Wednesday, 29 March 2017

No 11967, Wednesday 29 Mar 2017, Arden

1   Rachel gets bed rest, becomes well built (6-7) BARREL-CHESTED {RACHEL+BED+REST}*
10 Something to pick as subject (5) TOPIC [T]
11 Agents take over brand associates (9) CONSORTIA {CIA} over {ON}{SORT}
12 Exploit and keep quiet — it's cruelty (9) HARSHNESS {HAR{SH}NESS}
13 Dish for the little pet outside home (3-2) PIN-UP {P{IN}-UP}
14 Rush all over the place, shop till you drop (7) SPLURGE {S{PL}URGE}
16 Most extensive master plan — ran out in disguise (7) AMPLEST {MASTEr+PLan}*
18 People in the Mediterranean see red after some whiskey (7) MALTESE {MALT}{SEE*}
20 Unusual things about ear piercing setter... (7) EXOTICA {EX{OTIC}A}
22 ...drink I rejected, it's symbolic (5) TOTEM {TOT}{ME<=}
24 Dravid's outstanding, is on a roll (9) WALLOWING {WALL}{OWING}
26 Temporary mask thief used (9) MAKESHIFT*
27 Stops half way to place it underground (5) INTER INTERcedes (Correction - INTERcepts - See comments)
28 Bid to treat itchiness with exercise (13) CALLISTHENICS {CALL}{ITCHINESS}*

2   Reported addressa quiet locality in Mumbai (7) APPAREL {A}{P}{PAREL} (~ a dress)
3   People on shore placed a bet on it (9) RACEHORSE {RACE}{SHORE}*
4   Caught in temptation — could be filthy (5) LUCRE {LU{C}RE}
5   Greeting the crew with the catch... (9) HANDSHAKE {HANDS}{HAKE}
6   ...boat collects, capsizes (5) SLOOP <=
7   Understanding why often ten teams get in... (7) ENTENTE [T]
8   ...the teammates and I play simultaneously (2,3,4,4) AT THE SAME TIME {THE+TEAMMATES+I}*
9   Beat eggs, add last of the flour, spread over fish — It's novel (13) CARPETBAGGERS {CARP}and {BEAT+EGGS}* over {f..uR}
15 Maybe less I weed, more it blooms (9) EDELWEISS*
17 Rise to support the proposal (9) PROMOTION {PRO}{MOTION}
19 Arranging a talk — one on one in Syria (7) LATAKIA {A+TALK}*{1}{A}
21 Second time diction corrected, no point acting foolish (7) IDIOTIC {tIme}{DICTIOn}*
23 Only slum bombed in Iraq (5) MOSUL {O+SLUM}*
25 50% reduction at the top, still secure (5) LATCH {L}ATCH Anno pending (Addendum {C/2=L}{LATCH} - See comments)



  1. 25 50% reduction at the top, still secure (5) LATCH {L}ATCH Anno pending

    C/2 = L

    1. Cannot still get the anno..L=C/2..but atch from?

    2. No atch. Catch or Latch mean secure

  2. I had 27a as half of intercepts

  3. Happy Ugadi to all.
    Even after Bhavan's cracking, it took me a while to understand C/2=L. Innovative- both the clue & the solve.

  4. Replies
    1. I am dense today..not getting

    2. It means that by changing C with L it's still secure = Catch = Latch

    3. "Secure even with 50% reduction at the top" might have been more clear?

  5. Unable to post from mobile page..had to come to the web page..cant understand the reason

  6. Hevilambi nama samvatsara Ugadi subhakankshalu

  7. How to say 'Thank you' in Telugu?

    1. Ressembles Dhanyawad of Hindi (of course with the tail attached)
      Dhanyavaadulu Suresh & MB.
      Spl. Ugadi to both of you.

    2. In Telugu, every person or thing has a loo attached at the rear, well before the campaign for toilet construction began

    3. In Kannada, it is 'Dhanyavaadhagalu'.'
      After all, many words in our vernaculars are from Sanskrit. Those who say 'Thamizhandaa...' may not use this word, owing to propaganda from a certain section of people.

    4. Of course, Dhanyavaadaalu would just mean 'thanks' It is not 'thank you' for which the querist sought an answer.
      Am I right, MB?

    5. Kishore!
      Do you have to bring in Swacha Bharat into this?

  8. There are a few words whose opposites are more easily recognisable- Entente is comparatively less known than Detente. Does it say anything about the world order today?

  9. 9D reminded me of my school days when I used to avidly read Harold Robbins novels..A stone for Danny Fisher, Dream Merchants, 79 Park Avenue...I used to get them from circulating library for Re 1 and during holidays it was one novel per day..

  10. 1 book a day! That must have been some fast reading.
    A stone for Danny Fisher was one of his best. Carpetbaggers was probably more popular.

  11. CV,
    About modifie Tamil words Vs. Pure Tamil words- a funny real life incident:
    On TV news they were saying something about 'Perundu Nilayam'. A boy who was with us, well veresd in Tamil but not much of English, asked us what was that? We explained that it means Bust stand. Pat came his reply-" Thamizhla sonna puriyum!"!

  12. Vasant: Was it Abbas Book Stall in the Kings Circle ? I used to do the same/ This shop still operates while my reading habits have literally fallen by the sidewalk I remember a casual reader dropping in and asking for a a HARDLY Chase.. In Coimbatore, we have mobile libraries and yet there are no takers.

    1. It was Reader's Paradise in is still there but it isnt a circulating library anymore