Saturday, 11 March 2017

No 11952 Saturday 11 Mar 2017, Skulldugger

5   Postman, say, about to be overwhelmed by animal (6) BEARER {BEAR}{RE<=} (Correction - {BEA{RE}R} - See comments)
6   Twins are a sign of this (6) ZODIAC (CD)
9   Take in for a laugh on the radio (6) INGEST {~ IN JEST}
10 In the outskirts of Oklahoma City, officer discovered a place with mandarins (8) ORANGERY {Okl..a}{RANGER}{citY}
11 Used to and at heart (4) WERE {WE}{fREe}
12 How to make Mona from Morena desolate (10) DISHEARTEN (CD&D) (Correction - MOreNA -Definition by example - See comments)
13 Corrupt elite get wild encore in campaign (11) ELECTIONEER {ELITE+ENCORE}*
18 Heartlessly disseminate disorder in Asian lands (4,6) EAST INDIES {DISSEmINATE}*
21 Sample a stuffed dish (4) TRAY {TR{A}Y}
22 Relegate part-time job (8) SIDELINE (D&CD)
23 Person overwhelmed by ogre to cry (6) SHRIEK {SHR{I}EK}
24 Stops and hijacks, by the sound of it (6) CEASES {~SIEZES}
25 Beat punter (6) BETTER (DD)

1   Playboy's implement down below (8) RAKEHELL {RAKE}{HELL}
2   She ate delicately, restrained but excited (6) HEATED (T)
3   Herb to treat a nosy bae (4,4) SOYA BEAN {A NOSY BAY*}
4   Fast bowler, initially dropped, to continue (6) LINGER {sLINGER}
5   Nice, good meshwork cap (6) BONNET {BON}{NET}
7   Covering for conveyance without pearlite edges (6) CARPET {CAR{Pe...tE}T}
8   Sad because of insufficient booze! (3-8) LOW-SPIRITED {D&CD)
14 Imprisoned criminal given capital punishment (8) CONFINED {CON}{FINED}
15 Completely radical, yet inert (8) ENTIRETY {YET+INERT}*
16 Psychotic parent raising first child (6) MANIAC {MA}{CAIN<=}
17 Attendant takes drug, gets a rush (6) CAREER {CARE{E}R}
19 Psychotic parent to mess with one's head (6) TREPAN {PARENT*}
20 She may be a creature of habit! (6) SISTER (CD)

About=Re, You and me=We
First child=Cain, Drug=E

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  1. Anno for 5A should be {BEA{RE}R}

  2. Skulldugger is different and moderately tough today!

  3. 12A: MO(-re)NA..Definition by example..If Morena is disheartened you will get Mona

  4. Nice puzzle!
    13A quite topical
    A Saffron holi!

  5. Does indeed dig into ur skull..

  6. Indeed! Take 19d
    Psychotic parent to mess with one's head (6) TREPAN {PARENT*}

    The surface reading is not pleasing. I am one who has had operation to remove chronic subdural parietal haematoma on both sides of the brain. There are four holes in my head after the surgeon's work. The young neurosurgeon did a good job and I was comfortable with him. He didn't mess [up] with the trepan. BTW, does 'mess' w/o the preposition suggest playing around with?