Thursday, 26 June 2014

No 11121, Thursday 26 Jun 2014, Mac

I wonder if one of these days I will have to say RIP THC and THCC? The non inclusion of the link to the CW at the first instance when the online edition is up, seems to be a deliberate decision by the paper. I see no reason why they cannot do so when they are able to insert the clues and the grid later in the day.

Liked the free flowing offering from Mac.

9   PROCESS = System. In favour = PRO and Tax = Cess
10 UNCLEAR = Mysterious. Anagram of NUCLEAR
11 RESIDUE = Leftover. Anagram (AInd: stew) of I + REUSED
12 DISCUSS = Argue. Criticise = DIS and Abuse = CUSS
13 AUTOMATON = Robot. A + Fruit = TOMATO in (consumed by) a French = UN
15 STATE = Say. Anagram (AInd: failing) of A + TEST
16 MISSIVE = Message. Ma'am = MISS I have = I'VE
19 DEEPEST = Least shallow. River = DEE + is in french = EST around (outside) Paris primarily = P
20 CHESS = Game. As CV says, Anno left for a commenter ;-) (AddendumRoyal woman = DUCHESS without (drops out) 'of the' French = DU - See comments)
21 OVERSTEPS = Goes over the line. Anagram (AInd: all wrong) of TOP + SERVE'S
25 ASPIRIN = Drug. Longing = ASPIRING without (no) good = G
26 LIBRARY = Bookhouse. Sign = LIBRA + Railway = RY
28 EMULATE = Monkey. Bird = EMU + Dead = LATE
29 GLUTTON = He greedily eats. Anagram (AInd: cooked) of MUTTON +LEG without ME

1   SPARTA = Ancient Greek city. Fight = SPAR and Army =TA
2   BORSHT = Soup. Anagram (AInd: served up) of BROTH'S Don't know if this is an accepted spelling. It'snot there in Wiki or Chambers.
3   HEED = Take notice. Telescopic (letters from) tHE EDitor
4   ASPECT = &lit. A and feature = SPEC + feature essentially = feaTure
5   BURDENED = Oppressed. Boy = B + anagram (AInd: ill-treated) of ENDURED
6   ECOSYSTEM = Comples interactive networks. English = E + Company = CO + Computers = SYSTEM
7   REGULATE = Control. Anagram (AInd: amended) of GET A RULE
8   PROSPECT = Opportunity. For = PRO + Parish leader = P inside (accepted) religious group = SECT
14 MAINSTREAM = Current. Ocean = MAIN + River = STREAM
16 MACRAMES = Ornamental laces. Setter = MAC + Devices = FRAMES without begining (uninitiated)  = RAMES
17 SHEEP RUN = Pasture for livestock. Anagram (AInd: ground) of HE + PRUNES
18 ENOUNCES = States. Condemns = DENOUNCES without beginning (leaderless) = ENOUNCES
22 EULOGY = Late tribute. [CD]
23 EXACTS = Demands. Former partner = EX with Acrostic from (starts) Annoyingly Conceded To Some
24 SAYING = Telling. Telescopic (contribution) from MagasaySAY IN Guerrilliaism
27 BOUT = Round. Delete (remove) A from around = ABOUT

Clues added at 11:20 AM from online edition

9.   System in favour of tax (7) {PRO}{CESS}
10. Mysterious nuclear explosion (7) UNCLEAR*
11. Leftover stew I reused (7) RESIDUE*
12. Argue, criticise and abuse (7) {DIS}{CISS}
13. A fruit consumed by a French robot (9) {A}{U{TOMATO}N}
15. Failing a test, say (5) STATE*
16. “Ma'am, I have a message” (7) {MISS}{I'VE}
19. The least shallow river is in France, outside Paris, primarily (7) {DEE}{P}{EST}
20. Royal woman drops out of the French game (5) duCHESS
21. Top serve's all wrong, goes over the line (9) OVERSTEPS*
25. Longing for no-good drug (7) ASPIRINg
26. Sign on railway book house (7) {LIBRA}{RY}
28. Monkey bird's dead! (7) {EMU}{LATE}
29. He greedily eats cooked mutton leg without me (7) GLUTTONme*

1.   Fight with army of ancient Greek city (6) {SPAR}{TA}
2.   Broth's served up as soup (6) BORSHT*
3.   Take notice of letters from the editor (4) HEED [T]
4.   A particular feature, essentially (6) {A}{SPEC}{T} &lit
5.   Oppressed boy endured ill-treatment (8) {B}{URDENED*}
6.   English company's computers form complex interactive networks (10) {E}{CO}{SYSTEM}
7.   Get a rule amended for control (8) REGULATE*
8.   Opportunity for parish leader to be accepted by religious group (8) {PRO}{S{P}ECT}
14. Ocean/river current (10) {MAIN}{STREAM}
16. Ornamental laces setter devises uninitiated (8) {MAC}{fRAMES}
17. Ground he prunes is a pasture for livestock (5,3) SHEEP RUN*
18. Condemns leaderless states (8) dENOUNCES
22. Late tribute (6) EULOGY [CD]
23. Former partner starts to annoyingly concede to some demands (6) {EX}{A}{C}{T}{S}
24. Telling contribution from Magsaysay in guerrillaism (6) SAYING [T]
27. Remove 'a' from “around” to get “round” (4) aBOUT


  1. And in comes CV with his anno:

    20 Royal woman drops out of the French game (5)

    Royal woman: DUCHESS
    drops out - discards
    of the French - DU
    game - def

    1. Beat you by a few milliseconds you must have taken to type out the detailed anno. ;-)

  2. I wholly agree with the sentiments expressed by the Colonel.

    Mac, thanks for a fast moving puzzle, which encountered a road block at 18D, which was the last to fall.

    I am not sure if this is the theme intended, but we have several words referring to communications/interactions between persons:

    Discuss, State, Missive, Heed, Enounces, Eulogy, Saying

    1. No theme intended. Any connect found is coincidental :)

    2. Loved your 'mutton leg' !

    3. I thought you are a vegan !

    4. This was food. ... For thought

  3. Both 'de' 7 'du' mean of in french?
    I had problem in SW corner with the game,the drug,16 & 17 D.
    Did not know enounce.
    Sad to read Col.'s preamble. I hope & pray it does not come to that.

    1. IIRC, 'de' = 'of' , and 'du' = 'of the' (de la, in the feminine)

  4. 27ac is a very good clue.
    It's simple but actually writing simple clues is a difficult job.
    And it's a sort of clue which after you look at it, you would want to solve it - you're restless until you've got the answer.
    And when you've the answer, there is inner satisfaction.
    The art of clue-writing is on display in this one instance.

    1. Since there are many good clues, but no 27a, I presume you mean 27d or 29a

    2. May I know what the clue is? I don't have the paper with me

    3. I am so sorry! I meant 27d - the last of the clues.

    4. Remove 'a' from "around" to get "round" (4)

    5. 27d Remove 'a' from "around" to get '"round" (5)

      The surface reading makes sense - and it is also an obviously correct statement.
      And then comes the wordplay.

    6. Yep, simple, obvious, yet effective and nice.

      CV, "Read (4)," thought it was some kinda clue and was wondering what the answer could be. Thinking on the lines of reverse anagram &lit clue

    7. 27A is nice indeed. But I found the art of clue-writing displayed on almost every clue from exa's offering yesterday. Pity many didn't get to try it out as the online edition wasn't out. Loving the Mac followed by Exa combo!

    8. It is not Mac followed by Exa - the other way round ...

    9. Loving the Exa followed by Mac combo!
      Exa more of course.

    10. Wow, you're quite a fan of Exa

    11. not really.
      saying what's on my head.

  5. Nice easy offering from Mac.

    Sad the see that TH continues to neglect repeated requests to have the online version up on time.

  6. Smooth puzzle.
    from the free dictionary:

    borscht also borsht (bôrsht) or borsch (bôrsh)
    A beet soup served hot or cold, usually with sour cream.

    1. This is a fate faced by many words imported from other languages. Chambers, as the Colonel notes does not have borsh, but it does have borsch, borscht and bortsch all referring to the same soup.

  7. Monkey seems to be hopping between puzzles.

  8. Cracked the grid and it gave immense pleasure! Thanks Mac. What a surface reading in most of the clues! Enjoyed solving. I should give credit to Col and other commentators without whose knowledge-sharing I could not have cracked and got centum. Thanks everybody.

  9. No headache, no aspirin! It was a smooth ride. 16Dn MACRAMES was the last one to fall. Thank you Mac. Thoroughly enjoyed solving this wonderful CW. :-)))

  10. Grid and clues available online now !!!!

    1. Col.
      had been to Th office in person and met Mr.Jacob (Editorial dept. which handles CW as well) who happens to be a good friend of CV and enquired about him. As it is , he sees no problem or any policy decision of delaying the publication CW in the on line edition- except the delay. It looks like the delayed publication will continue unless some effort is put in. He promised to look in and get back to me in confirmation. I told him it used to be regularly up every morning earlier. Let us hope he is able to do something.

    2. Good work Paddy. Let's hope for the best. I presume CV will also speak to Mr Jacob after seeing this comment

  11. Enjoying the run of new setters. Some seem intimidating at first, but are most enjoyable as they begin to unravel!
    Thank you Mac for a very interesting one today.

  12. Enjoyed todays puzzle. Esp.10,13,28a,27d clues nice solver-friendly.No much ref.required. Thank you mac.

  13. 26a: Sign on a rly book house that I've found are usually AH Wheeler & Higginbothams :-)

    1. If it had been a normal day with the CWD uploaded in time, B may have had an illustration for "Sign on a railway bookhouse" with either of the names you have mentioned.

    2. I had the same in mind, but did not have the mood to draw. And Mac's not the one to be blamed for it.

  14. Yes, I get the print edition.
    Hope the problem with the on line edition gets resolved soon.