Tuesday, 30 August 2011

No 10246, Tuesday 30 Aug 11, Nita Jaggi

8   - Good word will tone one commander disorganised (14) - RECOMMENDATION (tone+i+commander)*
9   - Note our man following the Supreme Court method (6) - SCHEME {SC}{HE}{ME}
10 - Weight problem (8) - NUISANCE [CD?] Why weight?
11 - Out of date order covers the well lease (8) - OBSOLETE  {OB{SO}{LET}E}
13 - Shrug off the leaders in Ghana not observing rules easily (6) - IGNORE {I}{G}{N}{O}{R}{E}
14 - New currency (6) - TENDER [DD]
16 - Content user biased in this country (6) - SERBIA [T]
19 - A senior fails to get a desirable product which is safe to eat (6) - EDIBLE DEsIraBLE*
21 - Note an unopened fence around the coal site (8) - EMINENCE {fE{MINE}NCE}
23 - Telephone man has a door sign to manifest his calling (4,4) - BELL PUSH {BELL} {PUSH} (Addendum BELL PULL {BELL} {PULL} - See comments)
24 - Nebraska Indians (6) - OMAHAS [GK]
26 - Divided the outline of the graph (7,7) - SCATTER DIAGRAM {SCATTER} {DIAGRAM}
1   - It flies behind the building block when thrown as a missile (8) - BRICKBAT {BRICK}{BAT}
2   - Part of a plot in an Israeli port (4) - ACRE [DD]
3   - Hold back an evil spirit in the meddle regularly (6) - IMPEDE {IMP{mEdDlE}
4   - A curve in a river (7) - MEANDER [E]
5   - To improve it, I have to use the preservative (8) - ADDITIVE {ADD}{IT}{I'VE}
6   - Possible to achieve a target in front with a characteristic alien abbot not an American man (10) - ATTAINABLE {A}{T}{TAINABLEbo*}
7   - Regularly stoics cheer this world cup sport (6) - SOCCER {StOiCs ChEeR}
12 - Make less visible (10) - OBNUBILATE [E] Another new obscure word for me.
15 - Killed the senior manager out at tea-time in Germany (8) - EXECUTED {EXECUTivE}{D}
17 - Welcomes the current lot of mails distributed (8) - ACCLAIMS {AC}{C}{LAIMS*}
18 - Keep apart (7) - METHODS ?(Addendum - SECLUDE [E] - See comments)
20 - Some children cheerfully get wet (6) - DRENCH [T]
22 - Weather map line (6) - ISOBAR [E]
25 - First to see no demon quality (4) - AURA AsURA


  1. 18 - Keep apart (7) - METHODS ? SECLUDE(E)

    23 - Telephone man has a door sign to manifest his calling (4,4) - BELL PUSH {BELL} {PUSH}


  2. 12 - Make less visible (10) - OBNUBILATE [E] Another new obscure word for me.

    A word I would like to forget before I learn it.

  3. The label cloud on the left hand side. I never paid much attention to it before. But it has one entity with max references. Am I/ Should I be surprised?

  4. Nope, record held here too. I think this is based on labels given just above the comments section, which is usually the month-year and setter-name. Ergo.

  5. But what I saw extra was the GK type.

  6. Bhavan @8:42,

    Label cloud was added yesterday. Kishore @ 8:45 is right about it's ingredients. As regards the max references remember the days of 10 per cycle!!

    Kishore @ 8:46

    Yes GK is new, got the idea from Gita

  7. I had bell pull and seclude.
    But at least we have learnt the perfect word to describe how NJ compliles her x-words. She obnubilates them!

  8. Deepak, had occassion to remember your missus yesterday. I was reading Raghav Bahl's 'Super Power?' pg50, immediately after 'recently diseased (sic) C.K.Prahalad.' the next sentence is:
    'Gita Gopinath was studying at a prestigious New Delhi college ...she became the third worman ever and first Indian after Amartya Sen to be named tenurd professor of international macroeconomics at Harvard. '

    Any relation? Please also convey my respects to the missus.

  9. Please ignore extra r in woman above.

  10. As regards the max references remember the days of 10 per cycle!!

    Actually I'm unable to figure how did we manage to go 10 days straight on this kind of fare.

  11. It will be 100% if sandyaP @8.33 defs are correct.It will be 100% if sandyaP @8.33 defs are correct.

  12. Svemuri,
    Sandhya's answers are correct

  13. Actually I'm unable to figure how did we manage to go 10 days straight on this kind of fare.

    At least one Everyman pops in in a run of 10 to give us some respite. If we are lucky, two.

  14. A saner puzzle. Other than the NUISANCE and the E clues pretty okay.

  15. Madras citizens of a certain age will remember 'bell pull'.

    City buses used to have a bell at the front opening (so called 'exit') from which a rope ran all along the side to the conductor's seat near the 'entrance'.

    The conductor or anyone wanting to stop the bus could pull the rope for the bell to ring. This was a signal to the driver.

    Madras buses no longer have them. Perhaps private buses in CBE and other places in TN still have them.

    See also: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bell_pull

  16. Re 'obnubilate'.



  17. Are all comments coming on the email now also.

    Any way we can opt out?

  18. Madras citizens of a certain age will remember 'bell pull'.

    Even houses. In Richmal Crompton's 'The New Neighbour' in 'William the Pirate', this contraption is put to good use. William fans will love this story.

  19. I seem to have accidentally clicked on the subscribe by email button and got inundated with mails. Ok now.

  20. Kishore @ 9:04
    Nope, no relation. I too came across her name while googling my wife's name

  21. CV:
    Your Bell pull ( campanology?) got me to hark back about a dear friend of mine in Mombasa who used to live in an old tumble down joint up a steep staircase. He was an inveterate toss pot, and used to drive his Merc home after a long session through the narrow roads and by lanes and when he reached home, he had to tug at a rope, fixed at ground level, to the door lock which would then click open the same and he would totter up to get to his bed late nights. This device was fixed because his wife and family were fed up with his habit of late night binges at the local club.

    I used to wonder how he could drive, with high spirits, through all those narrow lanes,, of old town Mombasa and yet reach home unscathed and none the worse for wear for a next day's bout of repetition. He, however, could hold his whiskey ( five doubles in a short while) and remain stone sober. But alas, that alcohol tolerance shrunk up his liver and he passed away due to Cirrhosis.Such a good soul ; that he was.!!

    We are all a sum total of such small memories, aren't we? Some good , some bad.So let's live life by the second and to the brim drink of the cup of joy. Right?

  22. OBNUBILATE: Could mean- Obnoxious Nubile Ate us all up .!!

  23. I wish I could post comments sooner for a full participation, but can't. I run through the comments without looking at the answers so that my joy of neatly Netting the Jug is not lost.

  24. Colonel,
    Ah, I see it now.

    Jigsaw (from yesterday's post),
    Thanks for letting us know about the web-app! Nice work from your friend. Assuming it works with IE6, and the grids are updated on a daily basis, I don't think I'll have to carry the paper with me to work.