Thursday, 23 March 2017

No 11962, Thursday 23 Mar 2017, Gridman

1   Collector's opening bid for small boxes (7) COFFERS {Co...r}{OFFER}{S}
5   Look back in the limits of Changanacherry — it's shiver-inducing (6) CREEPY {PEER<=} in {Ch...rY}
9   One in a section of church is ingenuous (5) NAIVE {NA{1}VE}
10 Reckless person's road speed recalibrated (9) DESPERADO*

11 Stiff boor broken with limited cudgel (7) ROBOTIC {BOOR}*{sTICk}
12 Nervous complaint following disparate sale of band (7) ELASTIC {SALE}*{TIC}
13 Greeting from rebel to the queen (5) CHEER {CHE}{ER}
14 Frequency of chic detectives taking a measure at the church (9) INCIDENCE {IN}{CID}{EN}{CE}
16 Burning desire of extreme party to take on a country (9) PYROMANIA {PartY}{ROMANIA}
19 A large number inside to move laterally (5) SIDLE {SID{L}E}
21 Held the will I cited as unauthorised (7) ILLICIT [T]
23 Backache arising out of you finally taking part in a difficult gambol (7) LUMBAGO {yoU} in {GAMBOL}*
24 Former patient admits editor after dismissing a model — it's appropriate (9) EXPEDIENT {EX}{P(-at+ed)EDIENT}
25 To South Arcot these young people get glossy fabrics (5) TEENS saTEENS
26 Old lover embracing girl is one who does a lot of walking (6) LEGMAN {LE{G}MAN}
27 I seem to be tossed about among Poles in retributive justice (7) NEMESIS {I+SEEM}* in {N}{S}

1   Devices that don't help figures in birth register to go up (14) CONTRACEPTIVES [CD]
2   Rex — one in story — is easily broken (7) FRIABLE {F{R}{1}ABLE}
3   One who discards throws out head bouncer (7) EJECTOR rEJECTOR
4   Son cautioned about not having a pulling power (9) SEDUCTION {S}{CaUTIONED}*
5   Social class we're told to discard (5) CASTE (~cast)
6   Eve's first dream revolves around snatching lover's top stone (7) EMERALD {Eve}{MERA{Lo..r}D*}}
7   Pa on the refitted carriage (7) PHAETON*
8   Buildings set in a city for people to live in (8,6) CONCRETE HOUSES {CONCRETE} {HOUSES}
15 Fraud is almost slack in plan to nab a man (9) CHARLATAN {CHAR{LAx}T}{A}{N} Anno for N pending. Seems to be a mix-up in the clue See comments
17 Backsliding by careless leapers (7) RELAPSE*
18 Two men together produce paving material (7) MACADAM {MAC}{ADAM}
19 Review my post with first medico for a sign of illness (7) SYMPTOM {MY+POST}*{Me...o}
20 Cabinets for old-fashioned underwear? (7) DRAWERS [DD]
22 Bond's market ploy (3-2) TIE-IN [DD]



  1. All is well but not with the FRAUD in 15D. N for man/knight is far-fetched in my view

    1. Quite common appeared in Gridman's last run as

  2. Ecxept for the two long ones the clues were solved cold

  3. Is the change in getup, reason for such poor participation? Back to old style and more participation?

    1. I dont think so..those who love this blog shall come to comment irrespective of the you & I have was nice to see Suresh coming to comment