Monday 1 August 2011

No 10221, Monday 01 Aug 11, M Manna

1   - Bird dogs get drunk (9) - COCKTAILS {COCK}{TAILS} 'Drink' would have been better.
6   - Turner's state of agitation curtailed (5) - LATHE LATHEr
9   - Water course ducked, say (5) - CANAL Anno pending (Addendum - (~duct) - See comments)
10 - Basic reason to limit alcohol consumption (9) - RATIONALE {RATION}{ALE}
11 - Those coming to ball two hours before midnight (10) - ATTENDANCE {AT}{TEN}DANCE}
12 - As one's written repeatedly, she was revered (4) - ISIS {1'S][1'S}
14 - Rounded stones used to mend pavement hastily! (7) - COBBLES [DD]
15 - Got run into to avoid a killer (7) - SHOTGUN {SH{OTG*}UN}
17 - This set has belief in the Almighty (7) - THEISTS* &lit
19 - Run about in same way to build a family name (7) - SURNAME {S{URN*}AME}
20 - There's a great deal to be auctioned (4) - LOTS [DD]
22 - Thought and time goes into resolving disputes (10) - MEDITATION {MEDI{T}ATION}
25 - Someone Len put up for the staff (9) - PERSONNEL {PERSON}{NEL<-}
26 - Become a participator (5) - EXTRA [CD] (Addendum - ENTER [CD] - See comments)
27 - Well known, having been recorded (5) - NOTED [DD]
28 - Delay payment for ordering a mixed mulberry juice at Rio (9) - MORITORUS ?{MO{RI{T}O}RUS}Anno not clear. Couldn't find the word also. (Addendum- MORATORIA {MORAT}{ORIA*} -See comments)
1   - Merger of firms taking a drink (5) - COCOA {CO}{CO}{A}
2   - An artist in copper (9) - CONSTABLE [DD]
3   - Lacking special aptitude Territorial Army made smaller advance (10) - TALENTLESS [TA}{LENT}{LESS}
4   - Ordains a way for encroachment into enemy territory (7) - INROADS*
5   - Henry sticks around for attention catching devices (7) - SHTICKS {S{H}TICKS}
6   - Spoil too many returns (4) - LOOT {L}{OOT} <-
7   - Draws apart with violence, causing pain (5) - TEARS [CD]
8   - Show Her Majesty's occupied it from that day on (4,5) - EVER SINCE {EV{ER' S}INCE}
13 - Competition men turn to — a new sort (10) - TOURNAMENT*
14 - Bovine writer's restraint? (6,3) - CATTLE PEN {CATTLE} {PEN}
16 - Roman fighter was pleased he had taken in the girl so it is said! (9) - GLADIATOR {GLAD}{IATOR} (~ i ate her)
18 - Serious hesitation to operate on breastbone (7) - STERNUM {STERN}{UM}
19 - Calm with hesitation, this item prevents splashing over (7) - STILLER {STILL}{ER}
21 - Thank for the nonsense talk on fortune telling cards (5) - TAROT {TA}{ROT}
23 - Ran to quarter crazily, so closes distance (5) - NEARS* (ran+se) (Addendum - Needs correction to N?R?A)
24 - Found in the river that was dragged, you say (4) - TOAD (~towed)


  1. Lots of problems finishing today.
    28A may be MORATORIA.
    Then what happens to 23D
    26A I thought should be ENTER. 23d is still the problem
    Maybe someone has answers

  2. 28a MORAT (ORIA*).Morat is something made from mulberries and honey

  3. 28 - Delay payment for ordering a mixed mulberry juice at Rio (9) - MORITORUS ?{MO{RI{T}O}RUS}Anno not clear. Couldn't find the word also.


  4. 9 - Water course ducked, say (5) - CANAL Anno pending

    1. water course
    2. ducked say = (~duct)

  5. I also did exactly what Suresh has described.

    14a reminded me of
    'In restless dreams I walked alone,
    narrow streets of cobble stone,..'

  6. Got eveuthing except 23D. Am stumped. Had "nears" but needed to change it for moratoria

  7. I personally think 'nears' is okay by itself as is 'moratoria', I went in for 'enter'. Looks like the crossings are messed up on Man-ic Monday.

  8. I think so too, as I had enter, nears and moratoria.
    Apart from the mix up at that corner, I liked today's xword.
    Wasn't sure if the hastily in 14A was indicating cobbles in the sense of puts something together quickly as in "he never does his homework, he just cobbles it together before class"

  9. I have not even come across the word STILLER in the sense it is intended in 19D. Maybe somebody can enlighten me.

  10. 'In restless dreams I walked alone,
    narrow streets of cobble stone,..'

    Kishore, You do not walk alone as you can see from the above.

  11. Stiller (n) : A wooden disk laid on the liquid in a full pail to prevent splashing

  12. Congrats Suresh, on your maiden Aha. I am done for August.

  13. Thanks Kishore. I had forgotten about it.

  14. 17A, clue reads nice but there's no anagram indicator. So is it an &lit clue?

  15. Gridman: On Saturday's puzzle: You could have conjoined 16 Across and 18 Across by ---- one after the other; What would one annotate such conjoined clues? However, you'd have then ruffled some rough feathers in the Publishers' Family?

    Sunday's puzzle was quite an exciting one THROUGHOUT.It created a HEARTBREAK in my house with my wife who found me so engrossed that I had forgotten to ask her whether she has had her breakfast.! I told her, such clues come but ONCE IN A BLUEMOON, and I needed to TRIUMPH over the compiler.She was about to throw some CHINAWARE at me and BROADCAST to the whole world about her anger against the challenge to her TITLE ROLE as the boss of the house, which was threatened by my crosswords.IT TAKES ALL SORTS. I was ALL IN by then.

    Clues aside: HERB CHRISTOPHER was a new one in my learning curve.

    DAVID:We are all used to rapid reading and reading in between words and lines. So don't curse your fat fingers.

    I fully agree and empathize with any compiler who is for ever searching for new ways and means to befuddle our minds, including NJ-- Again,IT TAKES ALL SORTS to become a compiler to regale us.

  16. I guess we have to wait till tomorrow to see if there are any sensible answers to today's CW. Manna is not around to through some light on these.

  17. 1a Bird dogs get drunk (9) COCKTAILS

    This is all right if we read "get drunk" as the definition. It's OK to have a verb phrase define its related noun.

    I like that clue, also 11a, 22a, 8d and 3d.

  18. This is all right if we read "get drunk" as the definition. It's OK to have a verb phrase define its related noun.

    Shouldn't it be gets drunk then for cocktails although that would make the sentence even more weird.

  19. Vijaylakshmi was not able to post so she has sent some comments to me for posting.

    19 D- The clue should have been "Runner William returned the pan" The solution SKILLET 26 A- The clue should have been "An addition to old (form of?) art" The solution EXTRA 28-A If the clue had been "Footlong skeleton for emu starts a stir" , the solution would have been METATARSUS ; but only METATARUS fits. G.Vijayalakshmi Prithviraj

  20. Anything is possible with Manna. We have had inter-changed clue numbers, mis-prints and worse. Now it could be a jumble of clues from different crosswords itself.

  21. I think "get drunk" is fine. It implies "they" which fits the plural "cocktails"

  22. This is all right if we read "get drunk" as the definition. It's OK to have a verb phrase define its related noun.

    Shouldn't it be gets drunk then for cocktails although that would make the sentence even more weird.

    I guess Shuchi refers to the solution reading "Cocktails get (-us) drunk", which reads poorly without the 'us'.

  23. Oops... David is on the mark... I was thinking of drunk as in 'inebriate'. Withdrawing the previous comment...

  24. Get drunk by itself does not lead to cocktails. Where does it say that at cocktails one has to get drunk.
    A cocktail itself is defined as 'Any of various mixed alcoholic drinks consisting usually of brandy, whiskey, vodka, or gin combined with fruit juices or other liquors and often served chilled' and cocktails would mean the varieties in cocktails.
    A party where Cocktails are served is known as a cocktail party though colloquially people do say 'You are invited for cocktails at my house'
    I do not therefore agree that 'get drunk' would mean cocktail.

  25. I still don't know how "get drunk" equals "Cocktails." Need help from people who get it.

  26. The accepted norm is - a verb phrase can define a noun, if the noun can stand as the subject of the verb phrase.

    We need to read "get drunk" as "get consumed".

    Cocktails get drunk/consumed, so the answer can stand as the subject of the definition "get drunk". It's a little unusual but it works for me.

  27. If we replace get drunk with get consumed that becomes worse!
    Would 'Bird dogs get consumed' still lead to 'cocktails'? I am not convinced irrespective of the grammar aspect.

  28. Leaving cocktails aside and while researching for Morus/Morat, I came across 'Mead'. I never knew that Alcoholic drinks could be made from a mixture of Honey and water.

    Mead ( /ˈmiːd/, meed; archaic and dialectal "medd"; from Old English "meodu"), also called honey wine, is an alcoholic beverage that is produced by fermenting a solution of honey and water.It may also be produced by fermenting a solution of water and honey with grain mash; the mash is strained off immediately after fermentation. Depending on local traditions and specific recipes, it may be flavored with spices, fruit, or hops (which produce a bitter, beer-like flavor). The alcoholic content of mead may range from about 8% ABV to 18%. It may be still, carbonated, or sparkling, and it may be dry, semi-sweet, or sweet.

  29. Oh, I think I get it now. I was reading "drunk" as "wasted." I've never heard the word used in any other sense and hence couldn't make the connection.

  30. I do not understand the way Suchi has explained it. But here is the same thing put differently.

    what get drunk? = Cocktails= Bird dogs

    So the def is not just get drunk, but (what) get drunk.
    Read the entire clue and we get cocktails unambiguously.
    I do not know how to categorise the clue. But is good enough for me.

  31. Meaning Bird dogs get drunk or the same as cocktails get drunk

  32. It is similar to defining 'Delhi' by 'in India'. These work by connecting the answer to the definition.

    1) Delhi is in India.

    2) Cocktails get drunk.

  33. Sudalamani,

    In that case we can also say 'Cocktails get sipped' or 'Cocktails get gulped' would that be ok?

  34. Should be fine, Col. Just as you can define Madurai as 'in India' or 'in TN'. But your examples may not suit the surface, though.

  35. I've had enough of virtual Cocktails, I'm going to fix some real 'Bird dogs' for myself now! I think I'll fix myself a 'Screwdriver' and say 'Cheers, I've fixed myself a Bird dog'

  36. Sounds like a plan! And should one have too many one may need a hair of the "bird dog" in the morning.