Friday, 4 September 2015

No 11491, Friday 04 Sep 2015, Buzzer

1   Young girl wearing a denim (6) MAIDEN*
5   Keep mum's photograph (5,2) CLOSE UP [DD]
9   Creatively very unoriginal work (4,4,6) EARN YOUR LIVING*
11 Have flipping fine overturned no matter what (4,2) EVEN IF {EV'<=}{EN IF<=}
12 Resistance for new start up business (8) COMMERCE COMME(-n+r)RCE
13 Go chasing trendy pop group (5) INDIE {IN}{DIE}
14 Try again about attending draw (9) REATTEMPT {RE}{AT}{TEMPT}
16 A winged god's speed in air during flight (9) AEROSPACE {A}{EROS}{PACE}
18 Arsenal is trying to assemble sought-after individuals (1-4) A-LIST [T]
20 Go into details of experiment briefly with professor (6,2) EXPAND ON {EXP}{ANd}{D ON}
22 Judge, any other biblical character (6) JETHRO {J}{OTHER*}
24 Prays clue gets commendation? (6,2,6) SPEECH OF PRAISE (~ prays)
25 Rising northern climb (7) NASCENT {N}{ASCENT}
26 Keep so fresh with black teas (6) PEKOES*

2   Tight and neat over (2,2,3) AT AN END*
3   All-pervading in essence surrounding squalor (9) DINGINESS [T]
4   Frequently disappearing into town by midday (4) NOON iNtO tOwN
5   C-consumed salt (9) CARBONATE {CARBON}{ATE}
6   Cricket match umpire shortened to a third caused widespread disgust (5) ODIUM {ODI}{UMpire}
7   Quip about horse going over gorge (7) EPIGRAM {E{PIG}RAM<=}
8   Painting, to me is different in colour (12) PIGMENTATION*
10 Tender small change in Tokyo's food shop (12) DELICATESSEN {DELICATE}{S}{SEN}
14 Conclude choppy tour on sea (6,3) REASON OUT*
15 Characteristic of traffic sign (9) TRADEMARK {TRADE}{MARK}
17 Running repairs for some swords (7) RAPIERS*
19 Popular aversion to accept society quickly (2,5) IN HASTE {IN} {HA{S}TE}
21 Well suited position for a recess (5) NICHE [DD]
23 Each article post office processed at first (1,3) A POP {A} {PO}{Pr...d}


  1. Long after finishing the & reread the clues..savouring with delight the setter's word plays..some striking geatures
    9A : an adverbial anind
    23A: "Any" as anind
    5d would be many solvers' Cod..a la..half sisters clue the other day..

    1. Correction: read striking features

  2. A doubt about 10 D- how do we get 'sen' from yen?

    1. Paddy see the link over 'change in Tokyo'

    2. I looked in but not clear. I will now go through in detail.

    3. Got it. Sen (smaller denomination) = 1/100 of Yen. Paddy please see opposite the picture of coins given in the link by Col Sir.

    4. Thank you MB. Well spotted and correctly explained.Thank you Col.

  3. A trademark puzzle from Buzzer, no doubt! Filled in DIRTINESS for 3dn and got stuck on 9ac. Anyway it was a satisfactory solve. Thank you Buzzer.

  4. I failed to notice the container indicator 'surrounding' in 3Dn and that led me to my downfall. ;-(