Sunday, 19 March 2017

The Sunday Crossword, Sunday 19 Mar 2017

1   Lizard with energy grabbing bite, not quietly (5) GECKO {pECK} in {GO} One creature that gives me the creeps!!
4   List containing tips from epigram and poem, for example (4,5) ROLE-MODEL {Ep...aM}{ODE} in {ROLL}
9   Soul accepting falsehood, very trusting (9) BELIEVING {BE{LIE}{V}ING}
10 Rotten part of frivolous yarn (5) LOUSY [T]
11 Malevolent creature concealed in flower (6) ORCHID {ORC}{HID}
12 Perfectionist beginning to sob, heart broken by learner (8) STICKLER {Sob}{TICK{L}ER}
14 Singer, sober, moon in sky affected (6,8) SMOKEY ROBINSON*
16 Anxiety about half of work, obscure, with a line lacking depth (3-11) TWO-DIMENSIONAL {T{WOrk}-{DIM}ENSION}{A}{L}
20 Confirmed time established in arrangement of date (8) ATTESTED {T}{EST} in {DATE}*
21 Piece of jewellery I love in artist's workroom (6) STUDIO {STUD}{I}{O}
23 One surrounded by cheers, sun god in crown (5) TIARA {T{1}A}{RA}
24 Engine with extremes of power breaking bad robot up (9) TURBOPROP {PoweR} in {ROBOT+UP}*
25 Silly aim oddly receiving resistance in like manner (9) SIMILARLY {R} in {SILLY+AIM}*
26 Treacherous person lacking wide support (5) EASEL wEASEL

1   Great upset over book about ape (6) GIBBON {GI{B}B<=}{ON}
2   Fellow in fantastic form, calm doctor in comic novel (4,7,4) COLD COMFORT FARM {F} in {FORM+CALM+DOCTOR}*
3   Honour large venture, right away creating monument (7) OBELISK {OBE}{L}{rISK}
4   Bar protest (4) RAIL [DD]
5   Guide for sailors with happy hearts on river (10) LIGHTHOUSE {LIGHT}{H}{OUSE}
6   Prophet in endless pain in country (7) MALACHI {MAL{ACHe}I}
7   Rules applied unfairly in tennis match perhaps restricting quality (6,9) DOUBLE STANDARDS {DOUBLE {STANDARD}S}
8   Los Angeles group engaging you for hairdresser's work? (8) LAYERING {LA}{YE}{RING}
13 Pretty tense, in a mess without new compositor (10) TYPESETTER {PRETTY+TEnSE}*
15 Opponent disrupting last broadcast in lost land (8) ATLANTIS {ANTI} in {LAST}*
17 Position during delay (7) INSTALL {IN}{STALL}
18 Result revealed approach (7) OUTCOME {OUT}{COME}
19 Politician inhibited by sign about rising force (6) COMPEL {MP} in {LEO}{C}<=
22 Become strained and fight (4) FRAY [DD]


  1. Replies
    1. We had one earlier by Amrita and Arun. Now Amrita going solo. Great! Looking forward to the puzzle.

  2. 1A: It gives me the creeps too!