Thursday, 23 July 2015

No 11454, Thursday 23 Jul 2015, Mac

9   Eagle manoeuvring about in descent (7) LINEAGE {L{IN}EAGE*}
10 Eliminate old boy essentially cheating in contest (7) OBVIATE {OB}{VI{cheATing}E}
11 Teen lad involved in an accident became toothless (7) EDENTAL*
12 Water bottle carried by African teenagers (7) CANTEEN [T]
13 Source of oil/fuel won battling in the borders of Salvador (9) SUNFLOWER {Salv{FUEL+WON}*adoR}
15 Small, feathered limb to move back and forth (5) SWING {S}{WING}
16 Incompetent dignitary (7) NOTABLE {NOT}{ABLE}
19 Atoner to bid farewell to parish leader and go through the door, not for the first time (2-5) RE-ENTER REpENTER
20 Without a bit of apprehension, approach one who’s doomed (5) GONER {GO}{NEaR}
21 Ridiculousness of International Space Station orbiting a planet without any trace of urbanisation! (9) INEPTNESS {I{NEPTuNE}SS}
25 Glass roller? (7) TUMBLER [DD]
26 In Japan, there resides a ferocious animal (7) PANTHER [T]
28 Deer meat cooked in ovens (7) VENISON*
29 After removing the tail, sear and eat fish (7) SARDINE {SeAR}{DINE}

1   Dock trapped animal’s tail with small cutting tool (6) PLIERS {P{a...aL}IER}{S}
2   Trainee in the Royal Navy had to be discharged without notice (6) INTERN {IN}{ThE}{RN}
3   Don’t eat food quickly (4) FAST [DD]
4   Chicken-hearted, one might do this when hurt (6) YELLOW {YELL}{OW}
5   Spelling wizard (8) SORCERER [CD]
6   Fugitive's escape after a 'breaking and entering' incident (10) EVANESCENT {EV{AN}{ESC}ENT} Had to cheat for this one
7   “Planet is in disarray”, reveals committee member (8) PANELIST*
8   Nasty agreement to disown male adolescent (8) TEENAGER AGREEmENT*
14 A libeler is set free (10) LIBERALISE*
16 Refusal to eat veg in mess (8) NEGATIVE*
17 X-men, without the heart of Wolverine and their leader, are perhaps flat (8) TENEMENT {TEN-{w...E...e}MEN}{Their}
18 Irritated German resident left Dresden, heading off to become an expatriate (8) EMIGRANT {GERMAN+RESIDENT-dRESDEN}*
22 Lay bare for topless sex position (6) EXPOSE {sEX}{POSE}
23 Tribal dance of the north-east Indian community leaders (6) ETHNIC {THE*}{North}{In...n}{Co...y}
24 Beat eggs, for starters, in order to make dessert (6) SORBET {SOR{Beat}{Eggs}T} Like the ice lolly we get on the roadside, especially near schools!!
27 Average of ten or more (4) NORM [T]



  1. Good one Mac!
    Read your interview on Crossword Unclued - what did you mean by ''Soon to be just 'a solver'?" I hope you don't stop setting crosswords! :(

    1. Sandhya, The same thought struck me too. You did well to pose that question here under Mac's crossword. I appreciate your patience.

    2. That was one line in the interviews that stood out. I hope he is referring to IXL and not stopping setting.

    3. Joining the chorus-"Do not stop setting". If anything today's CW underlines how much we enjoy solving.

    4. Not the one to lag behind! I repeat what Paddy said "Do not stop setting" please.

    5. Taking a break from setting. Probably going to set one, or maybe two, more grid(s). Sorry.

    6. Heart breaking news that...shall relish the next two crossies...hope u make a comeback & continue to regale us

    7. Hope you reconsider, but if not, then looking forward to your return

  2. 6ac FUGITIVE for 'evanascent' is perfectly correct. I am not disputing that.
    Personally, I would in my writing use the word 'fugacious' rather than 'fugitive'.

  3. EVANASCENT and INEPTNESS took away my samosas:((

  4. I did not go to the 'Canteen' to collect my samosas. But I don't mind after solving so many nice clues and savoured the experience- I would call it the mental workout. Also, happy I was able to get all except 6d without any assistance.
    'Detail' ing the 'the' was beyond me though I got the word.

  5. Super cool puzzle...nice cluing with extremely good surface stories

  6. The stroke in oil / fuel is a master stroke. It kept side tracking me for a long time.

  7. I also took a long time to get 'battling' as an Anind.

  8. Funnily enough I got samosas through canteen today and not the usual beverage stuff ! Beautiful puzzle. Thank you Mac. :-)))

  9. Thank you, Mac - that was thoroughly enjoyable! The clues were excellent - both the short, pithy ones (e.g. NOTABLE, LIBERALISE, SORCERER) and the more elaborately constructed ones (e.g. EVANESCENT, GONER, INEPTNESS).

    The comments at the top suggesting that you might stop setting are alarming - I hope that is a misrepresentation of what you said in the interview. More power to your setting elbow!

    Thanks to DG for the blog.

  10. Loved the construction in 2d. Mac is as good as ever.

  11. Trying to remember setters who left the panel:owing to other commitments:

    Nita Jaggi

    Any other I have not remembered?

  12. Oh yes...
    Anitya (who has not appeared for long)

  13. You forgot Tester who gave us 6 CWs from 10 Sep 12 to 05 Mar 13

  14. Filler was not a THC setter, he gave us Sunday specials