Saturday, 4 March 2017

No 11946, Saturday 04 Mar 2017, Lightning

It is Roger Federer's day today


1 Played new set in Federer's sport (6) TENNIS {N+SET+IN}*
4 Pro agency framing last picture of Federer's groundstroke for one (8) FOREHAND {FOR}{picturE}{HAND}
10 Major striking criticism (5,4) GRAND SLAM {GRAND}{SLAM}
11 Expression of surprise at play missing openers (5) HELLO {otHELLO}
12 Smoke essentially causing boils (5) FUMES {FUME}{cauSing}
13 At first grant ancient badge for Federer’s Olympic achievement (4,5) GOLD MEDAL {Grant}{OLD} {MEDAL}
14 Helps when sister treats shoulder for starters (7) ASSISTS {AS}{SIS}{Treats}{Shoulders}
16 Good engineer following battle (4) WARE {WAR}{E}
19 Spent for protection outside institute (4) PAID {PA{I}D}
21 One learner lost divine instrument (7) CELESTA {CELESTiAl}
24 For the most part media blown away where Federer enjoyed great success (9) WIMBLEDON {MEDIa+BLOWN}*
25 Fire bishop with misplaced zeal (5) BLAZE {B}{ZEAL*}
26 Speed detector looks identical from either side (5)  RADAR <=>
27 Turn past Senna by the way (2,7) EN PASSANT {PAST+SENNA}*
28 Daily service, nevertheless new and interesting at the end (8) EVENSONG {EVEN SO}{N}{interestinG}
29 Sluggish agent receiving shelter (6) SLEEPY {S{LEE}PY}


1 Contest about crude spirit old fellow entered (3-2-3) TUG-OF-WAR {{TUG-{O}{F}-WAR}<=}
2 Mean, young lady in narrow escape (4,4) NEAR MISS {NEAR}{MISS}
3 River needing no introduction meanders around university (5) INDUS {wIND{U}S}
5 Current rule's mantra — to adopt hard stance at first on litigation (4,3) OHMS LAW {O{H}M} {Stance}{LAW}
6 Short-lived record, he initially mastered on time with rookie (9) EPHEMERAL {EP}{HE}{Mastered}{ERA}{L}
7 Refer to everyone due for a change (6) ALLUDE {ALL}{DUE*}
8 Aimlessly scribble old ode in a different way (6) DOODLE {OLD+ODE}*
9 Synchronises with alto’s lines in audition (6) ALIGNS {A}{~LINES}
15 Petty saint stealing power revolvers (5,4) SMALL ARMS {SMALL}{ARM}{S}
17 Partially escape a delayed surge (8) ESCALATE {ESC}{A}{LATE}
18 Records attempt to produce embroidery (8) TAPESTRY {TAPES}{TRY}
20 Outrage at prison cell where 500 usurp nationalist (7) DUDGEON {DU(-n+D)GEON}
21 Box old, extremely pretty ornamental covering (6) CANOPY {CAN}{O}{PrettY}
22 Deviation in Federer's opening shot landing wide (6) SWERVE {S{W}ERVE}
23 Throws mud generously helping to make soil (6) SMUDGE (T)
25 Where Federer mainly plays in eastern parts of Federer’s hometown (5) BASEL {BASELine}

New=N, Pro=For, When=As, Sister=Sis, Engineer=E, Institute=I, One=I, Learner=L, Bishop=B
Old=O, Fellow=F, University=U, Hard=H, Mantra=Om, Record=EP, Time=Era, Rookie=L(Learner), Alto=A, 500=D, Nationalist=N, Wide=W 

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  1. Glad-
    1. I was able to complete without any referral (except for confirmation of celesta)
    2.It is Roger Federer's day.
    You may include swerve also in the theme.
    Thank you Lightning for a bright start for the day.

  2. Thank you Ramesh for the nice looking blog- which we have come to expect from you.

  3. 'En Passant' is a rare and interesting chess move. Take a look-

  4. 3d. can someone elaborate please.

    1. needing no introduction meanders = (-w)INDS

  5. A fitting tribute to the Swiss maestro!

  6. Penny-dropping-moment upon parsing "parts" in 25D!

    Nice grid, thank you Lightning!

  7. This grid appeared yesterday online..

    1. Yes, I enjoyed solving immediately on seeing the goof-up.

    2. That page has since been removed and they have forgotten to upload it today when it should have actually appeared !!

  8. Strange are the ways of TH. They are finding newer ways of goof up.