Tuesday, 3 June 2014

No 11101, Tuesday 03 Jun 2014, Buzzer

The buzz continues with Buzzer AtoP the world today.

9   Legal profession and ethics? Parallel lines (3,4) BAR CODE {BAR} {CODE}
10 Place for a bed in crèche (7) NURSERY [DD]
11 Pierce one's skin (5) CUTIS {CUT}{1'S}
12 Suffering from cold, first to be treated (9) FROSTBITE*
13 Flying visit seen for tender (9) SENSITIVE*
14 Distinct musical note (5) SHARP [DD]
15 Money owed arrives with each rise regularly (7) ARREARS {ARR}{EA}{RiSe}
17 Current ruler not starting to make a mark (7) IMPRESS {I}{eMPRESS}
19 Desire for a mantra about getting wealth (5) MONEY {MO}{NEY}<=
20 Parade she organised for leader (9) SPEARHEAD*
22 For example Great Britain had queen carried in helicopter (9) EGGBEATER {EG}{GB}{E{ATE}R}
24 Instruments got stolen from tugboats (5) TUBAS TUgBoAtS
25 Go for a breather before feed (5,2) LUNGE AT {LUNG}{E AT}
26 A number reportedly eat a painkiller (7) ANODYNE {A}{NO}{DYNE}(~dine)

1   Coordinate basics supply with Salvation Army (8) ABSCISSA {BASICS*}{SA}
2   Male singer mostly not a native (6) BRITON BaRITONe
3   Criminals with a robbery scheme (10) CONSPIRACY {CONS}{PIRACY}
4   They help hear dead as if alive (4-4) DEAF-AIDS*

5   Replay cipher substituting rule for delta (6) ENCORE ENCO(-d+r}RE
6   Agitation is alternately ferment (4) FRET FeRmEnT
      Is Bhargav referring to the crossword alphabet soup?
7   Double part of stratagem in a test (8) GEMINATE [T]
8   Get excited greeting a small dog say (4,2) HYPE UP (~hi pup)
14 Small, pea nuts share in divorce (10) SEPARATION {S}{PEA*}{RATION}
16 Jag run in dodgy part of Secunderabad (8) RANIGUNJ*
17 Ceramic set containing English dessert (3,5) ICE CREAM {IC{E} CREAM*}
18 Teams preferred turning up in skirt (8) SIDESTEP {SIDES}{TEP<=}
19 Breakfast item, Indian radish stuffed with zest essentially (6) MUESLI {MU{zESt}LI}
20 Limits of Sabbath time, traditional in a Jewish village (6) SHTETL {SabbatH}{TimE}{TraditionaL} 
21 Steady bore my seed (6) EMBRYO*
23 Exclamation of horror taking in introduction to zoology book (4) EZEK {E{Z}EK}


  1. Nice and crisp clues. Excellent toon - nor for or.

    1. Thanks, missed that. Coping with power outage from yesterday 1830 due to heavy storm

  2. (From yesterday)

    Yesterday there was a discussion here on a homophone clue.

    I had raised a question about a homophone clue.

    As I had declared that I would, I did look up some crossword books. I could find no example of a homophone clue in which the homophone was rather a give-away as in the example clue that we were discussing.

    I took the issue to an international forum and you can see the Comments here:


    (I believe even non-members can read the messages.)

    Buzzer comes out clean! Hurray!

  3. Wrt the cartoon, I am more or less in the position of the speaker at left side!

    1. I was there around 15 years back ...

    2. I am more, not less. Now.

  4. Very nice, Buzzer. The surfaces for 9a and 20d, especially, are HoF shoo-ins! Thank you for a great time.

    I was wondering whether "had queen" should have been "has queen" to give {EAT}{ER} in 22, but DG's parsing above clarified that I had overlooked the "carried" bit. Thanks for the blog, DG!

  5. Enjoyed immensely. Thank you Buzzer- you really buzz!
    After yesterday's discussion I took essentially to be Z (my fault, I agree) and missed a nice breakfast.

    Is 'eggbeater' a slang for helicopter? I understand the similarity, but have not come across in print.

  6. Very nice puzzle. A toP it surely is. Q, W and X are missing.

  7. Nice puzzle, 9A being hilarious. Kind of stuff you expect from crosswords.

    Didn't have any difficulty in getting 19D, but can't find 'Muli' in any recognised dictionary, so is this legit?

    1. "Mooli" appears in several dictionaries (including Chambers and Collins), but the spelling "muli" doesn't seem to show up even as a variant. Nevertheless, "Indian radish" for "muli" seems fair clueing for an Indian audience.

  8. Muli is a Hindi word.


  9. BUZZER : Tussi Great ho ! A cryptic puzzle par excellence !! Raju Maange more !!



    1. A timely tribute to a cryptic CW setter par excellence who challenged THC solvers since 1991; he continues to do so even now (From the files of ...).

      He mentioned, in an interview, that he spent his working life in Delhi (Udyog Bhavan and North Block), with two stints on deputation in Ernakulam and Geneva.

      The Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) under the Ministry of Commerce, with head office in Udyog Bhavan, New Delhi is responsible for executing the export and import policies of the GoI. Earlier, this office was called the Chief Controller of Import & Export (CCIE).

      If my memory serves me right, India never had a separate Ministry of Foreign Trade as Nayantara mentions. I welcome correction by experts.

  11. It says the full text is not available on line. Would it be possible for anyone to get the full text?

    1. Full text I suppose will be available next month only

    2. Let alone the full text in the web edition. I am yet to get the print edition from my news vendor who said :Adhu late-aadhaan varum, sir".
      If they publish two paras of eacha rticle each day, will they get more visitors/ web edition subscirbers?
      This morning before CGB's Comment I had seen the tantaliser but I did not give the link on this blog as it is neither here nor there.

  12. With Ranigunj, B has doffed his hat to the newly created state of Telengana.

    The origin of some place names like Ranigunj and Rathi File (Bus Stand) would be interesting.

    May be MB can throw some light.

    1. Typo. Pl read as Telangana.

    2. With Ranigunj, B has doffed his hat to the newly created state of Telengana

      No I have not. I have no intentions of making any political statements through my puzzles.

      The use of Ranigunj was part of the alphabetical order to get J. I used it since I was familiar with the place. There were no other sinister motives. Nor did I know about the formation of a new state when I put this puzzle together.

    3. Frankly, I had missed the AtoP till DG mentioned it. And i was ,ore familiar with the Raniganj coalfield than the Sec'bad one.

    4. Venkatesh @ 4:56 : Ranigunj reg.

      Pl go through this link : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rani_Gunj

      Can't say much about Rathi File (Bus stand). I became a permanent resident of Hyderabad since 2009 only!

    5. Kishore @ 8:36

      I too had missed the AtoP till Col Sir mentioned it.

  13. Nice crossword as can be expected from Buzzer, can anyone clarify the use of supply as an anagram indicator?
    I've seen it many times and i'm not questioning it's use. Would just like to know what the analogy is.

    1. Maybe if you see 'supply' not as 'provision of goods' , but as a synonym of 'flexibly' ...

    2. Yes I searched and found that after posting here. Thanks :)