Friday, 10 July 2015

No 11443, Friday 10 Jul 2015, Vulcan

1   With ease, swimming in salty waters (5,3) WHITE SEA*
5   Humane offer (6) TENDER [DD]
9   Additional information on the side, it's about our stock exchange (5) INSET {I{NSE}T}
10 Probe carried out by a writer associated with a daily gathering pace (9) PENETRATE {PEN}{ET}{RATE}
12 Conscious feeling animals essentially lacking (8) SENTIENT SENTImENT
13 A legend's first bad recording (5) ALBUM {A}{Le...d}{BUM}
15 Invites letters from apprentice/ students (7) ENTICES [T]
16 Fault setter tried ungracefully to defend (7) DEMERIT {DE{ME}RIT*}
18 Aid work interrupted by rains, ruined basically a delivery for the affected (7) AIRDROP {AI{Rains}D}{Ru...d}{OP}
21 Good fashion sense captivating current generation (7) GENESIS {G}{ENES{I}S*}
23 Dug a pit for Bear, say (5) HOLED (~hold)
25 Calm autumn twilight (8) EVENFALL {EVEN}{FALL}
27 Saltiness perhaps is antiseptic (9) STAINLESS*
28 Refuse to fight (5) SCRAP [DD]
29 Stitch operated uterus (6) SUTURE*
30 Unique speech given by Charlie about large European Community (8) IDIOLECT {IDIO{L}EC}T} New word for me

1   Rest of the answer is in wordplay (4) WAIT {W{A}IT}
2   Animal with innate power to observe (7) INSPECT {INS{P}ECT}
3   Vehicle in a contest overturned, say, splitting it into two (6,3) ESTATE CAR {E{STATE} CAR<=}
4   Clear state (7) EXPRESS [DD]
6   Very old art forms (5) EXTRA {EX}{ART*}
7   Rabbi mostly wearing a colour that's showing up duller (7) DRABBER {D{RABBi}ER<=}
8   That which causes pain matures him anyhow (10) RHEUMATISM*
11 Famous study taken up about a collection of books (5) NOTED {N{OT}ED<=}
14 It's the same after transportation of letters (10) METATHESIS* &lit
17 Shot into fame with second public statement (9) MANIFESTO {INTO+FAME+S}*
19 Confident priest caught in rhetoric (7) RELIANT {R{ELI}ANT}
20 Work in harmony as told (5) PIECE (~peace)
21 Coated key piece of metal with arsenic on the inside (7) GREASED {G}{RE{AS}ED}
22 Special need to spend (7) SPLURGE {SPL}{URGE}
24 Restaurant's sardine not as fresh (5) DINER saRDINE*
26 Catch sight of second vessel (4) SPOT {S}{POT}



  1. Replies
    1. The question was if after "metathesis" the meaning remains the same,. The dictionary confirms it. So it is an &lit, as noted by Col

  2. Enjoyed every bit of it. Was caught in SE corner due to 'Idiolect'. Once I saw it here everything else fell in place.

  3. White sea was also new to me, but filled in thanks to anagram.

  4. Replies
    1. Yes and quite tricky too. Liked the DEMERIT clue.

  5. Thank you Vulcan for the samosas! Enjoyed solving this. I think this is my first samosas from Vulcan.

  6. Very nice puzzle..lots of clues to njoy & savour