Friday, 31 March 2017

No 11969, Friday 31 Mar 2017, Arden

1   It's conical shape, in brief (7) LACONIC*
5   Yahoo may commit fratricide (7) BUMPKIN {BUMP}{KIN}
9   Leave us, take a left hand batsman... (5) GOWER {GO}{WE}{R} R from?  - See comments
10 ...she writes to God, uses a ground cover (9) AUTHORESS {USES+A}* over {THOR}
11 Flower perhaps an old lotus on land... (9) CARNATION {CAR}{NATION} Lotus Cars are still there
12 ...old painting's back too (5) EXTRA {EX}{ART<=}
13 Slug or fight, Bravo's not tense (4) BIFF {B}{tIFF} As per wording of clue this becomes IFFB
15 Feeling lazy at home, work's advanced (8) INDOLENT {IN}{DO}{LENT}
18 'Greek Curse' — nice composition (8) HELLENIC {HELL}{NICE}*
19 A new way to decline (4) WANE*
22 Harry gets female in sack (5) RIFLE {RI{F}LE}
24 Disabled pigs grunt miserably (9) HAMSTRUNG {HAMS}{GRUNT}*
26 Girl's drunk, taking vehicle for a romp (9) GALLIVANT {GAL}{LI{VAN}T}
27 Woody Keaton, has no time off (5) OAKEN KEAtON*
28 Centrepiece kept exposed, turns green (7) EPERGNE {kEPt}{GREEN}*
29 Call the stupid fellow in, he is all thumbs (7) DIGITAL {DIG IT}{AL}

1   On fast depleting power, what is left? (6) LEGACY {LEG}{pACY}
2   Lower card that is played, indicates weakness (9) COWARDICE {COW}{CARD+IE}*
3   'Reject Rumba' — odd name for an opera (5) NORMA {NO}{RuMbA}
4   Subject of scam — one goes into dubious power sharing mode (9) COALITION {COAL}{IT{1}ON*}
5   Stick to orders, keep scoring runs (5) BATON {BAT}{ON}
6   Prediction on computing power — maybe same or low (6,3) MOORE'S LAW*
7   Bent down, and boom! — left for Thailand (5) KNELT KNEL(-l+t)T
8   Place to be in when assaulted (6) NASSAU [T]
14 Force changing, showing indecision (9) FALTERING {F}{ALTERING}
16 Destroyed old houses — rodents on the rise (9) DECIMATED {D{MICE<=}ATED}
17 One carrying food in bag to an island resort (9) NANTUCKET {N{AN}{TUCK}ET}
20 Accent is on the shoe (6) BROGUE [DD]
21 Angola perhaps on death throes (6) AGONAL* New word for me
23 Drops said to be spurious (5) FALSE (~falls)
24 By the way, the fellow's shy (5) HEAVE {HE}{AVE}
25 Strip it, have a change of heart (5) THONG TH(-i+o)ONG



  1. Replies
    1. The above is for:

      9 Leave us, take a left hand batsman... (5) GOWER {GO}{WE}R R from?

  2. Col. on Lotus-
    Yes, Lotus cras are still here, but they are old, no doubt.
    Epergne is a new word to me, but wordplay is clear.

  3. Found it tough especially the upper portion..for the life of me couldnt anno Nantucket..but felt elated after completing the puzzle..thanks Arden & Col.

  4. Woody Keaton, has no time off. Why 'no time off'? It sounded misleading. I feel 'no time' or 'time off' would have sufficed.

    1. OFF is anagram indicator I think.

    2. You are right MB.'No time' is for removal of T and off is Anind after removal. Initially, I was also confused a bit, but woody led to oaken.

    3. Thank you, Mr. Balasubramanyam and Mr. Padmanabhan.

  5. Another one from Arden that I enjoyed. Bumpkin ---- the word play is excellent. Agonal is again something new.

  6. Arden is my favourite and I enjoy the difficulty level. It was a bumpy ride today!