Tuesday, 7 March 2017

No 11948, Tuesday 07 Mar 2017, xChequer

I normally would have 14  while attempting an xChequer CW, but it didn't happen today. Maybe because I have a high 8D !!

7   Career in premier security force having shocks (6) SPRUNG {RUN} in {SPG}
8   Stays away from sons around bedtime (8) BOYCOTTS {BOY{COT}{T}S}
9   Moved by degrees, delighted to keep reading (8) TRICKLED {T{R}ICKLED}
10 Grassy mound uphill for speaker, at extremely elegant … (6) TUFFET (~tough){TUFF}{El...nT} Remember Miss Muffet?
11 … rose gardens to odious parks (5) STOOD [T]
12 Unprincipled setter's vocal? (6) AMORAL {AM}{ORAL}
14 Silly reasons to sell, mobs regularly went crazy (4,4,7) LOST ONES MARBLES {REASONS+TO+SELL+MoBs}*
17 One in anger relaxing to recover (6) REGAIN {1} in {ANGER}*
18 It may signal peace (5) AMITY*
22 Small type of fly (6) SPRINT {S}{PRINT}
23 Drive back anger right away — excuse me, it's pathetic (8) DERISORY {D}{IRE<=}{SOrRY}
24 Heartless about jokes, reportedly wound Mark (8) CICATRIX {CIrCA}{TRIX}(~tricks)
25 Joke is hard to sanction (6) PUNISH {PUN}{IS}{H}

1   Performance being ordinary in every country without leader (9) OPERATION {O}{PER}{nATION} What's the role of 'being'?
2   Sister Curie, old pope's ambassador (6) NUNCIO {NUN}{CI}{O}
3   Active interest lost in time (5) AGILE {AG{I}{L}E}
4   Say their panic? (8) HYSTERIA*
5   Say driver of bull, coaxing exhausted animal (4,4) GOLF CLUB {OF+BULL+Co...nG}*
6   Drive bull (5) STEER [DD]
8   Bond is sexy, mad about fitness rating (4,4,5) BODY MASS INDEX*
13 Tailor set trends for loose fitting clothing (4,5) TENT DRESS*

15 Alter building permits — Minister getting cut for electrical connection (8) TERMINAL {ALTER}* over {MIN}
16 Useless to line up a weapon in advance (8) NUGATORY {A}{GUN}<={TO}{RY}
19 Construction workers about to enter service (6) MASONS {MAS{ON}S}
20 Bug news agency concealed (5) APHID {AP}{HID}
21 Good, ready to eat beef (5) GRIPE {G}{RIPE}



  1. Thanks Xchequer. You made my life easy today.

  2. 'being' is as sort of continuous tense or something like that of 'is'

  3. A lot easier xchequer puzzle today..couldnt parse cica of cicatrix..the long ones fell easily...thanks XChequer & Col for a super blog & the tongue in cheek humour of the opening by line

  4. "being' seems to serve the purpose of 'is'. Though I stopped there I proceeded to read the rest of the blog, thinking it was OK...
    However, "Performance being ordinary in every country without leader" seems to be incomplete (of course, some crossword clues could be incomplete.
    Performance, being ordinary in every country without leader, needs to be condemned - here 'being' has a role in the apposition.

    1. Was just wondering if the clue would stand without being:Performance ordinary in every nation without leader(9)

  5. xChequer within reach- barring a few annos,of course. No longer sour grapes!

  6. Wah wah.. xchequer.. loves this.. some tricky slippery mired patches.. no straight March this.. trek had me a bit panting .. splattered .. lil contrite but flushed 😀

  7. An engrossing test match at Chinnaswamy..hope all enjoyed today's play..unfortunately, I could only "see" in Cric Buzz

  8. Lucky to see it live- at least the last (and most interesting) hour or so. Enjoyed it thoroughly.
    No blogging by MB for the last couple of days- either glued to the TV set, if not there in Bangalore!

    1. Yes, was glued to the TV whole day! Most enjoyable victory!!

  9. BTW- Cricbuzz ads are nice and interesting to watch between overs.

    1. Yes..quite funny..app too is good..you have live "commentary"..live scores...good analysis..and if you are a cricket afficionado..all matches(including A-list matches)are live..