Sunday, 1 June 2014

No 2793, Sunday 01 Jun 2014

1   Battleship RAF woman redesigned (3-2-3) MAN-OF-WAR* MCP remark: That must have been one helluva ship !
5   Unique description of switch saving energy (3-3) ONE-OFF {ON}{E}-{OFF}
10 Liven up after Sunday Mass (5) SWARM {S}{WARM}
11 A deejay might assume a haughty manner (3,2,4) PUT ON AIRS [C&DD]
12 Tell a story about Dracula, say (7) RECOUNT {RE}{COUNT}
13 Dog mine? Nonsense (3,4) PIT BULL {PIT} {BULL}
14 Sloganeers, upset about circular letter, fly off the handle (4,4,3) LOSE ONE'S RAG {LOSE {O}NES RAG*}
18 Pasta Hector prepared, a disaster (11) CATASTROPHE*
21 Acknowledged everyone had debts (7) ALLOWED {ALL}{OWED}
23 A peculiar team game, recalled layman (7) AMATEUR {A}{TEAM*}{RU<=}
24 Pointer, a liability? To some extent, among other things (5,4) INTER ALIA [T]
25 King in game put back in deck (5) ORLOP {O{R}LOP<=}
26 Wake in a river, river passing through York (6) AROUSE {A}{R}{OUSE}
27 Offensive individual (8) PERSONAL [DD]

1   Another touring quite empty Indian city (6) MYSORE (M(YeS)ORE)
2   Sister outside a church in shade (6) NUANCE {NU{A}N}{CE}
3   Passing remark? (6,4,5) FAMOUS LAST WORDS [CD]
4   Eater - pips taken out to make starter (9) APPETISER*
6   Throwing event is not ideal for a ballerina (7,2,6) NINETTE DE VALOIS*
7   Notice your bait working? (8) OBITUARY*
8   Strong wind getting up breaks safety device in body of aircraft (8) FUSELAGE {FUS{ELAG<=}E}
9   Finish second and first (4) STOP {S}{TOP}
15 One could look after the children if their parents are late (9) ORPHANAGE [CD]
16 Form of neuralgia may cause spasmodic twitching in Isaac, unfortunately (8) SCIATICA {SCIA{TIC}A*}
17 Knife fight about it upset Labour's leader (8) STILETTO {S{TI<=}{L}ET TO}
19 From what is heard, Garden City is favourably placed (4,2) WELL IN (~Welwyn)
20 Drive mostly right, then left (6) PROPEL {PROPEr}{L}
22 This herb may make daughter poorly (4) DILL {D}{ILL}


  1. Today's Special at 1030 from Balderdash

  2. 1 Another touring quite empty Indian city (6) MYSORE (M(YeS)ORE)

    Does 'quite' mean 'yes' pl ?

    1. Q: Is that young woman intern a shy person?

      A: Quite.

  3. Never heard of that ballerina.

    Take the name of an Indian dancer of any school/region/style who is no more and write a clue for it. Don't use names of any living persons.

    1. I admire kind UN valuer dancing to become a theosophist (7,4,8)

    2. "turning into" instead of "dancing to become" would be better for the surface, but I prefered to use dancing ...

    3. Rukmini Devi Arundale {I admire kind UN valuer}* Kishore @ 9:25

  4. "MCP remark: That must have been one helluva ship !"

    Oink, oink!