Saturday, 7 June 2014

No.11105, Saturday 07 Jun 14, Arden

Another completely entertaining puzzle from Arden. Liked too many to list here. Some great anagrams and surfaces. Unusually there were 5 hidden clues, but all handled well.

1 Somehow feed a stubborn mule (5,2,6) BEAST OF BURDEN [FEED A STUBBORN]*
10 Recoil from electrical apparatus getting shock (5) APPAL [T<=]
11 For example, way to save money plant (9) EGLANTINE [EG + LANE outside TIN]
12 See periodic interest in America and North American state (9) LOUISIANA [LO + I & I inside USA + NA]
13 Cut through a small fruit (5) SPEAR [S + PEAR]
14 Burn and make around a million (7) CREMATE [CREATE outside M]
16 Rebel’s call for attention gets nervous reaction (7) HERETIC [HERE + TIC]
18 Sadly, weekend with an  individual in Anchorage (7) ALASKAN [ALAS + K + AN]
20 It can’t be nothing (3-4) NON-ZERO [CD]
22 Big man got in and got it anyway (5) TITAN [T]
24 Key to second room (9) BACKSPACE [BACK + SPACE]
26 Rest, perhaps as in the past (9) ERSTWHILE [REST* + WHILE]
27 Novel items hiding the best (5) ELITE [T]
28 A strange thing — can you tolerate such philandering? (3-5,5) ONE-NIGHT STAND [ONE + THING* + STAND]

2 Partner will follow direction and adopt (7) ESPOUSE [E + SPOUSE]
3 Persuasion to develop Salt lakes (5,4) SALES TALK [SALT LAKES]*
4 Time for doctor to come up, it’s the end (5) OMEGA [AGE + MO] <=
5 Stop a child playing inside canopy (9) BALDACHIN [BAN outside A CHILD]
6 Expressing annoyance about new rails (5) RANTS [RATS outside N]
7 Well known organisation, nine times is not there (7) EMINENT [NINE TiMEs]
8 He singsCan’t clear up my mess” (4,9) PAUL MCCARTNEY [CANT CLEAR UP MY]*
9 Mention to have met actor unhappy with an instrument (13) REFRACTOMETER [REFER outside MET ACTOR*]
15 Good to be brought up in Paris, evergreen and uplifting (9) ENNOBLING [BONNE <= + LING]
17 Entrances made to be reborn (9) RENASCENT [ENTRANCES]*
19 One managed to sit up inside with worker (7) ARTISAN [A + RAN outside SIT<=]
21 Misery of broken toenail? Just the opposite (7) ELATION [TOENAIL]*
23 Presently it may be fashionable, but hopeless otherwise (2-3) NO-WIN [NOW + IN]
25 Uncle attempts to hold the wedge (5) CLEAT [T]


  1. Cartoon 28A - Unless it's part of the creator's sense of humour, 'a one-night stand' is s correct expression - 'a' as article and 'one' as part of the adjective.

    2D - Can a life-partner obtained through Internet communication be called e-spouse? ;-)

    1. * corr. 'a one-night stand' is a correct expression.

    2. Of course, Richard, that is why I have retained the hyphen in the cartoon ...

    3. Talking of night-stands and their original use, did you think I had gone potty?

    4. I was not referring to the hyphen. I inferred that you were speaking of the usage of 'a' and 'one' together.

    5. The toon is all about 'me' missing the bus by being pedantic (that too unnecessarily) ...

    6. She is talking of 'a one-night stand' whereas 'I' am thinking she is talking about 'a night-stand' and using one unnecessarily. 'I' not only missed the bus, but also missed the miss ...

    7. 2D - Can a life-partner obtained through Internet communication be called e-spouse? ;-)

      Yes, I ~suppose, and what if one of the partners decides to uninstall ...

    8. I thought you missed the miss on purpose!

    9. Kishore@9.09-
      Easy to use the key- delete?

    10. Kishore @ 9:08 reg.

      Lady luck knocks at your door only once! And you....!

    11. I know, MB, I know ...

      But she came back and knocked again ...

    12. Horsing around leads to nightmares...

    13. Lady luck knocks at your door only once.

      When it is the first time, it is always Lady Luck.

      The second time, it is invariably her daughter, Miss Fortune.

    14. Richard @926

      Do you mean I must 'ang up my boots now?

    15. Since she was single, she was Miss Fortune in the first place ...

    16. We sure know how to labour the point, dont we?

  2. Narrowly missed a centum, but enjoyed it nonetheless. Failed to get 9Dn in spite of various other means! Thank you Arden.

  3. Buzzer's by line is as precise and typical as his CW!

  4. My favourite setters make an appearance in 1A. (I was referring to Bu-rden. What were you thinking?)

    6D - Should be 'Expression of annoyance...', no?

    8D - OMG! Not being a fan of The Beatles, I assumed that this was an E/CD type, although not quite in Arden's style. Brilliant clue!

  5. Another entertaining puzzle in the weekend.26a,24a ,20a clues were suggestive and pointing.9d- thro net we got two options.reflecto&refractometer.Thanks to the pointed clue(mention for refer) we got the obvious answer.thank you Arden.

  6. Today is the 60th anniversary of the death of Alan Turing, British cryptanalyst, mathematician, logician and computer scientist.

    1. The Guardian today has a Cryptic by Pasquale to mark this occasion.

    2. What a way to ruin the surprise for others! That too for a prize puzzle that is currently active.

    3. I whole heartedly agree with you, Bhavan

    4. Some people will never learn, even after being given hints

  7. Coincidentally, Arden brought up Turing 2 days back in 15d