Thursday, 16 July 2015

No 11448, Thursday 16 Jul 2015, The Phantom

1   Girl’s collected exclusive costumes (5) GOWNS {G'{OWN}S}
4   Boss caught employee picking lock (8) CHAIRMAN {C}{HAIR}{MAN}
8   Praise all around isnt surprising for executive (14) ADMINISTRATION {ADMI{ISNT*}RATION}
10 A drug, one's consumed could be unsafe (9) DANGEROUS*
11 Newspaper men returning to harass (5)  ORGAN {OR}{GAN<=}
12 Department’s always gathering information about … (6) AGENCY {A{GEN}{C}Y}
14 … resident possessing say kind of film (8) NEGATIVE {N{EG}ATIVE}
17 Tolerating former wife's swearing offering no resistance (8) EXCUSING {EX}{CUrSING}
18 Cheap whisky for wine maybe, I picked up (6) REDEYE {RED}{EYE}(~ I}
20 Dram’s a large amount? (5) TOTAL {TOT}{A}{L}
22 As foreseen perhaps, initially bull’s captivated by red (9) PREDICTED {Pe...s}{R{EDICT}ED}
24 Can idiot feint sickness following independent diagnosis? (14) IDENTIFICATION {I}{CAN+IDIOT+FEINT}*
25 Cavendish ultimately identified this element (8) HYDROGEN {c...sH} &lit
26 Work out for one fetched victory (5) SOLVE {SOL{V}E}

1   Undo basic cut in allowances for older relatives (12) GRANDPARENTS {GRA{uNDo}{PARE}NTS}
2   Doctor about to investigate sickly female (5) WOMAN {W{OM<=}AN}
3   Orders conveyed, receiver’s executed (9) SENTENCES {SENT}{fENCE'S}
4   Court order restricted American business (6) CUSTOM {C{US}T}{OM}
5   Apprehended a deserter running away from base (8) ARRESTED {A}{DESERTeR}*
6   Man finally not in control of relationship … (5) RATIO RATIOn
7   … privately harbouring hope to get near (9) ALONGSIDE {A{LONG}SIDE}
9   Writer of Spanish origin, involved in latest study on church's autonomy (12) INDEPENDENCE {IN}{DE{PEN}{DE}N}{CE}
13 Retired journalist left to visit metro enthusiastically (9) EXCITEDLY {EX}{CIT{ED}{L}Y}
15 A Mexican's right to vote out his neighbours? (9) AMERICANS {A}{ME(-x+r)RICANS}
16 Shooting picture/clip — photography essentially (8) SNAPPING {SNAP}{PIN}{p...oGr...y}
19 Engineer signed blueprint (6) DESIGN*
21 Passenger ship’s cruising Nile River (5) LINER {NILE}*{R}
23 Fabric wife’s kept in drawer (5) TWILL {T{W}ILL}



  1. Nice one requiring a lot of effort on my part- still not complete. There were also a few whose anno I could not get.
    4D-'OM" from?
    11A- 'OR' for men?

  2. 6A- I was trying to fill in 'Administrator' on seeing executive. Then only realised it must be as in Judiciary, administration, Executive (3 branches) etc.

  3. Thank you Col.
    I keep stumbling on OR.

  4. Nice puzzle. Managed to get 85%. Could solve with ease the long ones 8 & 24Ac. Overall an enjoyable crossie.

  5. 5 Apprehended a deserter running away from base (8) ARRESTED {A}{DESERTeR}*
    I am unable to get the anno. How 'e' is identified as the deletion letter from "running away from base"?

    1. Thanks col. clearing my basic doubt. But for this blog, I would have never understood it. Now I can appreciate the clue much better.

    2. Thanks Col. for clearing my basic doubt.

  6. 3 Orders conveyed, receiver’s executed (9) SENTENCES {SENT}{fENCE'S}
    How 'f' is deleted pl?

  7. Superb puzzle!all very good clues without COD: 25A..nicely composed & Lit clue...Thanks Mr. Walker

  8. Phantom has been wanting to write an &lit clue for a long time and today wrote an excellent one. I must have read about Cavendish long long ago, but totally forgot him. Thanks for the reminder and thanks to Col. for the link.

    1. 3 of the last 4 Cws of The Phantom have had an &lit in them. So he does not seem to waiting for very long. But then Phantom moves faster than light, so we never know how long a month is in his world. ( Theory of Relativity & all that )

    2. You're right, Padmanabhan, I was trying to write an &lit for long and wondered if I could at all do it. I don't remember to have written 3 &lit clues. But you know how to fish out inf from the blog, Ramesh :)

    3. Great clue though it is, it isn't an &lit. While the entire clue acts as the def, only the first 2 words contribute to the wordplay

    4. That's right,
      though it could turn into an &lit with a small fix:

      What Cavendish ultimately identified? (8)

    5. I'm with Mohsin. The clue makes for very good reading, but it is not an &lit. I also have a problem with the definition - Hydrogen is H, not h.

  9. Technical question
    In Chrome browser we have front pages of the websites that we often visit or have previously visited..
    There are eight of them.
    Is there an option, by exercising which, I can add a couple more?

  10. I have found there are always a few waiting in queue. I had to delete a few which I did not need that frequently and when I deleted them others automatically came on. That means there is provision only for 8.You can add others to 'Bookmark' on the top right corner.

  11. Great puzzle from the Phantom as usual, thanks Phantom!