Friday, 17 July 2015

No 11449, Friday 17 Jul 2015, Afterdark

Matrimony and its fallout.

1   Association overturned champs opinion (13) COMPANIONSHIP*
10 At home, mend broken thing, alternatively at the end get insurance (9) INDEMNITY {IN}{MEND*}{IT}{a...lY}
11 Megalomaniac tortures characters and artist (5) ACTOR [T]
12 For starters, not understanding lover's longing statements results in voids (5) NULLS Acrostic
13 I leave delegation angrily, as it is protracted (9) ELONGATED DELEGATiON*
14 Trap itinerant men faced as she advances East (6) ENMESH {MEN*}{(+e)SH(-e)}
16 God! Police officer steps out in Indigo outfit (4) ODIN INDigO*
19 1/3rd of arm severed for Celtic hero (4) BRAN BRANch
20 Harry is Sarah's illegitimate son (6) HARASS {SARAH*}{S}
25 Courting a person from say, Italy with a sip of champagne in Germany (9) ROMANCING {ROMAN}{Ch...e}{IN}{G}
26 Eagle's nest is a lake? (5) AERIE {A}{ERIE}
27 Eat less, leave out boiled egg (5) OVULE {LeaVE+OUt}*
28 Stepping out of dark, I reached vandalized ATM at hospital end (9) AFTERMATH {AFTERdark}{ATM*}{H}
29 Opponents shell out a dollar to follow sister-in-law at Tamil Nadu on days of remembrance (13) ANNIVERSARIES {ANNI}{adVERSARIES}

2   Ex-lover was a dancing doll, internally fine dame, drop dead... (3,5) OLD FLAME {OLD {F}L*}{dAME}
3   ...panders to quiet devils (5) PIMPS {P}{IMPS}
4   Captured wandering Daniel (6) NAILED*
5   Cunning, but no brain? Fool, yes (8) OXYMORON {fOXY}{MORON} Semi&lit
6   Marshalling resources to sacrifice sources of love, money to reach heaven (7-2) SHANGRI-LA mARSHAlLING*
7   In a muddle, negotiator should leave rage altogether (2,4) IN TOTO NegOTIaTOr*
8   Man engaged in cafe's ecstatic (6) FIANCE*
9   Newly-wed seen with black reindeer often (5) BRIDE {B}{ReInDeEr}
15 National park seen right inside Georgia has titanium (9) SERENGETI {SE{R}EN}{GE}{TI}
17 Close to home, met a friend, after crossing the junction (8) INTIMATE {IN}{T}{1}MATE}
18 Ram came back before time touring Rhode Island Union (8) MARRIAGE {MAR<=}{RI}{AGE}
21 Fugitive's final rap sheet produced a storm (6) SEETHE {f...vE+SHEET}*
22 Husband's dress (5) GROOM [DD]
23 Attack a politician with gun by mistake (6) IMPUGN {I}{MP}{GUN*}
24 A passage at Southend leads to gemstones (6) AGATES {A}{GATE}{South}
26 Repairer’s agent left a cloth dryer (5) AIRER repAIRER



  1. .AD has brought 9D and 22D together for the 18D!

  2. CW in the print edition has been playing musical chairs over the last few days!!

  3. Being in tune with this crossword, try and solve the following clue in today's Guardian cryptic by Crucible:

    9d Plain idle and amorous, lifting top of nightie (13)

    The crossword has many c/c clues with a variety of ins. inds.

  4. 'Anni' for sister in law put me off- I wish there were some indications.
    I was at the wrong end of the hospital for 28A and also did not know how to fit in Afterdark (Could not get the deletion part)
    Otherwise it was smooth sailing and enjoyable.

    1. Tamil Nadu was the indication

    2. To start with I took Machini for SIL and got nowhere. Manni struck me later but not Anni. Only after solving the clue I could equate SIL to Anni.

  5. Unexpectedly completed within 20 minutes...njoyable cw..

  6. Nice one. Got stuck in SW corner. Missed out on 25, 27Ac & 22Dn. Nevertheless enjoyable solve. Thanks AD.

  7. Thank you AD! Very enjoyable clues. Relished the samosas!

  8. Anni brought me a smile while solving - It is very difficult for other state people / nationals

    1. I had no such problem! My limited vocabulary in Tamil helped me get her easily!! Yes, for other state people it's not that easy.

  9. Nice puzzle.Enjoyed to the core.25,27,&29 wonderful wordplay.wily orchestration. All stated so much grist to the cerebration mill.Thank you AD.

  10. Nice puzzle AD! As for the theme clues, for a moment i thought "Aftermath" was also part of it :-p :-p

    1. A couple may arrive at the "due" date after math.

    2. CV, you are 'into' it ! Multiplication is the name of the game ...