Tuesday, 14 March 2017

No 11954, Tuesday 14 Mar 2017, Aspartame

9   Politico camps with doctor protesting for administrative body (10,5) DIPLOMATIC CORPS {POLITICO+CAMPS+DR}*
10 Y-young teetotaller’s drink with setter (7) YTTRIUM {Y}{TT}{R{I}UM}
12 Beverages you finally brought home (7) CHATEAU {CHA}{TEA}{yoU}
13 Heartbreaking movie 'Motion' allegedly smuggled (9) EMOTIONAL [T]
14 Spy has one American dish (5) RAITA {RA{1}T}{A}
15 Half the battalion killed by weird fragment (7) ODDMENT {ODD}{regiMENT}
18 Turn clipped gun (7) REVOLVE REVOLVEr
21 Eastern seas waves get calmer (5) EASES {E}{SEAS}*
23 Lively Frenchman about to win one hundred (9) ENERGETIC {RENE<=}{GET}{1}{C}
25 Food discount request to be considered (7) SCALLOP {S{CALL}OP}
26 Practice at home (7) HABITAT {HABIT}{AT}
29 Test without class toppers' score? Not happening! (11,4) EXCLAMATION MARK {EX{C}AM}{A1+NOT}* {MARK} (Correction - {EX{CLass}AMinATION} - See comments)

1   Editor at Germany extremely nervous (4) EDGY {ED}{Ge...nY}
2   Skewer to crackle (4) SPIT [DD]
3   I'm about to enter accommodating homeland (8) DOMICILE {DO{I'M<=}CILE}
4   Ordinary person when put down? (6) LAYMAN {LAY}{MAN} Person on double duty
5   Round folder (8) CIRCULAR [DD]
6   Clear one rotten pastry (6) ECLAIR {CLEAR+1}*
7   Unfettered desire for independence (8) FREEWILL {FREE}{WILL}
8   Oversized copper gets long-overdue kiss (8) OSCULATE {OS}{CU}{LATE}
11 Starts treating underage mother — identifies diaphragm being swollen (5) TUMID Acrostic
15 Movement that can rip pants? (8) O?E?S?E? OVERSTEP [CD] - See comments
16 Sort out mail (8) DESPATCH [DD]
17 Article on Spain's model-actor (8) THESPIAN {THE}{SPAIN}*
19 Thug mostly gave returns with a guarantee (8) VAGABOND {GAVe<=}{A}{BOND}
20 There you go! Empty space finally given away to the Spanish (5) VOILA {VOI(-d+la)LA}
22 Sly criminal took vehicle to find one who frequents woods (6) SYLVAN {SLY*}{VAN}
24 Chieftain to retire if a riot becomes national (6) ETHNIC CHiEfTaIN*
27 What model wife traded to become warmer (4) THAW (-w+t)THA(-t+w)W Definition is iffy
28 Brute king wearing accessory for the audience (4) TYKE {K} in {TYE}(~tie)



  1. Replies
    1. I too thought of that answer but I am afraid it's not very convincing, unless I have missed something.

    2. It may be a stretch if you consider it as a CD..if you put your step too far or if you overstep you may rip your pants!

    3. I agree. A stretch, either way.

  2. I also put it as overstep without parsing it

  3. 29A:Isnt L unaccounted for in the anno?

  4. Class toppers= CL
    Test= Examination
    Not happening=to remove IN from examination

  5. It was semicolon yesterday and exclamation mark today!