Friday, 24 March 2017

No 11963, Friday 24 Mar 2017, Gridman

1   Ram's ready for sweet-talk (6,2) BUTTER UP {BUTTER} {UP}
5   Get a bit of commercial tax (6) ACCESS {A}{Co...l}{CESS}
10 Proclaim: U.S. President meets alien (7) TRUMPET {TRUMP}{ET}
11 Garment in general (7) OVERALL [DD]
12 Charge our country almost going to court (6) INDICT {INDIa}{CT}
13 Time for an event (8) OCCASION [DD]
15 Almost whimsical recall by nobleman (4) LORD DROLl<=
16 What an accident on the road may well bring about — how a fight in a movie can be described (5,5) ANGRY SCENE [DD]
18 Ultramodern directions on tooth by the French dentist initiated (10) NEWFANGLED {N}{E}{W}{FANG}{LE}{De...t}
20 Questions Tamil leader abandoning jobs to be done (4) ASKS tASKS
23 Someone who cares for earth organises force to take on each kind, to begin with (8) ECOFREAK {FORCE}*{EA}{Kind}
24 Dust settles on India's top old workroom (6) STUDIO {DUST}*{In..a}{O}
26 With a bit of rice, Olivia cooked an Italian dish (7) RAVIOLI {Rice}{OLIVIA}*
27 Left, as a large number came in with feelings roused (7) EXCITED {EX{C}ITED}
28 Thin light falling over sport official (6) RAREFY {RA{REF}Y}
29 Give confidence to old menbe barmy (8) EMBOLDEN*

1   How one may get a thing done even if it means bumbling through (2,5,3,5) BY TRIAL AND ERROR [CD]
2   Cry loudly — sometimes it's stolen from others (7) THUNDER [C&DD]
3   Look for the answer! (6) EXPECT [DD]
4   Solving this clue is __ __ you! (2,2) UP TO [FITB]
6   Crack Chennai's top investor retreating with heads of school education (8) CREVASSE {Ch...i}{SAVER<=}{Sc..l}{Ed...n}
7   Woman holding up entry form is dodgy (7) EVASIVE {EV{VISA<=}E}
8   You may be silver-tongued but not speaking might help better (7,2,6) SILENCE IS GOLDEN [CD]
9   Strenuous musical performance by boy (9) CONCERTED {CONCERT}{ED}
14 Puzzling to have giant mice running about (9) ENIGMATIC*
17 What old women liked to do in the past decades with daughters and sons in the mating game (5,3) MARRY OFF [CD]
19 Any woman, though, opts herself out (7) WHOEVER {W}{HOwEVER}
21 Under the influence of drugs, son and sweetheart went out together (7) SEDATED {S}{swEet}{DATED}
22 Strips put up on company's decorative material (6) STUCCO {CUTS<=}{CO}
25 Wave made by each man (4) PERM {PER}{M}



  1. Nice to see Me's cartoon though the bubble remains unfilled!

    1. I see the silver lining in the cartoon!

  2. I am glad that in the Col's anno for 19d, my intention has come out clearly.

  3. As usual, Gridman amuses us wit beautiful clues.

  4. I like this background - it is pleasant and the clues are easy to read

  5. Finished by 8.35AM Since I am not competent to analyse or parse the clues, all I want to say is Thank you

  6. Enjoyable, thank you Gridman.
    I was able to fill in many clues and then look for the anno.
    Welcome Me! after a long gap- I could see that the opportunity for a simple befitting cartoon forced his hand.

  7. Back in CBE by that lousy Kurla Express carrying with me a heavy asthmatic bronchitis,due to heavy polluted air in Bombay and Ahmedabad.feeling sick as mud ! Swear never to travel by that. Catching up with pending on line after the broadband is restored. Under heavy antibiotic jabs and pills but definitely getting on the mend. Disoriented sleep deprived mood. Enjoyed the two Gridman immensely as they are very easy and simple/ Thanks CV. Liked the CONTRACEPTIVE clue for demographic control. Hope now to be very regular here.

    1. Happy that you are back home.
      Now, it will be my turn to commence my US trip. Will continue to show up as frequently as possible from 27th March till 20th September!

    2. Bon Voyage!Enjoy your trip!

    3. KRK: Have a great trip. Where are you to be stationed? Eastern coast is still in tht throes of cold weather. Have a great and easy sojourn. Stay safe and be blessed.

    4. Thanks Vasant and Raju.
      I will be in Dallas where the weather is beautiful and enjoyable.

  8. Many years ago I would have come across such a puzzle as this which had me hooked to cryptic crosswords forever. Maybe it was set by Gridman or Sankalak. This puzzle will too encourage many to take up solving cryptic puzzles.

  9. A very sophisticated crossie as is expected of Neyartha. Zeitgeist and worshipping etc well coined. Enjoyed every bit.

    1. r still jet lagged!This is a Gridman puzzle!