Sunday, 15 June 2014

No 2795, Sunday 15 Jun 2014

7   To depart, follow green light (4,5) TAKE LEAVE [CD]
9   Good opportunity in school (5) GROOM {G}{ROOM}
11 Grand Prix track, circuit in Lima rebuilt (5) IMOLA {IM{O}LA*}
12 Those who assault strikers? (9) ATTACKERS [DD]
13 Not quick to grasp what the pro is with a golf club? (4,2,3,6) SLOW ON THE UPTAKE [DD]
14 Large centrepiece required - English salesman returned with duff gen (7) EPERGNE {E}{PER<=}{GEN*}
16 Home Counties gave up, withdrew (7) SECEDED {SE}{CEDED}
18 How a tot in a high chair eats, in poverty? (4,4,2,5) FROM HAND TO MOUTH [DD]
22 Sci-fi film in register, reviewed after another (9) ALIENATOR {ALIEN}{ATOR<=}
23 Willow, very large one about to be cut back? (5) OSIER {OS}{1}{ER<=}
24 Study child actress (5) DENCH {DEN}{CH}
25 Introduces new members (9) INITIATES [DD]

1   Moral principles in middle of sixteenth century put down in this (6) ETHICS {sixtEenth}{THI{C}S}
2   Covering the entire distance, from the beginning (3,5) ALL ALONG [CD]
3   Scholar in a goods vehicle in street (6) SAVANT {S{A}{VAN}T}
4   They may be used by a camper, foreign gent with pets (4,4) TENT PEGS*
5   Urge to get prize piece of tableware (3,3) EGG CUP {EGG} {CUP}
6   Major duel - one it bothered in play (5,3,6) ROMEO AND JULIET*
8   Be an authority on tear-jerkers? (4,4,6) KNOW ONES ONIONS [C&DD]
10 Give the wrong impression being crazy about Skye, perhaps (7) MISLEAD {M{ISLE}AD}
14 Antelope crossing fine line in enchanted place (7) ELFLAND {EL{F}{L}AND}
15 A German beer mug for a renowned scientist (8) EINSTEIN {EIN}{STEIN}
17 US agency holding a married bloke in Asian country (8) CAMBODIA {C{A}{M}{BOD}IA}
19 Some pythons, huge in part of Japan (6) HONSHU [T]
20 Disordered routine, back tender (6) TURBID {TUR<=}{BID}
21 Unorthodox religious opinion at this place on the outskirts of Shrewsbury (6) HERESY {HERE}{ShrewsburY}


  1. Special at 10:30 by debutant Saral

  2. M, herself makes an appearance in today's crossie. Mmmmmmmm...

  3. Mmmm... let me guess!
    But Saral gives me hope it will be easy!

  4. Reminds me of Naya Saral Form(ITS-2E). Hope to find the CW 'saral' and easy to fill !

  5. Just saw that new links at the top for FAQs and guidelines for Sunday Specials have been added, Deepak. Thanks for adding.