Sunday, 8 June 2014

No 2794, Sunday 08 Jun 2014

1   Particular house, inside warm and snug (6) CHOOSY {C{HO}OSY}
4   Approaching fast in mini, men crashed by front of tavern (8) IMMINENT {MINI+MEN}*{T}
10 Funny series on radio? Poor audition cost me dearly, ultimately (9,6) SITUATION COMEDY {SITUATION COMED}*{Y}
11 I am no tall fizzy party drink (11) AMONTILLADO {I+AM+NO+TALL}*{DO}
12 Section of curve in semicircular channel (3) ARC [T]
14 Old record with new inset showing pop group's manager (7) EPSTEIN {EP}{INSET*}
16 A disinclination to act in opening of Educating Rita, possibly (7) INERTIA {IN}{E}{RITA*}
17 Spots, while talking, a town on the Thames (7) STAINES (~stains)
19 Working with improved remit, deservedly so (2,5) ON MERIT {ON} {TIMER*}
21 Circuit friend recalled (3) LAP <=
22 Gradual damage caused by Durham river trade, staggering article covered (4,3,4) WEAR AND TEAR {WEAR} {AN}{D TEAR*}
24 Come out? Some who went here may have done so afterwards (9,6) FINISHING SCHOOL [CD]
25 Russell, perhaps - Russell, perhaps squeezing 'er tight, initially (8) BERTRAND {B{'ER}{T}RAND}
26 Charge exorbitantly for wool (6) FLEECE [DD]

1   Spent LSD close to a Spanish region (5,3,3) COSTA DEL SOL*
2   Better in bloom, ahead of function (5) OUTDO {OUT}{DO}
3   Establish colony around a US port (7) SEATTLE {SE{A}TTLE}
5   Bureaucrat, and row about round fruit! (8,6) MANDARIN ORANGE {MANDARIN}{O}{RANGE}
6   A metal may be extracted from it - there's iridium and gold in one (4,3) IRON ORE {IR}{ON {OR}E}
7   Girl given support from then on, till the end of time (4,5) EVER AFTER {EVE}{R AFTER}
8   Dostoyevsky's play? (3) TOY [T]
9   Where juice may be obtained, satisfying Victoria in central London? (7,7) FILLING STATION {FILLING} {STATION}
13 Cultivated, hence taller mushroom (11) CHANTERELLE*
15 Being clearer about New England, one may make a point (9) SHARPENER {SHARPE{NE}R}
18 Still in ignorance, at the present time, over planned rise (2,5) NO WISER {NO W}{RISE*}
20 Examination claimed to be fixed (7) MEDICAL*
23 Call up? That's all right during the night before a festival (5) EVOKE {EV{OK}E}
24 Francs alumnus got out of pocket (3) FOB {F}{OB}


  1. 11A and 13D - not the kind of words for us, lesser mortals.

    AMONTILLADO might remind someone of tilla laddu - laddus made of dill or sesame. BERTRAND was really good.

    24A - Many years ago, I used to be amused by the signboard reading Ladies' Finishing School, without knowing what it exactly meant.

    8A - Tolstoy would also have worked. ;-)

  2. 13D- I got with Google & some crossings, but not 11A. Once these difficult words fall ( thanks to Col., others tend to fall in)
    Looking forward to Afterdark.

  3. Those who did not get to do this crossie do not know what they have missed. Made my Sunday, with AMONTILLADO which didn't have to wait TILL MONday to complete without much ADO .Made my day !

    COSTA DEL SOL like a nice holiday resort.

    Didn't STAINES remind a few of their alma- mater ?