Sunday, 22 June 2014

No 2796, Sunday 22 Jun 2014

1   Go after Asian river business (8) INDUSTRY {INDUS}{TRY}
5   In Tolkien, Tom Bombadil's put six feet under . . . (6) ENTOMB [T]
10 . . . Baggins (hobbit) heartily upset about Bombadil's end (5) BILBO {hOBBIt}* around bombadiL
11 Embargo on ballistic missile (9) BOOMERANG*
12 Produce item of jewellery found inside container (5,2) BRING IN {B{RING} IN}
13 Battle of New Orleans? (7) SALERNO*
14 About average on violin, having committed tune to memory originally (4,2,8) FAIR TO MIDDLING {F{AIR} {TO} {M}IDDLING}
17 One altering certain features in a theatre? (7,7) PLASTIC SURGEON [CD]
21 Hot drink required in not entirely warm French castle (7) CHATEAU {CHA{TEA}Ud}
23 Terrible tsar stuck on promontory in novel (7) IVANHOE {IVAN}{HOE}
24 PM includes this one not far away (9) AFTERNOON* My COD
25 Group's leader brought in awful song (5) DIRGE {DIR{G}E}
26 Former Scottish philosopher, the opposite of 5 (6) EXHUME {EX}{HUME}
27 Knowing nothing, such a crossword can't be solved! (8) CLUELESS [DD]

1   Drink - one tipple brought in by me (6) IMBIBE {1}{M{BIB}E}
2   From a republic in Africa, a young man's turned up to see spiritual leader (5,4) DALAI LAMA {DAL}{A}{I LAM}{A} <=
3   Small lumberjack, one who toils (7) SLOGGER {S}{LOGGER}
4   Ornate orb connoisseur misrepresented in book (8,6) ROBINSON CRUSOE* {ORB*}{INSON CRUSOE*} - See comments
6   Annoyed, wanted to catch learner driver (7) NEEDLED {NEED{L}ED}
7   Being broadcast from Barcelona, ironically (2,3) ON AIR [T]
8   Past patron saint causes an exclamation (2,6) BY GEORGE {BY} {GEORGE}
9   Legal walk (14) CONSTITUTIONAL [DD]
15 Train in club on piece of gymnastic equipment (4,5) IRON HORSE {IRON} {HORSE}
16 Watch tapes etc., haphazardly (8) SPECTATE*
18 Article on more complex proposition that has been proved (7) THEOREM {THE}{MORE*}
19 Haughty and extremely excitable man of high rank abroad (7) GRANDEE {GRAND}{ExcitablE}
20 Time off in bay (6) RECESS [DD]
22 A long letter (5) AITCH {A}{ITCH}


  1. Replies
    1. Abhay Phadnis had this to say on his debut in May:
      "The nom-de-plume is just a reflection of my worldview. Its roots lie in the lovely phrase used by Louis MacNeice (in his poem 'Snow') to describe the world - "incorrigibly plural"."

  2. I wonder how many of you spectated the match yesterday

  3. I onlook the 9-30 p.m. match every evening. Not the late-night/early morning ones.

  4. A clarification - what is the function of ORNATE in 4 Down.

    1. Ornate orb connoisseur misrepresented in book (8,6) ROBINSON CRUSOE*

      This is not an anagram of ORBCONNOSSEUR.

      It is an anagram of ORB + anagram of CONNOISSEUR

      'Ornate' is anag signal for 'orb' and, being adj, it comes before the noun 'orb'; 'misrepresented' is anag signal for 'connoisseur' and the verb in the past tense comes after the - subject? object? - what's the word? I don't know grammar!