Thursday, 16 March 2017

No 11956, Thursday 16 Mar 2017, Spinner

Themed on films?

1   A gripping cryptic clue might have this hint of surprise to increase fun on cracking (7,7) SURFACE TENSION {Su...e + TO +INCREASE + FUN}*
10 In return, Stanford University admits Indian college members (5) UNITS {U{NIT}S<=}
11 Theatre at mental asylum for surgery (9) TREATMENT [T]
12 Love affairs involving extremely excitative emotions (8) FEELINGS {F{Ex...vE}LINGS}
13 At the end, singer to scream head off? This might help maintain pitch! (6) ROLLER {s...eR}{hOLLER}
15 Surplus gold managed by head of the eatery (10) RESTAURANT {REST}{AU}{RAN}{The}
16 Members of colony like to drink a bit of neat tequila (4) ANTS {Neat}{Te...a} in {AS}
19 Movie initially felicitated in ludicrous mix-up (4) FILM Acrostic
20 Enhancing programme code before appraisal (10) DECORATING {CODE}*{RATING}
23 Sailor's net cast away (6) ABSENT {AB'S}{NET}*
25 Broadcasts special cricket series played between Australia and England (8) SPLASHES {SPL}{ASHES}
27 Newspaper introduced excellently detailed redesign, gaining patronage ultimately, as a result (9) THEREFORE {TH}{Ex...y}{REFORm}{p...gE}
28 Desolate criminal taking drug (5) ALONE {AL}{ON}{E} On/Taking?
29 They deliver notes, send pics & share moves with Snapchat, primarily (4,10) CASH DISPENSERS {SEND+PICS+SHARE}*{Sn...t}

2   International valuers jostling to acquire upcoming home (9) UNIVERSAL {U{IN<=}VERSAL*}
3   Cook feast with some Indian vegetables at large fair (8) FESTIVAL {FEST{In...n}{Ve...s}A*}{L}
4   Accountant attempts to gain self-esteem in classes (10) CATEGORIES {CA}{T{EGO}RIES}
5   It's about preserving energy in relationships (4) TIES {TI{E}S*}
6   Break into a new state (6) NATION {INTO+A}*{N}
7   Spinner was first to retire with a model (5) IDEAL {I}{LEAD<=} (Correction - {I}{DE{A}L<=} - See comments)
8   A true mix-up between partners' identities (7) NATURES {A+TRUE}* in {NS}
9   America rejected proposal after commencement, causing hurt (6) SUFFER {US<=}{oFFER}
14 Half-finished Indian politician allowed leading ex-minister to take over firm (10) INCOMPLETE {IN}{CO}{MP}{LET}{Ex-...r}
17 Adjacent member in hub region broken (9) NEIGHBOUR*
18 A vehicle featuring in animated Pixar film's trailers (8) CARAVANS {CAR}{A}{VAN}S}
19 Desperate trick to get under foreigner's skin (7) FRANTIC {Fo...eR}{ANTIC}
21 With end nowhere in sight, Gay accelerated and breathed heavily (6) GASPED {GAy}{SPED}
22 Really stylish act (6) INDEED {IN}{DEED}
24 Looks for man captivated by looks (5) SEEMS {SEE{M}S}
26 Endlessly uttered profanities, raised fights (4) ROWS SWORe<=



  1. Looked to be very difficult to saart with, but was able to complete (and quite fast at that) thanks to some excellent cluing. Enjoyed doing it- thank you Spinner.

  2. 7d I took this as I (LE{A}D) - Was first is LED; with a

  3. 28a on=taking in the sense of 'he is on drugs'

  4. Spinner bowls his lovely spinners with the right mix of doosras, arm balls, straight ones & the stock off spinners(assuming of course that he is an off spinner)
    Thanks Spinner

    1. Thank you. Yes, definitely an off-spinner

  5. Yes, Ram and Ramesh have parsed the respective clues as I intended.

  6. How the hell are we supposed to solve these

    1. This helped immensely when I started out.