz like a bee in your bonnet ! The anagram just stares at you and yet you wonder how to put them together..
    Red herring with ungulate and tongue, racking to find a synonym for an ungulate from TONGUE ! Takes you to TELUGU instead as tongue. Brilliant word play !