Sunday, 12 July 2015

No 2849, Sunday 12 Jul 2015

Bit of a toughie again.

1   E.g. first row in examination (7) ORDINAL {OR{DIN}AL}
5   Longing to join network, about to make entrance (7) BEWITCH {BEW<=}{ITCH}
9   Give up project with silly title when receiving nothing (5,2,3,5) THROW IN THE TOWEL {THROW} {IN THE T{O}WEL*}
10 Evoke scene of public games and everything (6) RECALL {REC}{ALL} REC for Recreation grounds
11 Radiation during and following unusual day (8) INFRARED {IN}{F}{RARE}{D}
13 System of belief in operation aboard holy ship at sea (10) PHILOSOPHY {HOLY+SHIP}* around {OP}
14 Uncertain moment with judge absent (4) IFFY jIFFY
16 Reportedly pointless blade (4) VANE (~vain)
17 Flower in good composition held by small child (10) MIGNONETTE {MI{G}{NONET}TE}  Had to cheat for this one.
20 Diamonds perhaps with justification in item of luggage (8) SUITCASE {SUIT}{CASE}
21 Good meal for all to see including a cake (6) GATEAU {G}{A}{TEA}{U}
23 Poor distracted prude driven to cover one limb (15) UNDERPRIVILEGED {PRUDE+DRIVEN}* around {1}{LEG}
24 Raised band led by sailor in trim (7) ABRIDGE {AB}{RIDGE}
25 Put out from southern source (7) SMOTHER {S}{MOTHER}

1   Broadcast cut poor rock (7) OUTCROP*
2   Friend wandering after desperate deed without a navigational aid (9,6) DIRECTION FINDER {DIRE}{aCTION} {FRIEND}*
3   Fresh members of team bowled no differently (3,5) NEW BLOOD*
4   Fill column (4) LINK [DD]
5   Late supporting round of applause (10) BEHINDHAND {BEHIND}{HAND}
6   Cautious about alien, upset and weak (6) WATERY {WA{TE<=}RY}
7   True supporter prepared for north gets wet (5,2,8) TOWER OF STRENGTH*
8   Leave area under cover in boat (7) HOLIDAY {HO{LID}{A}Y}
12 Restaurant's decline is followed by most of chain (10) ROTISSERIE {ROT}{IS}{SERIEs}
15 Carving giant warped painting up (8) INTAGLIO {GIANT}*{LIO<=}
16 View across middle of grounds with lake and river (7) VISTULA {VIST{groUnds}{L}A}
18 Land in trouble right after changing cue (7) ECUADOR {CUE}*{ADO}{R}
19 Fearful bother between son and daughter (6) SCARED {S}{CARE}{D}
22 Composer raised in US evidently (4) IVES [T<=] &lit



  1. I'm off early for the Jawa-Yezdi Day, will be back by lunch only.

    Special at 10:30 is by Bruno

  2. Replies
    1. Right on
      line v. t. - To put something in the inside of; to fill; to supply, as a purse with money

    2. Had put in 'Line' as well.

      Don't think 22d is a true &lit since 'composer' is not really part of the wordplay

      Ives was born and brought up in Danbury, Connecticut.
      So, he is a .composer evidently raised in US!
      So, both rev telescopic and &lit.

  3. Thought of it. But 'to fill'? (like fill in the blank?)