Tuesday, 17 June 2014

No 11113, Tuesday 17 Jun 2014, Sunnet

Found myself in a bit of a bother since I had not blogged since Thursday. Nice one from Sunnet in anticipation of Monsoons.

1   Polish engineer with strong desire to move ahead (6) LUSTRE {LUST}{RE}
4   A stake taken by the French champions (8) APOSTLES {A}{POST}{LES}
10 Cocktail that can be enjoyed on the beach? (3,6) SEA BREEZE [DD]
11 Single morning's deposit taken back to one in Paris (5) UNWED {UN}{WED<=}
12 Newton only used tough material (5) NYLON {N}{ONLY*}
13 Place where all are welcome is nothing to write home (4,5) OPEN HOUSE {O}{PEN} {HOUSE}
14 A day quickly becomes a season (7) MONSOON {MON}{SOON}
Cartoon by Rishi
16 Looks left to right and right to left (4) SEES <=>
19 Fijians primarily eat pickled cheese (4) FETA {F}{EAT*}
21 Crazy Tuscan beaten up by English (7) NUTCASE {TUSCAN*}{E}
24 Leader having patent for one that can understand without hearing (9) LIPREADER {L{IP}EADER} (Correction - {L{IPR}EADER} - See comments)
Cartoon by Rishi  
25 Zulu perhaps, of urban Tunisia (5) BANTU [T]
26 Bit of love displayed by long lost relative (5) OUNCE {O}{UNClE}
27 Hands that are found in a butcher shop (4,5) MEAT HOOKS [CD]
28 Burn exotic elm inside for a refining process (8) SMELTING {S{ELM*}TING}
29 Free deserter arrested by American soldiers (6) GRATIS {G{RAT}IS}

1   This is same for a family of wild male ants (4,4) LAST NAME*
Cartoon by Bhargav
2   Blasting assorted animal accommodation (8) STABLING*
3   Sick runner lost a bit of nip in second showing (5) RERUN RUnNER*
5   Lady engineer featured in media (7) PEERESS {P{EE}RESS}
6   Point obtained by expansion of hollow screw (9) SOUTHWEST {ScreW Expanded}
7   Left's offensive is legal (6) LAWFUL {L}{AWFUL}
8   Instantaneous power extracted out of potato by a study (6) SUDDEN {SpUD}{DEN}
9   Go back to answer (6)  REJOIN [DD]
15 Strain is apparent without oriental king (9) OVEREXERT {OV{E}{REX}ERT}
17 Mac managed to swallow one layer (8) RAINCOAT {RA{1}N}{COAT}
18 Asks for soldiers seeking society (8) REQUESTS {RE}{QUEST}{S}
20 A coalition worker's territory in India (7) ANDAMAN {A}{NDA}{MAN}
21 Conventional nationalist and upright man pulled down a couple of times (6) NORMAL {N}{(-m)OR(+m)MAL}
22 Inundations of fodder around Lake Superior at first (6) FLOODS {F{L}OOD}{S}
23 This is used to clean a parasite (6) SPONGE [DD]
25 State's ban to cover revolutionary greeting (5) BIHAR {B{IH<=}AR}


  1. Nice one from Sunnet.

    R missing in 24a: IPR. Intellectual property rights.

    1. Here 'one that' is also part of the definition.

  2. No CW link in Today's online paper

  3. Nice engaging one from Sunnet. Enjoyed solving it. Thank you.
    Did not get 'coat' as a layer. Liked the 'Long lost' part of the relative.
    Peeress was nicely done.

  4. A nice lot of cartoons. Imagination running wild!

  5. Passing away of Ms.Gita Iyer's father (M.S.Venkatraman) is in the obituary column of TH.May his soul rest in peace.

  6. Sunnet keeps up his tradition of themed pangrams. I get so absorbed in solving that I hardly get to notice.

  7. Phew!!! At last, I could crack Sunnet's engrossing and engaging puzzle for the first time! It took me more than an hour of determination and perseverance and it paid off.
    Thanks a lot for the entertainer, Sunnet. :-)))

  8. In TH, under Misc. there was only 1 item. But now there are 3 including Sudoku- no CW link. Inscrutable.

  9. Missing on line. Kishore: Can you oblige by sending me a copy?


  10. You are right, Paddy. I could not find it in the online edition.

    Raju, cannot send due to above. Sorry

    1. It's ok, Ramesh J has sent it to me. So nice of you !

  11. Thanks for all the feedback folks.

    Raju, sent you the CW. Please check you mail

    1. Thanks a lot Rameshji.Saved my bother !

  12. Normal & Andaman were also theme words. 'Normal monsoon' is usually what the country prays for & Andaman is the first place where it starts

    1. You think far & wide- not just 'normal'ly !

  13. Thin attendance because of no link in today's online paper? Where's everybody?

  14. Tried downloading from Androis App in the morning but failed; couldn't find time the whole day & thought woulld get down to solving late evening; found to dismay no online edition. Had to be content going through the blog.