Sunday, 26 March 2017

The Sunday Crossword, Sunday 26 Mar 2017

1   Meek letter after replacement (10) SUBMISSIVE {SUB}{MISSIVE}
6   Large number in service (4) MASS [DD]
9   King grows old and is uncontrollable (5) RAGES {R}{AGES}
10 Track back during ceasefire behind small building (9) STRUCTURE {S}{TRUC{RUT<=}E}
12 Twisted screw finally fixed, securing line (8) WRIGGLED {s..eW}{RIGG{L}ED}
13 Part of gun found in river in wood (6) BREECH {B{R}EECH}
15 Proper variety of coral, you recall, initially red? (7,6) PRIMARY COLOUR {PRIM}{CORAL+YOU+Re...l}*
18 Novelist in state following gripping yarn (8,5) VIRGINIA WOOLF {VIRGINIA} {WOOL}{F}
20 Duplicate agent put away (6) REPEAT {REP}{EAT}
22 Filter signal's first followed by coach (8) STRAINER {Si...l}{TRAINER}
24 Clean a lot, getting frantic suddenly (3,2,4) ALL AT ONCE*
25 Identification with Greek character, not a fool (5) IDIOT {ID}{IOTa}
26 Restrained trend in hearing (4) TIED (~tide)
27 Couriers bringing pickle and mixed greens (10) MESSENGERS {MESS}{GREENS*}

1   Calculating weight in fragment (6) SHREWD {SHRE{W}D}
2   Front of barrier one gripped, prepared for fairground ride (3,6) BIG DIPPER {Ba...r}{1}{GRIPPED}*
3   Corrupt financing is it not important? (13) INSIGNIFICANT*
4   Methodical, say, working around check on habitual action (10) SYSTEMATIC {SY{STEM}A*}{TIC}
5   Change your answer, against getting up (4) VARY {YR}{A}{V}<=
7   A source of inspiration and delight (5) AMUSE {A}{MUSE}
8   Guide quietly separating woman and man on road (8) SHEPHERD {SHE}{P}{HE}{RD}
11 Evidence in speech after expression of surprise over cheat (13) CORROBORATION {COR}{ROB}{ORATION}
14 European news is yet to be translated for viewer (10) EYEWITNESS {E}{NEWS+IS+YET}*
16 Attack rotten thinking lacking power (9) OFFENSIVE {OFF}{pENSIVE}
17 Finished project, dull (8) OVERCAST {OVER}{CAST}
19 Overturned instrument good for nothing (6) GRATIS {SITAR}{G}<=
21 Beat seed (5) PULSE [DD]
23 Joint outlook needed to some extent (4) KNEE [T]



  1. Special at 10:30 by Dr Satyen

  2. Changed the background once again?
    Blog looks nice Col.
    Interesting to read about the parts of a gun.
    Looking forward to Dr.'s prescription.

  3. Thank you, Deepak. Now, with the light yellow background as in the past, the blog looks good in my opinion. Trust other visitors too feel comfortable.