Saturday, 25 March 2017

No 11964, Saturday 25 Mar 2017, Neyartha


1 Quarrel over transport for attending religious services (11)  WORSHIPPING {WOR<=}{SHIPPING}
9 Article on a military alliance trapping a model with an orange-red dye (7) ANNATTO {AN}{NAT{T}O}
10 Hippie's target for piercing is part of a 3 Dn. (6) TONGUE (DD)

11 String follower revealing false expectations? (5) ALONG (CD) From the phrase string along
12 Bill counter packs disassembled rake for a raid (5-2) BREAK-IN {B{RAKE*}-IN<=}
15 Restore, say, part of a 3 Dn. (4) HEEL {~HEAL}
16 Rat in hotel chewed part of a 3 Dn. (6,4) THROAT LINE {RAT IN HOTEL}*
18 Leaping insect in a funnelshaped container at the end of a thoroughfare lacking shoulders (10) TREEHOPPER {sTREEt}{HOPPER}

20 Flog the opening bat, dismissed by a wide, with part of a 3 Dn. (4) WELT {(-b+W)ELT}
23 Division of one-fourth of a gallon by a queen (7) QUARTER {QUART}{ER}
24 A selection of free verses for town officer (5) REEVE (T)
26 Tesla and Oscar walk back for part of a 3 Dn. (6) TOECAP {T}{O}{ECAP<=}
27 Drug addicts repairing submarines made half of the miners quit (7) ABUSERS {SUBMARINES-MIN}*
28 Biblical theatre production in a sty? Reply may be ordered (7,4) MYSTERY PLAY {STY REPLAY MAY}*


2 Loss of power resulting from shock after abandoning resistance (6) OUTAGE {OUTrAGE}
3 Piece of footwear found by son climbing up the pipe (4) SHOE {(+S)HO(-s)E}
4 Meddler at home burnt petrol with hesitation (10) INTERLOPER {IN}{PETROL*}{ER}
5 Daughter gets rid of the new flags for some necklaces (8) PENDANTS {PEN(-n+D)ANTS}
6 Molluscs on nuclear submarines (7)  NAUTILI (DD)
7 Could a golden one be an apt parting gift? (9) PARACHUTE (CD) This is what execs hope to get when the board rediscovers Peter's prinicple
8 Letters from Britain solemnising part of a 3 Dn. (6) INSOLE (T)
13 See perk tossed after gathering climber cultivated as a brewing aid for a tradesman (10) SHOPKEEPER {SEE PERK}* around {HOP}
14 Improper size? Get it to show the prevailing mood (9) ZEITGEIST {SIZE GET IT}*
17 Taking that path might not yield success (8) SHORTCUT (CD)
19 Evasive note on king getting entertained by the return of the Christmas season (7) ELUSORY {ELU{SO}{R}Y<=}
21 Part of a 3 Dn. found in a small island, reportedly (6) EYELET {~ISLET}
22 Volunteers confiscating uranium smuggled by Ram get hurt (6) TRAUMA {T{RA{U}M}A}
25 Part of a 3 Dn. getting rid of the anger of one who's out for blood? (4) VAMP {VAMPire}

Article=An, Military alliance=NATO, Model=T, Wide=W, Queen=ER, Tesla=T, Oscar=O
Resistance=R, Son=S, At home=In. Hesitation=Er, Daughter=D, New=N, Note=So, King=R(Rex), Volunteers=TA, Uranium=U

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  1. Thanks Neyartha and Ramesh,
    Never thought it will be "another pair of shoes"!

  2. Never can we afford to think in future that it's just "another pair of shoes".
    Thanks for the class on shoe making and thanks,of course, to Ramesh for his lovely blogging.

  3. 23AC is also part of the tutorial!

  4. Second KKR & Paddy..didnt realise a shoe had so many parts.Neyartha in his elements, throwing us a challenge in his typical style.
    Read the new avtaar blog on lap-top for the 1st time. Wish the mobile page is retained as before.

    1. Okay Mobile page is back to simple version. Please check

    2. Looks better..infact looks great in cell phone!

    3. Time of comment, reply, etc in orange looks great

  5. I opened the page and thought for a moment that I was in the wrong place. Good to have a change.

    Neyartha reminding me of the old woman in th Hanging gardens of Malabar Hill

  6. If you can change the background colour it would give a better contrast and make the page more readable.

    1. Okay, I've gone back to white background

    2. Thank you Col. Makes it much easier on the eyes.

  7. I like this colour scheme!

  8. I put 7D as Handshake (golden) ,which fits the definition and got lost in that corner.I was not aware of golden parachute.

    1. Same here. Struggled with handshake for a long time until I could get some crossings.

    2. Didnt fill in handshake the obvious was the LOI..after all the crossings

  9. Replies
    1. Good to see the monkey back!

    2. Let the black yellow licks of fire remain as the underlay gives some relief from the large area of white. In my opinion, the present design is OK but why cannot a faint yellow background be given to the text as that may reduce the glare from the large area of white?