Thursday, 25 August 2011

No 10242, Thursday 25 August 11, Nita Jaggi

4   - Order and control is ignored at home by the follower (8) - DISCIPLE DISCIPLinE
8   - Secure one job shortly (6) - ANCHOR {AN}{CHORe}
9   - It may be used for scanning body parts (10) - ULTRASOUND [CD]

10 - Unfortunate to tip-off a revolutionary army unit (4) - POOR POORt <-
11 - Girl has suffered a big cut (4) - GASH {G}{ASH*}
13 - A Khan you misbehave with is an important person (6) - KAHUNA*
15 - Undertake a race with regular team training (7) - ATTEMPT {A}{TT}{tEaM}{PT}
17 - Unwritten examination (4) - ORAL [CD]
18 - Note that a king will have a good long bath (4) - SOAK {SO}{A}{K}
19 - Stout woman? (7) - ALEWIFE {ALE}{WIFE}
21 - Fancies the Mayfair women (6) - WISHES [DD?] Anno pending
22 - Mostly digest the French cheese (4) - BRIE BRIEf
25 - Visibly terrified, friend exposes the leader (4) - PALE {PAL}{E}
26 - Packaging material (10) - BUBBLEWRAP [E] Should have been (6,4)
27 - Slip away to mostly see the rebellious mob excitedly in front (6) - ESCAPE {eES<-}{kCAP<-}{E}Anno pending
28 - One on foot, confused dealers without the aged sellers (8) - PEDDLERS PEDDaLERS ?
1   - Pitches a tent, cold in the morning in Paris with determination (5) - CAMPS {C}{AM}{PariS}
2   - Horizontal entries in a crossword puzzle (6) - ACROSS [E]
3   - Island leaders are ruthless under British Army (5) - ARUBA {A}{R}{U}{B}{A}
4   - Get rid of the girl on time in the church (5) - DITCH {DI}{T}{CH}
5   - Small measure of cocktails served in this Pakistani city (7) - SIALKOT cOcKTAILS*
6   - Sir, no hero is travelling in the locomotive (4,5) - IRON HORSE*
7   - Revolutionary leader is a degree holder in the city (9) - LENINGRAD {LENIN}{GRAD}
12 - Flashy bag (5) - SWELL [DD?]
14 - Guitar Ted played as a feeling of indebtedness (9) - GRATITUDE*
15 - A sacred city (9) - ALLAHABAD [CD]
16 - Same as strength, might (5) - POWER [E]
19 - Simple way of life (7) - AUSTERE [E]
20 - War camp prisoner is on the street, a Jet follower (6) - STALAG {ST}{A}{jetLAG} What is prisoner doing in the clue?
22 - Two way tickets at last for fliers (5) - BIRDS Anno pending (Addendum -{BI}{RD}{S} - See comments)
23 - Encourage the sister, not a simple character (5) - IMPEL sIMPLE*
24 - A simple machine (5) - LEVER [E]


  1. 20 - War camp prisoner is on the street, a Jet follower (6) - STALAG {ST}{A}{jetLAG} What is prisoner doing in the clue?

    Prisoner is also a 'lag'. Methinks lag got clued in twice

  2. 20 - War camp prisoner is on the street, a Jet follower (6) - STALAG {ST}{A}{jetLAG} What is prisoner doing in the clue?

    Stalag (n)
    (historical) a German prisoner of war camp

    22 - Two way tickets at last for fliers (5) - BIRDS Anno pending

    Two = Bi
    Way = Rd
    tickets at last = S

  3. 2 complete NJs in a row. Must be getting into her mindset. Although I had dishes, not wishes. Either way, that and lever were guesses

  4. 22 - Two way tickets at last for fliers (5) - BIRDS Anno pending


    two= B
    way = one road= I RD
    tickets at last=S


  5. Bhavan @ 8:32,
    The clue should have read 'Prisoner of war camp' or 'War camp prison' and not '...prisoner'

  6. 21 - Fancies the Mayfair women (6) - WISHES [DD?] Anno pending

    I remember vaguely some mention of Mayfair men. Conmen? DD may be able to help.

    Mayfair women seems to lead to a magazine called Mayfair. Now whether to call it a men's mag or women's is a matter of definition.

  7. DG839: Exactly. That's why I felt this was an attempt to clue in lag, but backfired with a double barrel.

  8. My convoluted thinking for dishes was;
    fancies (plural noun) = dishes (as in fancy food)
    Women in Mayfair (the adult magazine) = dishes
    Not politically correct but all I could get to fit

  9. Yes. Mayfair is (or was, obviously I am not currently up on such things) a magazine featuring scantily clad ( well mostly naked) women

  10. May the fare being dished out here be fair, I wish.

  11. Dave

    I think you have correctly read the setter's mind.

    Now, it should be easy to read your wife's mind.

    BTW, is Mayfair available online?

  12. To answer my own question:

    Yes, it is!

  13. @CV
    is it ever possible to read a wife's mind - I just do what I am told!
    I think Mayfair was actually pretty tame compared to what is actually on line these days so has probably disappeared.

  14. Dave

    In salad days I was aware only of US adult magazines, not this British mag.

    Were the British laggards in this field?

  15. I believe that Stalag can only mean the war camp. It cannot mean an inmate of the camp. The clue seems to suggest that it can.

  16. I do believe we had some home grown ones in the 70's. I remember Fiesta and the infamous Reader's Wives!
    The guy who now owns The Daily Star (I forget his name) made his fortune in UK porn magazines

  17. Dave

    I learn that Mayfair was banned in Ireland!

  18. Everything was banned in Ireland!
    The sway of the catholic church is only just starting to lessen.

  19. DD906:

    Multiplication too?

  20. @kishore
    As long as it was not pleasurable, then it was probably ok!

  21. @DD
    So they have wear a metal cilice, a la Silas !

  22. @kishore
    Absolutely, but all other accoutrements obviously banned.

    Thanks to NJ, I am going to have lots of trouble explaining my recent browsing history should my wife check my phone. Not sure if "but it was the crossword, darling" will cut it as an excuse.

  23. DD, you are not the only passenger on that ship.

  24. I hope the crossword does not lead to using words that will make one cross.

  25. From yesterday: The one who comes up with the best 'First part' of spirits, is welcome to join me at home for the second part!!!

    Set apart that scotch, Deepak, it is sure to age quite a bit before this prize is claimed, if at all. Fermat's Last Theorem was probably easier.

  26. Any day, I promptly delete browsing history for 'the past one hour' !

    Is there any way by which we can make 'search term suggestion list' not to drop down the moment we start typing a few letters?

  27. A question of grammar:

    At 09:40, should I have written 'to not' (as I see often in newspapers today) or is 'not to' OK?

  28. 28 - One on foot, confused dealers without the aged sellers (8) - PEDDLERS PEDDaLERS ?

    What is confused dealers doing here. Or is PD supposed to represent 'one on foot'. Or is it a case of confused setter confusing the solver

  29. @CV. "not to" sounds more natural

    @suresh - I thought it was ped + dealers with some letters missing but couldn't work out which ones from the clue

  30. Unpleasant experience this crossword. Best forgotten

  31. Suresh

    Now that you raise the question, what is the true intent of the setter?

    If 'one on foot' is 'one on a lever pressed by foot', the spelling is PEDALLER, not PEDDALER.

    Even taking PEDDALER (mark, 'one on foot'), the word without 'aged' (I am not sure if we can derive 'a' from 'aged') we get only PEDDLER whereas the def is 'sellers' and the answer must be in plural form.

    If 'sellers' is the def for word reqd, what, as you say, is 'confused dealers' doing?

    Honestly, how do you solvers get some of these answers?

    One minute... I have just realised that the anno is PED (one on foot, as in US road sign PED XING)

    confused dealers - anagram 'dealers'

    without the aged - delete A

    What do we get?

    PED + (DEALERS minus A = DELERS)*

    Now, what do we do with the extra E?


    tying himself in knots

    The setter might say 'who do you bother so much? Crossword solving must be kept simple. Read the clue, put in the answer, and go your way. If you don't get the answer, go the other way. Don't you have a life to get on?

    Finally, I have not done this crossword and my comments are on the basis of answers entered here and in the Orkut community. If I am going wrong anywhere, please tell me and I am ready to apologiese. If, OTOH, there is something wrong in the tossed-off clue, stand up and howl!

    (written before I saw Dave's incomplete anno)

  32. You have expressed my sentiments exactly CV. I did not have the patience to write at this length.

  33. In most instances the crossword from this setter is like a simple, straightforward, synonymic, quick, easy crossword. Locate the def (as you know it is in the beginning or the end), put in the answer. Don't you ever bother about the cryptic part of the clue at all.

  34. Hope a notice is circulated among TH setters asking them to shun E type clues. Col has stopped marking CODs, but 13A is my COD :D

  35. @CV 1036: I'd have thought you were referring to Sankalak. In his case, wherever the cryptic part exists, it is clear whereas in NJ's case, it is balderdash.

  36. In the solution to yesterday's CW NJ has spelt 'OEDIPUS REX' as 'OEDIPES REX'! Even E or GK (as Gita calls them) types, have mistakes!!

  37. Guess what the collective noun is, for Baboons?

  38. Sudalamani @ 10.42 : First you wanted to curtail the number of puzzles per setter, now you want to cut out some clue types. what next : )

  39. Colonel @ 11.14 I'm sure you are getting at the non-army reference : )

  40. I am sorry.

    After Bhavan's 'what next?' I suddenly recall a line from an old Tamil film song where the question is raised and the answer given:
    "jacketless sleeves?"

    I don't recall the first line of the song and CGB is not around to help me out. Maybe navneethc can.

    Yesterday I attended the Chennai Heritage lecture on 'Some women directors of Tamil films' (in which this song was not mentioned).

    Earlier I went to another lecture on Tamil dramatic scene. There I ran into navneeth.

  41. ...The one who comes up with the best 'First part' of spirits, is welcome to join me at home for the second part!!! ...

    The classic Hindi 'filmi' dialogue: Aadhey is taraf, adhey us taraf, baaki mere peeche..

    The rest can follow the setter.

  42. Bhavan @1123: LOL... Not that my proposals are going to be heeded to, but the logical next step would be asking to jettison NJ and MM ;)

    CV@1143: May be I can help you out if you can write the transliterated Tamil versions of those :)

  43. Sudalamani

    You must understand that whether it's cookery prog. or an educational counselling session, Tamils use a lot of English. Whatever Tamil scholars may boast, Tamils don't speak Tamil.

    E.g., Oru bowl-ai eduththundu, adhule wheat flour-ai podunga. Appuram konjam unga taste prakaaram salt-ai pottu nalla mix pannunga. Ready aanappuram, chinnachinna balls pannunga. Onnanna eduthundu konjam atta-le dust pannunga. Piragu roll pannunga. Kadai-le [brand name]oil pottu, adhu hot aanappuram onnu onna pottu brown aaravaraikkum fry pannunga...What a fantastic dish. Neengalum try pannunga. Have a nice time. Byebye. See you next week.

    The Government gives tax relief for films with Tamil titles.

    OK, the film producer gives the title 'Enthiran'. In small type below you have the inevitable 'robot'!

    Whom are they fooling?

    Anyway the old Tamil song had 'sleeveless jackets' in English in an earlier line.

    Then comes 'what next?' (in English)

    And the guess "Jacketless sleeves?" (in English)

  44. OIC... Then I do not know! But Endhiran/Robot is far better than this work from a member of 'The Family':

    See Title

  45. 28A
    PED may be from Pedestrian (one on foot).
    How 'aged' gives 'EA' is not clear.

  46. How 'aged' gives 'EA' is not clear.

    It is the odd letters that we are expected to pick from 'aged'. However, the indication for this has been overlooked.

  47. The confused setter has confused all solvers apperently.

  48. Further to a Comment of mine above -
    And to keep the record straight -
    In 23d, the setter may have intended 'character' to be the AInd, but I am not sure if thatcomes out properly.

  49. Since I was not aware of the Mayfair magazine, the way I interpreted 21A was...

    Mayfair = city in Wisconsin (WI)
    Women = SHEs, and thus the answer WI+SHES...

    As most of the times with NJ, I had the answer first and justified the clue later. :)


  50. Msg from Ajeesh,

    28 across . PED +DeaLERS-(AE)
    AE as aged is there in that long list . May be from Aetatis(Latin meaning 'Of age' )or Age Equivalent . Not able to post in the blog . Thanks Ajeesh

  51. What is this long list and where can I find a copy!!

  52. Hi Bhavan: I know of one long list here -

    I don't know if it is THE long list. But it is maintained by Ross Beresford who has one of the top two crossword programs for setters.

  53. Bhavan,
    I too have not seen the list nor do I want to see it. Suresh has a copy, obviously Ajeesh too has a copy as he has quoted from it

  54. I'm with Manju Mysore on 21A. I knew women referred to the SHES and Mayfair is in some place whose name when abbreviated reads WI (or some other reference -- e.g., I just found out that the Mayfair district of London has the post codes W1J and W1K).

  55. Chaturvasi, regarding "jacketless sleeves", I haven't a clue! :D

  56. Oh, and I liked 22D. However, I notice that NJ has been providing us with too many short words (4 or 5 letters long) in the past few grids.

  57. CV 11.43 - The song is 'Naan oru kadal sanyasi' by L R Easwari with Sadan(?) I think. It starts with 'Love is fine darling when u r mine'. Is it from the THAVAPUDHALVAN of Sivaji Ganesan

  58. Yes, that is the song! Those words "Love is fine..." kept humming in my mind but I couldn't quite get the full line or any other detail. Thank you, Ram.

  59. Yes, that is the list.

    May have been originally compiled by Ross Beresford but it may have been extended by others subsequently.

    What is to be noted is that many of them may be considered suitable by UK setters for what they call 'advanced cryptics' and not 'standard cryptics'. And can we term our setter's puzzles 'advanced cryptics'? No LOL, as there is the danger of my falling off the chair and no, I don't want to go though it all again.

  60. No power the whole day and when I logged on,I found that the comments have crossed half a century! May be a record?

    But any clarity after so much discussion?

    Two way-Bi (eg.bipolar,biplane..)
    way- Rd
    Tickets at last- S


  61. Ram

    I just now looked at the lyrics of that song on the Intenet. I find that the lines I quoted are not in it.

    Must be some other song.

    Called my brother CGB and asked him if he could help. Maybe he too has some power/computer problem as he has not come online.

    Even in Gopalapuram we have regular and frequent power cuts.

  62. Padmanabhan @ 8:56,

    The record is beyond a century

  63. Hi all...

    Just dropped by to let you know about a crossword of mine that Alberich has kindly published in his site:
    Puzzle Link

    Would greatly appreciate if bloggers could solve it in their spare time and provide their comments :)

    (Col, could you please put this comment up tomorrow morning so that all bloggers will get to see it? I've logged in pretty late, I guess :))

  64. Hi all

    Just dropped by to tell you about a crossword of mine that Alberich has kindly published in his site.

    Puzzle Link

    Would greatly appreciate if solvers could solve it in their spare time and give their comments.

    (Col, could you please put this up in the comments tomorrow morning? Being posted so late, I guess most would miss this comment :))

  65. Scintillator,

    Congrats, will post your comment today

  66. Did I write once here that abetment to suicide is a crime in India and NJ can be alleged to be a party to this,if any one of us choose to put an end to our frustrations by jumping to 'conclusions'?
    I'm still sorting out the answers for yesterday's clues and my co-pilot is still gathering all the stuffings out of the pillows that I've been throwing at the ceiling fan !! No Jokes-once you get the answers right, isn't there a rationale or method in her madness?

    Once in a month, she does manage to set the cat amongst the pigeons.

    NJ compiles,DG blogs, CV covers up,SD gets sewed up , DJD jolts his disc, MK asks 'emkay'? in Gujerati, Pd asks appidiya? MYS gets mystified. Still time for all others.

    RU with all of you in your agonies.CIO