Saturday, 18 March 2017

No 11958, Saturday 18 Mar 2017, Afterdark

1 Vehicle essentially speeds on road race (6) CAREER{CAR}{spEEds}{R}
4 Craves for company with stranger to tour Venice primarily and get satisfied at the end (6) COVETS {CO{V}ET S}
9 Rising moon behind river's bit tarnished (4) RIOT {R}{IO{Ta...d}
10 Sparkling gold at source is waste, is no good; sources (10) GLITTERING {Gold}{LITTER I N G}
11 Live by law, love and by middle-age get fit (6) BELONG {BE}{L}{O}{aNd}{aGe}
12 Instruments to cut bone first and drill will fetch money (8) TRIPPERS {T}{RIP PE RS}
13 Relying on department head to collect engineer's due (9) DEPENDING {De...t}{E}{PENDING]
15 Light needs little current (4) LAMP {L}{AMP}
16 Son fixes a light source on snowmobile (4) SLED {S}{LED}
17 Imagining gossip, pun is horrible (9) SUPPOSING {GOSSIP+PUN}*
21 Subject overwhelmed by murderer, saved at the end by officers (8) CAPTAINS {C{APT}AIN}{Sa..d} Corrected. Please see comments below
22 Resistance by union leader at building accelerated (6) RUSHED {R}{Un...n}{SHED}
24 Setting ATM! nothing special in this place (10) ATMOSPHERE {ATM}{O}{SP}{HERE}
25 Some tax levied on pin (4) AXLE {Telescopic}
26 Relied on grass found around street (6) RESTED {REED around ST}
27 Book kept by that woman given to son, not you and me (6) OTHERS {OT}{HER}{S} Second son here, first one figuring in 16a

1 Neighbour inches away, close to Pune (7) CHINESE {INCHES* punE}

中 国 人

2 Supplies short of allowance (5) RATIO {RATIOn}
3 Angry on losing Romeo, girl came on board and agreed to marry (7) ENGAGED {EN(+g-r)GAGED}
5 No teacher would accept a fiend, even for gain (6) OBTAIN {O}{BT}{A}{fIeNd}
6 Trump, reopen USA for the French, perhaps (9) EUROPEANS {(REOPEN USA)*}
7 Drink and incoherently rant in shade (7) SUNTRAP {SU(RANT*)P}
8 Noble eliminated and disposed old lover to go after princess' spell primarily (13) DISTINGUISHED { DI}{Spell}{exTINGUSHED}
14 Steel car damaged, article's missing, but working inside through subatomic particles (9) ELECTRONS {STEEL+CaR}* around {ON}
16 Instrument to repel woman but attract child in shower (7) SCATTER {S(-w+c)CATTER}
18 Recent development around political leader's one in hundred (7) PERCENT {RECENT}* around {Po...l}


19 Crooked news dealer, can be raw inside, provokes (7) NEEDLES {NEwS DEaLEr}*
20 It's easy for school-head to hold troublemaker at the middle of aisleway (6) SIMPLE {ais(School IMP)LEway]
23 Add a drop of honey in wine and stir (5) SHAKE {S(H)AKE} Bond would probably disagree that stirred and shaken are the same



  1. Slightly harder than yesterday, but still able to complete with a little help, missing a few annos and got it cleared thanks to Col.
    A doubt about 18D- 'around'? I was expecting P to be in the middle not at the top. Am I wrong?
    Liked one in hundred.

  2. Has to be PTA, since otherwise A is unaccounted. But what is PTA w.r to subject?

    1. I think AD has overlooked one A


    3. Thanks AD. I saw it now in Chambers Thesaurus

    4. ...and overwhelmed is the anind,right?

    5. I think overwhelmed is the container indicator
      Apt inside cain

    6. Ok, thank you Vasant. I was a bit casual.

  3. 2D- Strangely, both supplies and allowance could be ration.

  4. Time and again it has been pointed out dissected debated a lot regarding the modality of construction of crossword and its interpretaion of clues much to the chagrin of many solvers. The composer is on an vicarious ego trip only to achieve his desire and thats fulfilled quite often. Lesser said the better.

    1. Ha ha!After a long time this has again resurfaced.
      What is the specific problem in the puzzle? How the composer is on ego trip to achieve his desire(which desire?)

    2. I think the only desire of a crossword composer is to entertain..the composer of this puzzle has achieved that..clues are fair and have excellent entertainment value

    3. Ravi,
      Who dissected? Who debated? Who were the chagrined solvers?
      Please mention specific clues where the setter is on a 'vicarious ego trip'.
      Lesser said the better will not suffice. Please specify more!!!

  5. Late query!
    5 No teacher would accept a fiend, even for gain (6) OBTAIN {O}{BT}{A}{fIeNd}
    {0}{BT} For please?

    1. O from no & BT from teacher (Bachelor training, I think) Fiend even is even letters-IN.

  6. I think 21A anno needs some repair work, Sir!

  7. Not clear Anno of 8 down the pivot of the puzzle. Old lover is flame. Wasn't it enough to say disposed old lover instead of adding eliminated which I consider redundant and misguided me.

  8. Anno given is quite clear.
    Eliminated= Extinguished
    Disposed off old lover- Remove Ex
    Dis from princess' spell primarily (Di s)

  9. Your patience is awesome, Colonel! All the drama to assert one's peculiar preferences is unwarranted, unnecessary and unwelcome!

  10. But it gives an opportunity for one of those rare appearance of PP!

    1. Indeed it does..these sort of comments spices up the proceedings here..and we have classic & loved commentators coming here..