Sunday, 12 March 2017

The Sunday Crossword, Sunday 12 Mar 2017

1   Cowardly fiend that managed to grab attention (5-7) FAINT-HEARTED {FIEND+THAT}* over {EAR}
9   Thinker's ultimate triumph is breaking barrier in theory of evolution (9) DARWINISM {DA{t...eR}{WIN}{IS}M}
10 Divide opinion to some extent in film (5) VIDEO [T]
11 Harvester stern about exercises (6) REAPER {REA{PE}R}
12 Old joke about man, saint and fiend (8) CHESTNUT {C}{HE}{ST}{NUT}
14 Shelter church provided for parasite (5) LEECH {LEE}{CH}
16 Outing scoundrel after vote in revolutionary racket (9) EXCURSION {E{X}{CUR}SION<=}
17 Real friend keeping king by law in charge (9) PRACTICAL {P{R}{ACT}{IC}AL}
18 Pair with diamonds for valuation (5) PRICE {PR}{ICE}
20 Just left, following sign showing way in New York (8) NARROWLY {N{ARROW}{L}Y}
21 Channel with singular quality (6) STRAIT {S}{TRAIT}
24 Aims for wealth (5) MEANS [DD]
25 Artistic gardener in fresh air I spot with trowel initially (9) TOPIARIST {AIR+I+SPOT}*{Tr...l}
26 Further volume by expert covering worry about wastefulness (12) EXTRAVAGANCE {EXTRA}{V}{A{NAG<=}CE}

1   Wild about editor connected with central government (7) FEDERAL {F{ED}ERAL}
2   Song from different era dame admired (1,7,1,5) I DREAMED A DREAM*

3   Nervous action involving west and east more than once (5) TWICE {T{W}IC}{E}
4   Current upset is diabolical (4) EVIL <=
5   Ruinous force going over limit (10) RAMSHACKLE {RAM}{SHACKLE}
6   Spy using pad ever so deviously (9) EAVESDROP*
7   Bad diet in story involving a diagnosis (14) IDENTIFICATION {DIET+IN}*{FIC{A}TION}
8   Fabric in small bed with weight (6) COTTON {COT}{TON}
13 Drink in report prepared for coffee maker (10) PERCOLATOR {COLA} in {REPORT}*
15 Deeply affected if riots developed in hard times (3,3,3) HIT FOR SIX {IF+RIOTS}* in {H}{X}
17 Criticise article on mother country (6) PANAMA {PAN}{A}{MA}
19 Allow call (7) ENTITLE [DD]
22 Distinctive tone with sharpness carrying weight (5) TWANG {T{W}ANG}
23 Dodgy dealer bringing big names up (4) SPIV <=


  1. Sorry I am new to crosswords, what does <= symbol stand for?

    1. <= is a reversal indicator. See the explanations under 'Annotations' on the left hand side panel