Friday, 3 March 2017

No 11945, Friday 03 Mar 2017, Scintillator

Scintillator seems to have got into a corner while filling the SE corner.

1   Impressive gold dust, with less density for good (6) AUGUST {AU}{(-d+g)GUST}
4   I have a partner that's unsound (8) IMPAIRED {I'M PAIRED}
9   Troublemaker meets end mostly near port (6) RIOTER {RIO}TERm}
10 Doctor nicely cured a round figure (8) CYLINDER {DR+NICELY}*
12 Child in multiple birth developing temperature — couple getting tense (8) OCTUPLET {T+COUPLE}* over T}
13 Every other journo in ours is inexperienced (6) JUNIOR {JoUrNo}{In}{OuRs}
15 Superstar emerging from Haiti condominium (4) ICON [T]
16 Hear and defend ill-treated liberal (4-6) FREE-HANDED*
19 Benevolent old man vanquished Satan with edged article (5,5) SANTA CLAUS {SATAN}* {CLAUSe}
20 Rip-off causing some laptops to be returned (4) SCAM <=
23 Fold leg from backside, mate (3,3) PEN PAL <= Anno not clear (Addendum {PEN}{LAP<=} - See comments)
25 Novice recruited by CEO to stumble helplessly (8) FLOUNDER {F{L}OUNDER}
27 Overall, advanced degeneration of tiny parts of lungs (8) ALVEOLAR {OVERALL+A}*
28 Select jail, for auditors, could be a timepass (6) PICNIC (~pick nick)
29 Soldier's employer is an attentive person — nut before (8) ENLISTER (+en)ENLIST(-en)ER
30 They produced neon and acetylene (6) ETHYNE {THEY}*{NE}

1   American priest's founding of ideology from first principles (1,6) A PRIORI {A} {PRIOR}{Id...y}
2   Two thongs cast off in deserted area (5,4) GHOST TOWN*
3   Sluggish general imprisoned by secret agent (6) SLEEPY {S{LEE}PY}
5   Mom's calling for sauce (4) MAYO {MA}{YO}
6   An advertisement that's not restricted but keen (8) ACICULAR {A}{CIrCULAR} Definition is a bit of a stretch
7   Wonderful to find two minute hands? (5) RADII {RAD}{II}
8   Colour of biblical vessel about to be covered by theologist (4,3) DARK RED {D{ARK} {RE}D}
11 Fiery republican's mistaken belief overwhelming (7) FEBRILE {R} in {BELIEF}*
14 Kicked out from big league wrestling is a German cheat (7) BEGUILE {BIG+LEagUE}*
17 Declining standard of college in New York after 70s, say (9) DECADENCY {DECADE}{N{C}Y}
18 Birds on a peepul tree harm us (8) MARABOUS {MAR}{A}{BO}{US}
19 Divided and worried after ninth month (7) SEPTATE {SEPT}{ATE}
21 Holy men's claim to fame, I'm clear, is fake (7) MIRACLE*
22 Dramatic lover putting India ahead? (6) JULIET {I before J}
24 Refreshing piece of prose (5) NOVEL [DD]
26 Ganja never attracts a calamitous woman (4) JANE [T]



  1. 23a fold -> PEN, leg->LAP ->PAL

  2. I didn't see today"s grid online till 7.00 AM.
    Now, I see the future clearly!
    Ha, ha...

    1. Did you see the future AFTER DARK? I too did !! Very scintillating experience ! The Hindu needs a kick in the hind by u !!

    2. Yes, the lightning strikes again! It begins with love-all!

  3. fold - as in sheepfold
    lap - as in athletic events

  4. 'Keen' has a meaning of sharp, so guess it is OK?

    Yes, grid-fill was somewhat of a challenge. There is a theme of months in this puzzle...

  5. Yes, I can see abbreviations for all months. How come everyone missed spotting it?
    Nicely done and thank you for dropping in and for the clarification.
    Yes, keen has an edge to it.

  6. But advt. for circular and CEO for founder?

    1. Ad for circular is ok i think but a CEO may not be a founder

  7. Missed out on Acicular and Maribous..
    Nice puzzle