Monday, 20 March 2017

No 11959, Monday 20 Mar 2017, KrisKross

Welcome to our new setter KrisKross.

1   Unnamed criminal captures South Pole's explorer (8) AMUNDSEN {polE} in {UNNAMED}* (Correction - {AMUND{S}EN*} - See comments)
5   Girl pays for jars (6) GRATES {G}{RATES}
9   Maid dons tailored suit (8) DIAMONDS*
10 Rama perhaps is a sailor, winning Ravana’s heart (6) AVATAR {raVAna} in {A}{TAR}
12 Instant tests for the audience (5) TRICE (~tries)
13 To start with, Napoleon enters to receive the French soldier — a well mannered person (9) GENTLEMAN {GE{Na...n}T}{LE}{MAN}
14 Short visit from John's relatives (4-2) LOOK-IN {LOO}{K-IN}
16 Worker crosses river from the east — it’s the shortest way (7) BEELINE {BE{NILE<=}E}
19 Excellent fellow who never gets the bride (4,3) BEST MAN {BEST} {MAN}
21 Encourage to start translating Urdu — it is spoken in Afghanistan (6) PUSHTU {PUSH}{Tr...g}{Urdu}
23 Fresh air, sun, sea for persons of a certain race (9) EURASIANS*
25 Ray catches red fish (5) BREAM {B{R}EAM}
26 Originally valuable article — it’s the source of your pride (6) VANITY {Va...e}{AN}{IT}{Your}
27 Order drinks for Peter (8) ?E?R?A?E (Addendum - DECREASE - {DECRE{AS}E} - See comments)
28 Notice saying: “Change direction” (3-3) SEE-SAW {SEE}-{SAW}
29 Retro songs about Long Island (3,5) SRI LANKA {SRI {LANK}A<=}

1   Inspects collapsed stadium after many died (6) AUDITS STADIUm*
2   A French bird (cowardly person), mostly in agreement (9) UNANIMOUS {UN}ANI{MOUSe}
3   Controlled cattle (5) DROVE [DD]
4   Plant’s tip gone off (7) ENDOGEN {END}{GONE}*
6   Guns raised on supporters chucking egg (9) REVOLVERS {OVER<=}{LoVERS}
7   Sign found in Shinto temples (5) TOTEM [T]
8   More determined to trade nothing with a foreigner (8) STRANGER STR(-o+a)ANGER
11 Rolls over in shame (4) SNUB <=
15 Characters from Lockhart, USA, make up a book of Congress (4,5) KAMA SUTRA [T<=]
17 Mostly at sea (2,3,4) IN THE MAIN [DD]
18 Sees doctor and helps (8) OBSERVES {OB}{SERVES}
20 Clean without water (4) NEAT [DD]
21 Scientist from ancient continent, half-destroyed (7) PASTEUR {PAST}{EURope}
22 A crowd surrounds leader of extremists — a spineless creature (6) AMOEBA {A}{MO{Ex...s}B}{A}
24 Compass to begin navigating in storm (5) RANGE {RA{Na...g}GE}
25 Barely managed to sell a precious stone (5) BERYL BaRELY*



  1. Welcome KrisKross

    27 Order drinks for Peter (8)DECRE{AS}E

    1. How do you derive 'as' from 'for'?

    2. What is the role of Peter?

    3. Peter is the definition. As is a synonym for "for"

    4. Thanks, 1ACrossFB. Seems to work! Let me try...
      I could not take the airplane, as I did not have enough money.
      I could not take the airplane, for I did not have enough money.

    5. We also see "as for" being used to mean "with regard to"

    6. Yes, had used "for" to mean "as" similar to the example given by Chaturvasi@9:28. (synonymous with "because")

  2. Lovely debut by Kriskross - Thoroughly enjoyed solving the puzzle.

  3. Well done KrisKross! Look forward to many more

  4. Great debut KrisKross!Loved the puzzle.

  5. Wonderful puzzle from KrisKross. Beautiful pseudonym too

  6. 1Across - I parsed it thus: UNNAMED + S for South to arrive at Amundsen. I feel the blog needs to be corrected accordingly. It now shows UNNAMED + E.

  7. Lovely puzzle ...enjoyed solving it .....

  8. Some very good clues. Nice to see new setters making an impressive debut. May the cruciverbalists tribe increase!

  9. Nice one, Krisskross! Keep them coming. Loved solving it. My COD 28A SEE-SAW.

  10. KrisKross's identity is is from the horse's mouth in 1Across in FB

    1. Very nice Pseudonym. Happy for you Ramki.

  11. Thank you everyone for your feedback. Glad that you liked my first grid! Thanks also to the Col and all the veterans in this group (setters and solvers) for your encouragement through this blog!

  12. Correct me if I am wrong, but I think decrease is peter out than just peter. How is OB=doctor in 18D? I guess it is obstetrics, a branch of medicine? Is South on double duty in 1A?

    1. Hi, thanks for your comments. I'm giving my reasoning below - happy to be corrected!
      1) You are right that the expression is always "peter out" but the OED does define "peter"(verb) as "to decrease gradually".
      2) OB = obstetrician and GYN = gynaecologist are common abbreviations.
      3) No - South translates to S and the definition is Pole's explorer - Amundsen led expeditions to both South and North poles.

    2. Thanks for the clarification. For 1) I checked Chambers before posting here, and it said the definition holds "with out" only. Unable to find any sample usage (including in the OED example). For 3) I would have expected Pole explorer or Polar explorer.