Monday, 27 March 2017

No 11965, Monday 27 Mar 2017, Buzzer

9   Starlet, essentially new, appearing in moving cameo in a love story (7) ROMANCE {s..R..t}{OMA{N}CE*}
10 Lambast/bristle at herbal drinks (7) LEATHER [T]
11 Toast left out to cook quickly (5) SAUTE SAlUTE
12 Pine and beech pronounced in this Californian city (4,5) LONG BEACH {LONG} {BEACH}(~beech)
13 Operating at full tilt being well informed (2,2,5) UP TO SPEED {UP TO} {SPEED}
14 Switching hands, delicate skill (5) FLAIR F(-r+l)LAI(-l+r)R
15 Comment on show not quite open (7) EXPOUND {EXPO}{UNDo}
17 Part of pulpit's coming loose (5,2) SPLIT UP*
19 Useful tips for holiday (5) HANDY HandY from {Ho...aY}
20 Aim in turn to curb speaker delays (9) MORATORIA {ORATOR} in {AIM<=}
22 Frenetically run through new fanzine that’s ultimately sappy (2,1,6) IN A FRENZY {R} in {FANZINE}*{s..pY}
24 Cold? The opposite (5) POLAR [DD]
25 Backing budget that is outwardly very vague (7) EVASIVE {SAVE<=}{I{V}E}
26 Erstwhile art to produce marionette (3-4) ONE-TIME MarIONEtTE* [RA] [CA] See comments

1   Positive resolution certainly a constraint (8) PRESSURE {P}{RES}{SURE}
2   Money is second in a relationship (6) AMOUNT {A{MO}UNT}
3   Relief day amidst exacting nurse duty (10) UNDERSTUDY {D} in {NURSE+DUTY}*
4   Knowledgeable people in general will be afraid of starting off (4-4) WELL-READ {WELL}-{dREAD}
5   Made a copy of compact disc containing single (6) CLONED {C{LONE}D}
6   Preserve book-post (4) JAMB {JAM}{B}
7   Bird running past a hen (8) PHEASANT*
8   A right time to overthrow old British monarch (6) ARTHUR {A}{R}{THUR} What's the role of 'overthrow'? (Addendum - {A}{RT}{HoUR} - See comments)
14 Writer's thought to topple and stall (4-3,3) FELT-TIP PEN {FELT}-{TIP} {PEN}
16 Price involving Canada made police cruiser (5,3) PANDA CAR {CANADA}* in {PR}
17 False God Satyr, an animal out of control (5,3) STRAY DOG*
18 Training to go along by noon in shade (3-5) PEA-GREEN {PE}{A-GREE}{N}
19 Man providing meat to very young farm animal (6) HEIFER {HE}{IF}{vERy}
20 Currency including Knut primarily for Potter? (6) MONKEY {MON{Knut}EY}
21 Quarrel lieutenant had with relative down under (6) RELLIE [T]
23 Freudian slips periodically bringing harm (4) RUIN fReUdIaN



  1. 26A is composite anagram, isn't it

    1. Right:
      (Art+One Time)=Marionette

    2. My mistake in typing the Anno

  2. The Monday blogger is conspicuous by her absence..hope all is well

  3. Impeccable Buzzer standard!
    Only regret is that it is down to one. Want more of it.

    1. +1..also noticed that Neyartha is down to one from his usual quota of 2(since 2008?)

    2. That's why we have two new setters in Dr X and KrisKross

  4. Impeccable and innovative Buzzer special, quite HandY!

  5. Why do I have a sense of deja vu when I did this today? Especially, FELT TIP PEN< PHEASANT and SAUTE . Has Buzzer featured these earlier?

  6. Lovely crossword! Learnt a new letter-extraction wordplay in 19D :) 19A was my COD.