Monday, 6 March 2017

No 11947, Monday 06 Mar 2017, Anon

Rather nice one from Anon.. didnt take too long to fill the grid and most parse
Sess - short form for sensemilla is a new term for me.. apparently Jamaican origin..
Ceratin is a new spelling ...only familiar with the K version ! the device used in this is a bit unusual..
Nice to see a Turing reference.. hope all remember and have seen The Imitiation Game ! The movie also has quite an intriguing music score.. heres a link to enjoy!

1 Advisors cheat ruler with empty treatises (11) CONSULTANTS (CON)(SULTAN)(TreatiseS)
9 Missing source of fuel, head scout lights (7) IGNITES (-L)IGNITE(Scout)
10 Escape from Spanish ambush coming back (6) DEPART (DE)(TRAP)<==
11 In revolt, hide around Lutyens' first city (5) DELHI (Lutyens) in (HIDE)*

12 Confident returning Territorial Army has protein (7) CERATIN CER(TA)<==IN
15 Sparse part of disaster area (4) RARE (T)
16 Impotence of great piper unnatural (5,5) PAPER TIGER  (GREAT PIPER)*

18 Navy impresses with plans (10) BLUEPRINTS (BLUE)(PRINTS)
20 Promote a wager (4) ABET (A)(BET)
23 Tipsy rani sat with Russian queen (7) TSARINA (RANI SAT)*
24 Mysterious oriental in front of lake (5) EERIE (E)(ERIE)
26 Fixed desks end to end (6) STABLE  (+S)TABLE(-S)
27 Joy, envy oddly removed from promotion (7) ELATION EL(-EnVy)ATION
28 Trendy valet destroyed deliberately (11) ADVERTENTLY (TRENDY VALET)*

2 Publicly available suit, dress (6) OUTFIT (OUT)(FIT)
3 Tax, we hear, for weed (4) SESS ~ CESS
4 Houses weird gent models (10) LODGEMENTS (GENT MODELS)*
5 Snake stops on bituminous substances (8) ASPHALTS (ASP)(HALTS)
6 Code breaker circles new junction (7) TURNING N in TURING

7 Bird claws injured crustaceans (4,5) WILD CRABS (BIRD CLAWS)*
8 Fisherman’s point of view is right (6) ANGLER (ANGLE)(R)
13 Defamation of man’s associate, valets initially traumatising (10) MALIGNMENT (M)(ALIGN)(MEN)(Traumatising)
14 People of African country manipulate retainers (9) ERITREANS (RETAINERS)*

17 Functional but confused British parolee (7) OPERABLE (B + PAROLEE)*
19 Not having been satisfied, moved without last wife (7) UNSATED {UNS(-E)ATED}
21 Limousine in German city (6) BERLIN (DD)
22 Remove last feature (6) DETAIL (DE)(TAIL)
25 Labourer’s unreliable? Nope! (4) PEON (NOPE)*

Legend : Definition, Solution, Letters in word play, Indicators (of all sorts)


  1. Nice Cw. Nicer blog. But no takers? Sad.
    Monday blues or cricket match to blame?
    Thank you Anon & Srividya.

  2. Nice easy CW & a super blog
    Thanks Anon & Srividya

  3. Nice grid and clues from Anon. Despite this, why only 4 comments? I solved it late Saturday night and wondered how others would find it. What makes our friends here tick? I hunt for good crossies and destroy them and yet Dil Maange more ! I have exhausted all my clippings and books brought along and am on Guardian Online ones and others . Four more days here in Trumpet land !