Thursday, 9 March 2017

No 11950, Thursday 09 Mar 2017, Vulcan

1   Trying hard to feature in a movie (3,5) THE STING {T{H}E STING}
5   Boat prepared to move inside capital city (6) BOGOTA {TO}* in {BOAT}* (Correction - {GO} in {BOAT|* - See comments)
10 First to understand Vulcan's hint — initially spontaneous (9) IMPROMPTU {I'M}{PROMPT}{Un...d}
11 John's said to be free (5) LOOSE (~loo's)
12 Believe town's mostly supporting the communist (6) CREDIT {C{RED}ITy}
13 Family primarily giving millions to take control of party and state (7) KINGDOM {KIN}{Gi...g}{DO}{M}
14 Failing appetite (8) WEAKNESS [DD]
15 Start off facing a particular direction behind a ship (6) ASTERN eASTERN
18 Meat sent back, little disheartened; it's poor (6) FEEBLE {BEEF<=}{Li..lE}
20 Sweet dish finally shifted to second course (8) SYLLABUS SYLLABU(-b+s)S
22 Plant that animal goes about eating or so it's said (7) REPUTED {PUT} in {DEER<=}
25 Just outside, people evacuated publicly (6) OPENLY {O{Pe..lE}NLY}
27 Backpacker from Kochi, Kerala (5) HIKER [T]
28 Metal that's bright, not so round, found in America (9) ALUMINIUM {LUMINoUs} in {AM} How do we  get an I? Anno not clear
29 Settle comfortably in finest leather (6) NESTLE [T]
30 10 supporting new hotel event for charity (8) TELETHON {TE{HOTEL*}N}

1   End in trouble after tackle (4) TAIL {T}{AIL}
2   Old prude basically, extremely arrogant, overwhelmed by compulsion to censor (9) EXPURGATE {EX}{Pr..e}{URG{Ar...nT}E}
3   Walked with Rodney and daughter, got into a trap while returning (7) TRODDEN {T{ROD}{D}EN<=}
4   Points me out for showing favouritism (8) NEPOTISM*
6   Inappropriate logos on China teas (7) OOLONGS*
7   Poet eats nothing with egg and all (5) OVOID {OV{O}ID}
8   Positive statements from servant, damaging, about setter (9) AVERMENTS {AVER{ME}NTS*}
9   Kind of music that's lovely, ultimate in rock (4) FUNK {FUN}{rocK}
14 Finer? What could be it? (5-4) WAFER-THIN* Semi&lit
16 Colour of mesh, one used to cover musical instrument (9) EMBELLISH {MESH+1}* over {BELL}
17 Cyrus, one made to be the centre of attention (8) CYNOSURE*
19 Taller actor's starting to move sideways (7) LATERAL {TALLER+Ac..r}*
21 Turn correct swimmer makes, movement in water (3,4) LEE TIDE {EDIT} {EEL}<=
23 Marine creatures, sharp ones first off (5) PIKES sPIKES
24 Expensive sweet (4) DEAR [DD]
26 Threat coming in from England (4) OMEN [T]



  1. 28A- You have given the anno, Col.
    'Not so' is for deletion of 'So' from luminous. Round probably to indicate reversal of 'so'.

    1. Probably a mistake taking luminious instead of luminous

  2. Yes, additional I is the problem.

    1. The intention probably was to clue (North American) ALUMINUM rather than aluminium!!

  3. But then enu would have become the problem.

  4. While on the suvject of I, her is a joke-
    Student: I is...
    Teacher: You should not say I is. It is always I am.
    Student: Okay, I am the 9th letter of the alphabet.

  5. Replies
    1. +1...though I found it tough going in South-East corner!

    2. Yes, Lee tide (generally called ebb tide) and Telethon.

  6. Old habits (of mine) die hard!

    Colonel Sir, 5Ac anno needs a small correction please!