Wednesday, 15 March 2017

No 11955, Wednesday 15 Mar 2017, The Phantom

There seems to be a theme in the CW, but I can't seem to put a finger to it!

1   Grab drink to overcome sleep (4,2) SNAP UP {S{NAP} UP}
5   Brilliant engineer designed rectifier (8) TERRIFIC {ReCTIFIER}*
9   Row during telephone call leads to yelling (7) ROARING {R{OAR}ING}
10 Small dog for example, that's chewing bone (6) PETITE {PET}{I{T}E}
11 Remote controlled shooting star! (6) METEOR*
12 Can girl take break even during lessons? (8) TRAINING {T{bReAk}IN}{IN}{G}
13 Retired secretary's helping to distribute (9) APPORTION {PA<=}{PORTION}
15 Broadcast one made for the press (5) MEDIA {1+MADE}*
17 Bird cages exist in this part of China (5) TIBET {TI{BE}T}
19 First two seats available in theatre's opening show (9) REPRESENT REPRE{SEats}N{Th...e} Anno pending (Addendum - {REP}{RE{SEats}NT} - As per Mr Walker)
22 A wire is first tied all around climbing plant (8) WISTERIA {A+WIRE+IS+Tied}*
23 Dazed young woman pinched by unpopular guy (6) GLASSY {LASS} in {GuY}
25 Boredom means primarily being inactive after a little time (6) TEDIUM {Time}{mEDIUM}
26 Overjoyed on ship to get sauce (7) KETCHUP {KETCH}{UP}
27 Soldiers in pursuit, failing to get renegade (8) DEFECTOR {DEFECT}{OR}
28 This place's tranquillity captivates men (6) RESORT {RES{OR}T} Semi&lit

2   Take care of sister (5) NURSE [DD]
3   Doctor under pressure to withdraw notice for dummy medicine (7) PLACEBO {P}{LACE}{OB<=}
4   Appeal in monastery to get precedence (8) PRIORITY {PRIOR{IT}Y}
5   Drunk guy's struggle to go round like one outstanding acrobat! (9,6) TIGHTROPE WALKER {TIGHT}{ROPE} {WA{LiKE}R}
6   Repeat performance by upcoming amateur (6) REPLAY {REP}{LAY} (Correction - {PER<=}{LAY})
7   Edgy after batting gets tough (7) INTENSE {IN}{TENSE}
8   Firm charged one for design (9) INTENTION {INTENT}{ION}
14 Gripe about including corrupt for special treatment (9) PRIVILEGE {PRI{VILE}GE*}
16 Officer training the regiment's leader to be smarter (8) BRIGHTER {BRIG}{THE*}{Re...t}
18 Weave fishing net near port (7) ENTWINE {NET*}{WINE}
20 Schoolgirl's received high English scores (7) SLASHES {H}{E} in {LASS}* (Correction - {S}{LAS{H}{E}S} - See comments)
21 Encourage sport as part of drill (6) PROMPT {P{ROMP}T}
24 Excellent meal consumed silently (5) SUPER SUPpER



  1. Replies
    1. Looks like Mr Walker himself will have to give us the answer to this

    2. I could go as far as available=Present..then gave up
      Biffed it without parsing(as English commentors say in Times for Times)

    3. Not 'biffed' but bifd - bunged in from definition

    4. Almost in all cases I look up for synonyms and defs.

  2. 20D anno requires a bit changing

  3. No one else commenting for such a 5A & 24D puzzle?

  4. 6D:thought there was more to the wp..but cant make it out

    1. I've changed the Anno

      Performance by = AS PER
      upcoming = {PER<=}
      amateur = LAY

    2. Repeat performance - def
      by- PER
      upcoming - rev ind REP
      amateur - LAY

    3. Thanks Col & CV sir & Mr.Walker for making an appearance..
      19A anno is still in abeyance

    4. Appearance? He's there since 8.30 everpresent!

  5. No theme involved. Not good at these.

  6. 1A, 9A and 14D brilliant surfaces. Loved them. In 5A is it intended as inverted Wordplay?

    Terrific+e redesigned to get rectifier?

    If not don't we need a deletion indicator?

    1. 5A was intended as you pointed out.

  7. 9A late for the 5A & 34D puzzle.
    Appearance? You are invisible Phantom!

  8. The adventure of the Wisteria lodge,
    One of the Sherlock Holmes stories gave me the clue for 22A.