Tuesday, 23 August 2011

No 10240, Tuesday 23 Aug 11, Sankalak

Holiday over, heading back to B'lore today and 7 days of drudgery starts from tomorrow :-(
1   - Independence in Open University may not be wrong (8) - AUTONOMY (may+not+ou)*
5   - A sailor with tailless mount has great aversion (6) - ABHORS {AB}{HORSe}
10 - Figures that divert traffic (5) - CONES [CD]
11 - Say sorry! (9) - APOLOGISE [E]
12 - A pillager somehow turned helper, surrendering article (9) - PLUNDERER tURNEDheLPER*
13 - Rise, say, in a region of the world (5) - CLIME (~climb)
14 - Be aware of perfume (5) - SCENT [DD]
16 - Tolerance is nicely misused around the centre of Reno (8) - LENIENCY {LENI{rENo}CY*}
18 - A bottle for a red cent? Silly! (8) - DECANTER*
20 - Good fortune halved with detectives trailing — that is easily understood (5) - LUCID {LUck}{CID<-}
24 - The girl that Marilyn was (5) - NORMA [E]
25 - Restore to the old position but control delaying tactic (9) - REINSTALL {REIN}{STALL}
27 - Prepared for action, unruly crowd is idle, strangely (9) - MOBILISED {MOB}{ILISED*}
28 - Distance that can be covered by everyone after initial reluctance (5) - REACH {R}{EACH}
29 - Slum clearance within blimits is awkward (6) - CLUMSY {C{LUMS*}itY}
30 - Writer about to say yes to a bright colour (3-5) - PEA-GREEN {PE{A-GREE}N}
1   - Agrees to include key record in statutes (7) - ACCEPTS {AC{C}{EP}TS}
2   - Shaving the head? Of course, after a century! (7) - TONSURE {TON}{SURE}
3   - Hooligan carrying bone moved carefully forward (5) - NOSED Anno pending (Addendum - {N{OS}ED} - See comments)
4   - Silver found in lake is lacking in quality (6) - MEAGRE {ME{AG}RE}
6   - Kind of asthma affecting the air passages (9) - BRONCHIAL [E]
7   - What one thinks of pie, say, kept in a bulb (7) - OPINION {O{PI(~pie)}NION}
8   - Setting on track for an attractive landscape (7) - SCENERY {SCENE}{RY}
9   - Live-in schoolboy (7) - BOARDER [DD]
15 - Clean test designed for appendages (9) - TENTACLES*
17 - She gets what is left (7) - HEIRESS [E]
18 - Several in a police department return filled with energy (7) - DYNAMIC {D{YNAM}IC}<-
19 - You and I, they say, play with cobra and a deer (7) - CARIBOU (u+i+cobra)*
21 - A game popular with crossword people? (7) - CHARADE [DD]
22 - Playful swimmer (7) - DOLPHIN [CD]
23 - The instrument, negotiable one, found in a collection of papers (6) - FIDDLE {FI{DD}LE}
26 - Gesture of disinterest perhaps (5) - SHRUG [E]


  1. 3 - Hooligan carrying bone moved carefully forward (5) - NOSED Anno pending

    NED /ned/ (chiefly Scot; slang)
    A young hooligan, a disruptive adolescent
    A member of a teenage gang

    OS /os/ (anatomy)
    noun (pl ossa /osˈə/)
    A bone

  2. Both definitions from Chambers 11 ed

  3. 4 - Silver found in lake is lacking in quality (6) - MEAGRE {ME{AG}RE}

    Would quantity fit better than quality?

  4. 'Meagre' also means "poor in quality; lacking richness or fertility, barren; having little flesh; lean, thin; without strength, weak; jejune, lacking fullness or imagination". (Chambers)

    There are more things in heaven and earth...

  5. Kishore

    No idea as yet of things in heaven.

  6. CV 845, bin there, done that!

    My question was about a 'better' fit, not a rejection of the word.

  7. @Colonel: Holiday over, heading back to B'lore today and 7 days of drudgery starts from tomorrow :-(

    You sound like a school kid :P

  8. Gar firdaus, ruhe zamin ast, hamin asto, hamin asto, hamin asto

  9. @ Sandya:

    Did you not notice the satchel in the CBE pix? ;-)

  10. Too many E clues and not so cryptic CDs today. I have zero tolerance for E clues in cryptic cws as you all know.

  11. @Suresh be prepared for many E(nigmatic) clues from tomorrow : )

  12. Raced through this one, but will echo Suresh's sentiment. Why should a setter of such experience and calibre write clues like '2+2 is ADDITION' or 'Say sorry is APOLOGISE'? I prefer Gridman's slightly more complex and deceptive style to Sankalak, any day...

  13. Kishore 0912

    The Colonel may not be whining, but "[with]shining morning face, [he would be]creeping like snail
    Unwillingly to school.

    Still, he would be keeping his 8-30 deadline.

  14. Suresh @ 9:17,
    You had once mentioned a reduced tolerance for anagrams as well

  15. Sandhya @ 9:10,
    Tackling NJ does feel like going back to school to attend the class of a teacher one did not like

  16. Kishore @ 9:12
    But that satchel is insufficient to hold NJ's looooong list

  17. Have decided that I can't just gripe about NJ. I am going to grit my teeth and try really hard to understand like I did with physics at school. The outcome however could well be the same (I failed so badly, it came back as "unclassified" which means it was so appalling they couldn't even give it a grade - the up side of this is that it therefore doesn't appear on any certificates, and nobody need ever know unless I am in confessional mood (like now))

  18. Deepak@9:39. Too many of anything is not good by definition.

    I do not mind anagrams like other clues. Actually the last time I complained about it was when the surface reading of some of the anagram clues was terrible.

  19. DG942:

    All the perfumes of Arabia will not sweeten this little hand. Oh, oh, oh!

  20. For people who solve the Guardian Quick Crossword 10577 in Metro Plus (Bang ed.)

    It is a pangram today!

  21. Like the stock markets we may have hit rock bottom with NJ's last offering. So better tings may be ahead.

  22. Or maybe not. Markets are yet to bottom out,say the 'experts'

  23. One thing is that NJ has brought in a sense of foreboding in all solvers

  24. Here are some clues from a CW in The Strait Times of Singapore in 1966(CV: are these syndicated from TT?):

    For example, you are the first successor (3,6,6)

    Needs more staff at a cat dispensary really (2,1,6,2,4)

    Thanks the information people in turn (15)

    Where there was a fall in fruit consumption (3,6,2,4)

  25. Venkatesh

    As I am not able to access the Strait Times crossword, I am unable to answer your question.

    How did you land on the 1966 puzzle?

  26. 17 - She gets what is left (7) - HEIRESS [E]

    This would be a CD.

    If it is 'what is bequeathed in a will' or 'She inherits', then it would be E (a Straight/Simple/ Easy clue).

  27. Offhand

    For example, you are the first successor (3,6,6)
    Needs more staff at a cat dispensary really (2,1,6,2,4) AS A MATTER OF FACT*

    Thanks the information people in turn (15)

    Where there was a fall in fruit consumption (3,6,2,4) THE GARDEN OF EDEN

  28. CV,

    I have a few old CWs from 1966. The first three were very easy. I liked the last clue particularly.

    These Cryptics are printed ones. I can type the clues and send you. If you can help set up the grid, then they can be put up for solving.

  29. Thanks the information people in turn (15)

    information KNOWLEDGE
    people MEN
    turn ACT

    In a modified form, this clue came in a recent THC.

  30. Here are four clues on the 4 sides of the grid:

    1A What the deuce precedes one who attends to profit? (9,6)

    23A Artist hastens to be included, following perpetual motion (5,4,6)

    1D The religion of one's fathers? (8,7)

    7D Censure of rules may be characteristic of Ulysses (15)

  31. Kishore said...

    For people who solve the Guardian Quick Crossword 10577 in Metro Plus (Bang ed.)

    It is a pangram today!

    I could not get the pangram.Clues?

  32. Deepak:

    I know that Kali means to be wary of or dangerous. and Mbwa is a dog. My co-pilot, Sapna pointed out that it is to be spelt as MBWA but I had to clarify that I had spelt it phonetically as U-mbwa deliberately.
    My friends back there also used to refer to a person as kali-sana means ''he's very dangerous''.

    Securicor is no longer active as they were before, now that naturalization has taken place in every institution, including my Nairobi Club where I was the only Indian for 18 years continuously in the Committee and stepped down as a Chairman as such, leaving space for the mwanainchi. Way to go. I wonder how I chaired meetings with 15 or so of the local talent, for ever calling each other by this or the other tribe's name and not the actual names! Can't imagine as to how I got elected every three years by an eclectic general body of the rainbow colours. Now I'm stuck in Hai Badtoor , hai badtoor phas gaye re Coimbatore.!!and getting used to OK-ingla? Shari ingla?

  33. You may also add "yenunga" for what?!

  34. Paddy, all the letters of the alphabet have been used in that cw ending the lower corner with Z from Jazz (across) and Schmaltz (down).

  35. Raju, agreed you used Umbwa for phonetic relevance. I initially had difficulty pronouncing names/words like Njoroge, mzee, etc. I think the Ng used in some south east Asian counties is the shortest example of this usage, though the best known usage earlier was Nkrumah and later Ntini.

  36. We will be learning some new languages from tomorrow. Here is a good website listing the languages that may be of help.

  37. Thank you Kishore.Great.I am at a loss how you mange to get these.Thinking back,it should have occured that we get unusual letters like q,J,x etc.-all on the same day!

    Thank you Venkatesh about the language site.Looks interesting and will be useful for future ref.on occasions when we have a doubt.

  38. Deepak and Chatur;

    STYX my answer given yday. Any comments?