Sunday, 29 June 2014

No 2797, Sunday 29 Jun 2014

1   Pause at these, I fancy (8) HESITATE*
5   Instruments for travelling salesmen (6) AGENTS [DD]
9   Ankle was twisted in ballet (4,4) SWAN LAKE*
10 Flyer needed by funfair manager (6) AIRMAN [T]
12 Poet in university in former British colony (5) AUDEN {A{U}DEN}
13 Put food in this stuff on barge at sea (6-3) TUCKER-BAG {TUCK}{ER-BAG*}
14 Girl's old lady finds something in an oyster, perhaps (6-2-5) MOTHER-OF-PEARL [DD]
16 Comedian in lace factory heading off for Wigan (5,8) SPIKE MILLIGAN {SPIKE} {MILL}{wIGAN}
20 Entailed trips crossing lake in part of Egypt (4,5) NILE DELTA {NI{L}E DELTA*}
21 Arabs murdered in Iraqi port (5) BASRA*
22 Gold cross initially concealed in plant (6) ORCHID {OR}{Cross}{HID}
23 Neat poker hand (8) STRAIGHT [DD]
24 Annoy the Parisian after final (6) NETTLE {NETT}{LE}
25 Two kings on board a majestic flagship of yore (3,5) ARK ROYAL {A}{R}{K} {ROYAL}

1   Soldier, American, stopping reckless climbing (6) HUSSAR {H{US}SAR<=}
2   Throwing darts, gets honour and fame (7) STARDOM {DARTS*}{OM}
3   Possessed by lanneret, a long claw (5) TALON [T]
4   Believe magazine is to go on a campaign (4,3,5) TAKE THE FIELD {TAKE} {THE FIELD}
6   Rodent from African country, and farm animal (6,3) GUINEA PIG {GUINEA} {PIG}
7   African country ban I aim to change (7) NAMIBIA*
8   Eagles shot across northern African country (7) SENEGAL {SE{N}EGAL*}
11 One teaching in the classroom, possibly (12) SCHOOLMASTER* &lit
15 Little time to study philosopher's routine (9) TREADMILL {T}{READ}{MILL}
16 What may be sown in Isle of Wight resort? (7) SANDOWN  SOWN = S AND OWN
17 One about to be strangled by evil Italian criminal (7) ILLICIT {ILL}{1}{C}{IT}
18 Bouquet may make beak happy (7) NOSEGAY {NOSE}{GAY}
19 Clubs, later, reformed syndicate (6) CARTEL {C}{LATER*}
21 Former PM in black hole (5) BLAIR {B}{LAIR}